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I walk by faith, not by sight.
— Eli

Eli was a blind, post-apocalyptic wanderer who was ordered by an unknown voice, implied to come from God, told him to take the last Bible westward and find a place where it would be safe.

Searching for water, Eli arrived at a small town ruled by a warlord named Carnegie, who seeks to control the population by using the Bible. After Eli managed to defeat a group of marauders assaulting him, Carnegie invited Eli to work for him, but he declined. Releasing that Eli is a literate man like himself, Carnegie forces the wanderer to spend the night under his guard. Eli snuck away but was confronted by Carnegie and his men, who discovered that Eli carried a Bible with him from Carnegie's daughter who recited a prayer Eli taught her and demanded he handed it over. Eli refused and was forced to defend himself before running out of town.

Solara caught up with Eli at the town's water supply wishing to accompany him but was locked up by the wanderer, who said it too dangerous for her. When Solara escaped and was ambushed by two bandits, she was rescued by Eli, who relented and allowed her to come along. During their travels, they were once again ambushed by Carnegie and his men, who threatened to kill Solara if Eli didn't hand the Bible over. Eli agreed, but was shot regardless and left for dead. Dying, Eli was brought to Alcatraz Island, where a community dedicated to preserving literature and music had made their home. Eli died, but not before he was able to recite the entire Bible so new copies could be printed.

Battle vs One-Eye (by BeastMan14)

Go east.

Eli still heard the voice in his head as he walked through the woods, taking care to follow the sound of snapping branches and twigs as he tracked his prey. He had assumed his mission complete, having delivered the book and peacefully passed away with Solara to continue his mission, but then he had awoken here. Wherever here was. It had been a long time since he had smelled the scent of pine, and the feel of death no longer hung over all. At first it had seemed like Heaven, but then the voice came back, it's instruction simple.

Go east.

He did his best to ignore it as he continued his hunt. Another sign this wasn't Heaven was that he was hungry, and a deer had wandered into his path. Prepping his bow, he continued to follow. First he'd eat, then he'd get a feel for his new surroundings. He could smell the rain coming, so it would be better for him to get the deer before the water washed away the scent.

One-Eye circled his foe, then lunged forward, grimacing in pain as the man sidestepped and swiped his blade across his gut, bringing him to his knees. Holding his wound, unable to stand, One-Eye squinted, trying to see the sun past the ruined structures and clouds one last time before he died. The man raised his blade and-

One-Eye darted awake from his sleep, the sound of raindrops hitting the top of his cave. He had seen another vision, warning him of a losing fight. He stood up and watched as the rain fell outside of the cave in an apparent downpour. He frowned as he ran his fingers across his stomach, where the blade hit him, the same line he'd torn into that bastard's stomach so long ago. Perhaps this was his punishment. No Valhalla, no resurrection, just being trapped in a cruel mockery of the place where he had died. Or maybe it was another test, the one that would really earn his redemption.

Bracing himself, he gathered his weapons and stepped out into the rain. He had to meet his destiny.

Eli stopped, momentarily surprised, as the rain finally let up just as the scent of pine ended and was replaced with one of concrete. This one was more familiar to him. Running his hand across a nearby wall, he felt the cracks and ruins, briefly ignoring the deer as it stopped and surveyed it's surroundings cautiously. He smiled bittersweetly, thinking of the old world and Solara, before drawing his bow again. The hunger was starting to gnaw at him now, so it'd be better to reflect on the past after he'd eaten.

Drawing back his bow, he listened for the sound of the deer's breath, that low, quiet exhale as it stopped to look around, then released the arrow. The arrow soared through the air, then pierced the deer's chest, flying clean through it's lungs and hearts. Eli's kill was clean, the animal was dead before it's body hit the ground. Crouching next to his kill, Eli stroked it's fur and whispered a small prayer for it before drawing his machete and gutting it. He choked back a gag, the smell of the deer's organs amplified a hundred fold for him, as he cleaned his kill.

At that moment, One-Eye exited the treeline and walked up the road. He squinted at the sight of a new person and crouched, taking a moment to survey his new surroundings. He had never seen anything like it, the landscape cluttered with towering ruins. It was clearly the site of some great cataclysm. Staying low, he pushed on, moving through the destroyed buildings to get a better look at this new presence.

Eli heard the quiet shuffling of feet and the clatter of rocks, but he kept cleaning. Better to let your foe think they have the element of surprise. He shifted slightly, putting himself a little bit closer to his bow in case he needed it.

Prepare yourself.

The voice rang through his head, and he chuckled. They were a little late on that one.

One-Eye's eye widened in shock as the man turned slightly, giving him a full view of his face. It was him. The man from the visions. His new enemy. The man didn't appear to notice him, so if he ended him quickly, perhaps he could avert what he saw. He slowly drew his knife from his belt and inched closer. It was worth a shot.

Eli heard the sound of the blade soaring through the air and moved his head just in time, feeling the wind blow against his skin and hearing it clatter uselessly into the wall behind him. Standing up and grabbing his bow, he aimed it in the direction the blade was thrown in. He didn't hear footsteps, so clearly his target was hesitating. After a few moments of uncomfortable silence, Eli spoke.

"Now, I'm hungry, but there's probably enough here for two."

The figure didn't respond, but the sound of them drawing another knife was answer enough. Eli let loose his arrow just as One-Eye hurled his second knife, and both men dodged. Drawing his axe, One-Eye charged forward and swung down, with Eli side-stepping and slashing his machete across his back. One-Eye winced, but pivoted in time to dodge a flurry of attacks before driving the butt of the axe into Eli's nose. Eli stumbled back, holding his nose, and just barely managed to dodge another swing from One-Eye. They briefly circled, sizing each other up.

The man standing before One-Eye was faster than any he'd ever fought. He felt like he was in the mud again, a feeling helped by the soggy ground that shifted beneath him. Nursing his likely bruised nose, Eli tightened his grip on his machete. This guy was clearly the strong, silent type. One-Eye moved first, swinging his axe for Eli's leg, and the blind man jumped and swung down, slashing his shoulder again. Using his momentum, One-Eye pushed forward, driving his shoulder into Eli's gut and sending him sprawling into the mud.

Dropping his axe, One-Eye grabbed Eli's head and drove it into the ground repeatedly, each hit sending a ring through Eli's ears. He flailed, trying to reach his machete, but it lay just out of reach. Reaching out, Eli felt One-Eye's face, taking note of the feel of skin where his right eye should be, then drove his thumb into the left. One-Eye flinched and released Eli's head, giving him time to grab an arrow from his pack and drive it into his attacker's ribs before snapping it off. With a kick, Eli forced One-Eye off of him and crawled for his machete, running his hand across the ground until he felt the hilt, then took advantage of the man's momentary weakness to launch a killing blow.

Seeing him through the blurred vision, One-Eye turned and grabbed Eli's arm before grabbing him by the neck. Lifting him off the ground, One-Eye hurled Eli across the street, knocking him into a wall and once again knocking away the machete, the blade clattering away. Eli groaned, then breathed a sigh of relief as his hand grazed his still unbroken bow. Drawing it and quickly nocking an arrow, Eli muttered a quiet prayer and fired, One-Eye just barely dodging it as he stomped towards his downed foe.

Cursing as he realized his arrows were gone, Eli felt along the ground until his hand grazed one of the thrown knives. Waiting until One-Eye was on top of him, ready to strike, Eli lunged, driving the knife into his knee before kicking the leg out and bringing him to his knees. Eli staggered to his feet, grabbed One-Eye's hair and drove his knee into his face, knocking him into the mud.

As Eli moved to finish him, One-Eye swung his axe into his side, grinning as it found flesh and dug into Eli's stomach. Eli cried out in pain but was quickly cut off when One-Eye pulled on the axe and struck him across the jaw, knocking him down. One-Eye pulled the knife from his knee and stood over Eli, taking a moment to watch him writhe in pain before bringing the knife down, only for Eli to raise his hands and catch One-Eye's arm with a smirk.


Eli drove his knee into One-Eye's gut and wrenched the knife out of his hand. As One-Eye fell, Eli stood up and limped towards his weapons, managing to feel out their location and grab his machete. One-Eye forced himself up, ignoring the pain in his side as he grabbed his axe. They circled once again, waiting for the other to make a move. Judging by the blood trickling down his leg, Eli didn't have long til he needed to patch this up, and the other man's ragged breathing meant he didn't have long either. This next move was gonna end it.

One-Eye circled his foe, then lunged forward, grimacing in pain as the man sidestepped and swiped his blade across his gut, bringing him to his knees. Holding his wound, unable to stand, One-Eye squinted, trying to see the sun past the ruined structures and clouds one last time before he died. Eli raised his blade and uttered a quiet prayer.

"God forgive you."

Before One-Eye could recognize the irony, Eli swung the machete down, severing his head from his shoulders. Stopping to catch his breath, Eli sat down besides One-Eye's body.

You've done it. You've earned your home.

Eli looked to the sky in confusion. Surely God had not called on him to kill one man? And what did he mean by a home? Surely one couldn't earn Heaven through bloodshed?

Before he could question further, an electric jolt surged through his spine and knocked him out cold. As his body slumped to the ground, a small camera, totally imperceptible unless one knew it was there, poked out through a window and zoomed in.

In a dark boardroom, a figure clad in a green hoodie, helpfully marked with a B, paused the stream and stood to his feet to address his peers.

"So, how was that, gentleman? We created a perfect combat environment from their memories and we kept casualties to an absolute zero. I'd consider the test run for the DFederal battle dome a crushing success, and we just knocked the homeless population down by one!"

One of the other figures, with a notable British accent, spoke first.

"I fail to see why we needed to construct the Battledome."

The green-clad man responded.

"Well, after the DF University incident and the Tarot debacle, I figured we should introduce a format that doesn't encourage open street fights and countless deaths."

There was murmurs and hushed conversation before the British man responded, "We'll put continued funding for the Battledome up to a vote. This meeting is adjourned."

The various members stood to their feet and exited the room, with one, a masked figure in a gray jacket with a blue t-shirt pushing through to go towards the presenter, who stopped upon seeing him approaching.

"As I recall, you requested I push Tarot into areas with high casualties as a favor. I don't suppose getting initial funding for this "Battledome" was the reason?"

The presenter sheepishly ran his hand through his hair and nodded. The masked favor stared at the paused stream and chuckled.

"Well-played, but you owe me. Remember that."

The masked man moved back into the crowd, and after everyone had led, the presenter packed up and exited the room, heading towards the bus stop. Making sure to hold the pitch plans tightly, he sat down and stared out the window for a moment as the bus soared through traffic. After a few minutes, he pulled out his new notebook, his first lost during the whole business with Connor and K, and flipped to his next work, a colored grid with nine combatants drawn on it. Perhaps if he'd mentioned his next match being a battle royale, he'd have gotten the funding right there, but oh well. It would all work out. Always does.

As the bus pulled away, a black-armored figure, clad in a wolf mask, watched from a nearby rooftop. If Alpha's plan was to succeed, he'd need to plan every route carefully. This one was no exception. Activating his cloaking, the figure vanished, following the bus across the rooftops.

Expert's Opinion

One-Eye had brute strength on his side, but he just wasn't a match for Eli, a more skilled, better-equipped combatant. With these edges decisively in his favor, Eli was able to overcome any possible weaknesses and fight his way out of homelessness.

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Battle vs. Ezio Auditore da Firenze (by Richard Starkey)

Eli walked down a road headed west and didn't notice Ezio behind him, Ezio drew both blades and slashed at Eli, only to be blocked by his sword. Eli landed a powerful kick to Ezio's stomach, Ezio dropped both blades and stumbled back then spat out blood drew his longsword and charged. Eli blocked Ezio and the two parryed for a while then Ezio kicked Eli's hand, causing him to drop his sword. Ezio swung at Eli but Eli caught the the blade in his hand, ignoring the pain his punched Ezio straight in the face breaking his nose.

Ezio drew his poisoned blades and attacked Eli but Eli caught both of Ezio's hands and kneed him in the stomach. Ezio dropped both blades and blood dripped from his mouth, Eli bagan to walk away but Ezio drew his Flintlock. But Eli quickly drew his pistol and shot Ezio's hand, Ezio fell to his knees and Eli retrieved his sword.

Eli crouched down by Ezio and Ezio asked him "Who are you?" Eli stared at him for a moment, and seemingly hugged him, but actually ran him through with his blade.

Eli then gathered his things and headed west.

Winner Eli

Expert's Opinion

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The battle has been declared unfair for Ezio because Eli had modern firearms.

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