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Here is our country and we defend the European borders.
— EKO Cobra operatives

Einsatzkommando Cobra (EKO Cobra, "Task Force Cobra") is is the police tactical unit of the Austrian Federal Ministry of the Interior. Despite being a law enforcement unit, EKO Cobra is not part of the Austrian Federal Police and but is directly under the control of the Federal Ministry of the Interior.

EKO Cobra finds its roots in the Gendarmerieeinsatzkommando Bad Vöslau that was originally formed by the regional police authority of Lower Austria to protect east European Jews during their migration via Austria to Israel against terrorist threats. As the need for police tactical units grew the GEK slowly grew from a regional unit to a country wide agency.

In 2002 the Federal Ministry of the Interior changed the unit's name from GEK to EKO Cobra after the popular name for the unit that was coined by the media.

Battle vs. GSG 9 (by Codgod13)[]

Four members of EKO Cobra are at a command post. Four GSG-9 members see it as a crucial operations base for Germany and attack. They leave one sniper behind, and the other three attack.

A german sees two austrians and sneaks up behind them. He shoots one with a remington, but as he's pumping the gun, the Austrian captain shoots him with a Glock (3-3)

The Austrian captain with the Glock yells that they are under attack, and then he comes under fire from an german with a G36. He dives out and retrieves his dead comrade's AUG, but the guy with the HK presses the barrel into his neck. The german smiles, just as he is blasted into a oblivian by a Cobra wielding a SPAS (2-3).

The GSG-9 captain sees his sniper, and motions for him to come. They continue forward, and see an Austrian, and the Austrian quickly retreats into a nearby building. He waits behind the door holding two tonfa. As the germans enter, he clobbers the captain and knocks him to the ground. As he prepares to kill him, the german sniper shoots him with a USP (2-2).

The walk outside, and a bullet smashes the ground by their feet. An Austrian sniper wielding an STG fires again, and kills the german sniper (1-2). The captain grabs his sniper's sniper, and retreats inside the buidling, avoiding bullets. He peeks out, and kills the Austrian with a PSG1 (1-1).

The german turns around, and leaps outside as an Austrian unleashes a torrent of rounds from a Glock. He quickly reloads, and proceeds outside. The geman tries to shoot him with a USP, but the Austrian puts a bullet right next to his head, and the german drops the gun and puts his hands behind his head. The Austrian fires... and his gun jams. The GSG-9 member quickly scoops up his USP and shoots the Austrian in the head (1-0).

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