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When I was a boy my mother often said to me: "Get married, son, and see how happy you will be." I have looked all over, but no girlie can I find, who seems to be just like the little girl I have in mind; I will have to look around until the right one I have found.
— Eddie Gluskin singing I Want A Girl

Eddie Gluskin, also known as The Groom, is the secondary antagonist in the DLC Outlast: Whistleblower for the Outlast video game and is the second most powerful prisoner at Mount Massive after Chris Walker. Eddie was a mutant who was imprisoned at Mount Massive Asylum. Despite his obsession with marrying the “perfect bride,” he exclusively targeted men and mutilated their bodies to resemble women, leading to their deaths.

Eddie grew up in an abusive household where he was fequently sexually abused by his father and uncle. As a way to cope with the trauma, Eddie would claim he grew up in a "Leave It To Beaver household". The trauma took a toll on Eddie causing him to become a serial killer. He exclusively targeted women, though believed his victims where somehow still alive. He was eventually caught and admitted at Mount Massive Asylum.

Like the other patients, Eddie was subjected to the Morphogenic Engine, turning him into a mutant known as a Variant. This drove him further insane he came to develop an obession with finding bride and no longer saw any difference between men and women.

When the being known as the Walrider escaped its holding, it freed the Variants that were improsoned at Mount Massive, including Eddie. Turning the Vocational Ward into his own lair, he would hunt other Variants within Mount Massive, mutilating their bodies and dressing their corpses in wedding dresses, turning them into his 'brides'. Eddie developed an intrest in Waylon Park, a software engineer that worked on the Morphogenic Engine. Eddie chased Waylon through the Asylum, but was called by the engineer who set off a mechanical reaction that caused him to be imapled on an iron rod.

Battle vs. Jeff the Killer (by Pygmy Hippo 2)[]

A figure in a white hoodie stalked through the streets silently, the only thing visible of his face was his huge grin. Jeff the Killer looked at a large house, the one he was sure his prey was in. Despite his lack of eye lids, Jeff could still see the back gate was open. His grin grew wider.

"Hold still, darling." Eddie Gluskin whispered to his new bride who he had tied up on a table with a saw in the basement. She screamed at the man who was perhaps more hideous than her pursuer. "Be quiet!" Eddie punched her, breaking her nose. "We have to consummate our love." Even with blood in her eyes, she could see HIM.

"Hey rash-face, that's my kill." "You dare to interrupt our honeymoon?!" "That's a honeymoon, I'd hate to see your anniversary." "Shut your fucking trap, hag!" "And they call me crazy. I've seen your handiwork upstairs and it's messed up even for my standards. However, I'll let you go if you give me her." "OVER MY DEAD BODY!"

Eddie lunged at Jeff with his butcher knife which Jeff blocked with his kitchen knife. "Always a fight with other killers, well, go to sleep!" Jeff hissed his response as he kicked Gluskin in the chest knocking him into the wall. The Killer stabbed forwards only to get his knife stuck in the wall as Eddie jabbed him in the groin with his knife. Jeff screamed as he was then beat up by Gluskin's fists and thrown to the other wall.

"That hurt, but I wasn't going to use those anyways." Jeff chuckled to ease the pain but heard a saw starting. He barely aboided getting his head slammed into the saw blade and elbowed Gluskin hard in the side. A rib was broken and Gluskin cried out in pain before Jeff got up and ran off to the upstairs with his kitchen knife in tow.

"Oh look here, something to drink!" Jeff drank the highly expensive wine before hearing Eddie run in. Jeff was done so he tossed it at Eddie, making his face even more hideous. "You should really invest in plastic surgery!" "Whore!" Gluskin angrily looked around for his opponent, not realizing he was in the bathroom upstairs.

Suddenly, The Groom got hit by a towel rack. "This brings back memories." He repeatedly whacked Gluskin with it. "Why so seri-Go to sleep!" The Killer was unprepared for Eddie stabbing him in the chest. The Groom growled as he proceeded to unleash a brutal beat down on his foe, punches, kicks, and throws. He then sprayed some gas into his face.

Jeff was barely consious as he was dragged to a room with five nooses. The Groom wrapped it around Jeff's neck. "I try and try, but you all run away or you're so hideously ugly-" Jeff suddenly shot back to life as broke the noose. "UGLY?!"

"I've had enough of you!" "GO" Eddie stabbed with his butcher knife but Jeff easily slashed his torso first. "TO" Eddie groaned in pain as Jeff stabbed his shoulders and the butcher knife clattered to the ground.

"SLEEP!" The Killer punched The Groom in the chest with such force that it stopped his heart. Chuckling, he then carved a smile and removed the eyelids from the corpse. "That was fun." Jeff put his kitchen knife away and went downstairs to get another bottle before pulling out a lighter.

He threw it in and heard his prey screaming. "Well, he thought she was hot, and now she is." Jeff smiled as he drank, fading into the darkness.

Winner:Jeff the Killer

Expert's Opinion[]

Jeff the Killer was far more experienced, had the overall better weapons, and was far more mentally stable. Eddie Gluskin did have the sleeping gas, and superior strength but Jeff just ran circles around him with his speed.

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