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And yeah, you can sit there and ask what gives me the right to make that judgement, but that's just your defense. Your alibi for not doing anything. Because the world is shit right now and we all know it.
— Dylan Cross

Dylan Cross is a depressed grad student with a history of family illness and hopelessly in love with his best friend, Kira. Unable to act on these feelings as she is dating his roommate, Dylan finds himself diving deeper into cynicism and self-loathing, seeing himself as a product of a world that's becoming increasingly material and crass. After beginning a secret affair with Kira, Dylan overhears her admitting that she pities him more than anything else, and resolves to kill himself. Throwing himself off the roof of the building, Dylan panics as he is falling and somehow survives.

Trying to sleep off his injuries, Dylan awakens to find a shadowy demon standing over his bed. The demon explains that it saved Dylan, and as repayment, Dylan must murder one person a month. Dismissing it as a hallucination at first, Dylan begins to believe in the demon's power when he falls seriously ill, and resolves to hunt down and kill a man who knows molested a childhood friend of his until he killed himself. Killing the man, Dylan recovers from his illness the next day, and resolves to focus on killing the scum of society, from mobsters to corrupt businessmen, while trying to keep the police off his trail.

Battle Royale with Cheese: Chaos Descends on Sandy Shores! (by BeastMan14)[]


Expert's Opinion[]


1st: John Pilgrim

2nd: Jordi Chin

3rd: Boyd Crowder

4th: Lucas Hood

5th: Trevor Philips

6th: Joe (You Were Never Really Here)

7th: Bats

8th: Mister Blonde

9th: Dylan Cross

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