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The citizens of Burgos, sorely weeping, stood at their windows, and each one made the same lament: "God, what a worthy vassal, had he but a worthy lord!"
— El Cantar de Mio Cid

Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, known to his men as El Cid ("The Lord") or El Campeador ("The Outstanding Warrior"), was a Spanish nobleman and military leader of the medieval kingdom of Castile. His famed exploits led to him becoming a national hero of Spain and the protagonist of El Cantar de Mio Cid, a significant medieval poem.

Born into a family of lesser nobility, Rodrigo was raised in the court of King Ferdinand the Great. By the time Ferdinand died and was succeeded by his son, Sancho II, Rodrigo had risen to become the royal standard-bearer and a commander of Castile's armies.

Rodrigo led several campaigns against Sancho's rivals brothers, and the Muslim Moors. He was a very successful general, and his efforts boosted his reputation and greatly increased Castile's power. Sancho was assassinated in 1072, and his throne was taken by his brother, Alfonso VI. As Alfonso was one of the kings who Rodrigo fought against, Alfonso greatly feared him, and eventually had him exiled from Castile.

Rodrigo travelled to Moorish territories in search of work, eventually receiving command of the armies of the Muslim state of Zaragoza. He led Zaragoza's army to victory over their enemies several times, including a large Christian army from the Kingdom of Aragon, and was never once defeated. Terrified of what Rodrigo was capable of, Alfonso attempted to convince him to return to his service, but Rodrigo refused. His sights were now set on carving out a kingdom for himself.

Rodrigo chose the city-state of Valencia as the sight for his new kingdom. Through both political and military wiles, he gradually strengthened his hold over the city. When an uprising began in Valencia, he laid siege to it, and finally claimed the city for himself after a two-year siege. He ruled over Valencia independently, governing a society of Christians and Muslims alike. The Muslim Almoravids made attempts to take the city, but Rodrigo repelled them all, and remained undefeated to his death in 1099.

Battle vs. Tomoe Gozen (by BattleGames1)


Expert's Opinion

In a close match, the voters sided with El Cid due to his superior weaponry/armor and better experience. A lot of Gozen's weaponry lacked the power to really go through El Cid's armor. El Cid however possessed armor that could easily take much of the damage thrown at him. Gozen also acks many detailed accounts of her exploits, compared to El Cid who was a key combatant in the Spanish Reconquista and fought for multiple armies.

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Battle vs. Genghis Khan (by Sport Shouting)

El Cid and 4 of his soldiers are marching. Genghis Khan is leading 4 Mongols on his horse. To practice a bow and arrow shot, he fires one up. It lands into one of El Cid's men's face. El Cid-4. Stunned, Khan laughs. But then a crossbow bolt goes into a Mongol. Genghis-4. El Cid's men charge in a horizontal line. Khan's men do the same as they each charge. One of Cid's men slashes through a Mongol with a Tizona. Genghis-3. Genghis lights an arrow. He fires the flaming arrow and burns a Spaniard. El Cid-3. Genghis jumps off of his horse. He takes out his Scimitar. El Cid himself draws a Voulge and throws it at a Mongol. It's deflects off of his steel armor and then Cid draws his Colada. The charging Mongol is slain. Genghis-2. Khan's last man approaches one of El Cid's bodyguard. He slits his throat but Cid sees it and thrusts his dagger into the Mongol. El Cid- 2, Genghis-1. Khan fires 2 arrows in 1 shot, 1 misses and the other hits El Cid's last foot soldier. El Cid-1. Cid draws a new Voulge while Genghis gets his knife. The 2 blades clash and Khan's hand is cut. Khan dives towards his Scimitar. He picks it up and cuts off El Cid's head. Genghis Khan screams in victory " The Mongols will always win!" and rides his horse into the sunset.


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None Given.

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The battle was declared invalid because El Cid was given a crossbow and Genghis Khan a scimitar, weapons they never used.

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