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You're one ugly motherfucker.
— Dutch to the Predator
— Alan Schaefer

Alan "Dutch" Schaefer is a mercenary and former-army man who was the sole survivor of a team of elite mercenaries deployed by the CIA to Central America in 1987. Before the incidents of 1987, Schaefer served in the Vietnam War, excelling in guerrilla warfare tactics.

During his service in the Southeast Asian nation, he was detained and was tortured during a process of interrogation. He became resistant to pain. He soon became a mercenary after and formed a group of mercenaries for hire.

They soon found work from the CIA and the United States Government. Their job was to rescue the members of the Guatemalan president's cabinet from a Communist guerrilla movement. In Val Verde, they are unsuccessful in locating the members of the cabinet, but they encounter an alien-warrior, the Predator.

All of Dutch's team is killed, except for himself. He makes use of the mud to hide himself from the Predator's infrared vision. He utilizes his guerrilla fighting skills in eliminating the alien. His brother, a NYPD detective would soon face the same fate.

What ultimately became of Dutch is unknown, but he became somewhat of a legend among the Predator race, and was the main reason why the City Hunter took an intrest in humanity as worthy prey.

Battle vs. John Matrix (by Omnicube1)[]

John Matrix is preparing dinner for his daughter in his just-repaired mountain home. He turns around and sees his daughter sitting at the table, waiting for the meal. He smiles and she smiles back. "Come on dad! I'm hungry!" says Matrix's daughter.

"Settle down, get a cookie," he says, grinning. CRASH! The window shatters and Alan "Dutch" Schaefer rappels through the window, hip-firing the HK94.

"Run! Get to da basement!" yells Matrix to his daughter. He opens a cupboard and pulls out his Smith & Wesson Model 15. He fires three times at Schaefer. He misses all his shots and Dutch reloads his submachine gun. He slaps the bolt and fires again. Matrix is hit in the abdomen but he absorbs the blow. He retreats upstairs and opens a locker. He takes out his HK Model 91, throwing knives, HK69, and Uzi. He uses the Uzi first. He returns to discover that Dutch is missing. An improvised spear flies and lands right in front of his eyes. He turns to see Dutch wielding the Desert Eagle. He fires but the recoil causes him to miss.

"Ahhh, die!" shouts Dutch. Matrix returns fire with his Uzi. Dutch is struck in the arm, causing him to drop his Desert Eagle. He runs out of the house and picks up his M16A2 that was leaning against a Range Rover. He primes his 39mm Grenade Launcher and fires it into the house. It detonates sending the living room in flames. Matrix got out safely and empties his Model 91. Dutch returns with his M16A2. The two miss each other. Matrix drops his Model 91 and pulls out the HK69. He fires a grenade and the shrapnel cuts Dutch across the face. John then grabs a throwing knife and hurls it at Alan who is able to deflect it with his M16A2. The rifle is damaged. Dutch grabs a bow and takes a 40mm Grenade-Tipped Arrow and lets it fly. It explodes causing John to fly back into the house.

"Daddy!" screams Matrix's daughter.

"Run!" yells John.

"Here take this," says his daughter. She hands him a mini-weapon of mass destruction. John smirks.

"Run away and call the cops," commands Matrix. She runs out of the burning house. Dutch steps into the house slowly and searches for John's body. He looks up and sees Matrix toting a M202A1 FLASH.

"NOOO!" shouts Dutch. John fires a rocket and turns Dutch's body into bits and pieces.


Expert's Opinion[]

This was a very close battle. Both were strong and well-trained soldiers, but it was Matrix's heavier hitting arsenal then tipped this battle in his favor.

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Battle vs. Royce (by So-Pro Warrior)[]



Location....Val Verde

Alan "Dutch" Schaefer walks through a dark, thick jungle at nightime, all around him he can hear the sounds of the animals such as frogs, birds, and insects. With his AR-15/SP1 Assault Rifle in his hand with his Desert Eagle in his pistol holster he keeps on constant lookout for any signs of an enemy. A couple weeks after the event in which he had faced off against some kind of alien creature he had begun to have strange dreams of some kind which were telling him to go back to the jungle. After some time he decided to do so as so the strange dreams would stop. Not knowing what he would find their he brought his weapons with him just in case. Drawn back to the forest for some strange unknown reason Dutch keeps on constant alert. Just then he comes across the opening where once a forest stood, now nothing but a barren wasteland devoid of all life where the creature used a powerful self-destruct device to keep itself from getting caught. Dutch walks out into the opening as if some type of strange force is making him do so. As he arrives at the ceneter of the blast zone where once the dying Predator once layed all of a sudden the sounds of the animals in the forest just become silent. Dutch looks around in cofusion wondering what is going on. All of a sudden he looks up into the sky and a bright blue light blinds his eyes and in a flash of light Dutch disappears.

Location Now...Unknown

Dutch opens his eyes breathing heavily and sweating as he finds himself strapped onto a table and looks around to find himself in some kind of strange room lit in orange lighting and the floor covered with fog. He begins to black in and out soon finding three Predators standing before him talking amongst one another, as he blacks out again and wakes up he hears what sounds like a alarm before blacking out again and then all of a sudden...

Date: 2011....

Dutch opens his eyes as he soon feels the sudden and quick brush of the air flying past his face as he looks all around and soon finds out that he is all of a sudden in the air quickly falling towards the ground below. He looks around and sees no signs of any kind of planes or any kind of aircraft and then looks on his chest to see some kind of strange device with a red button in the middle. Hoping for it to be some kind of parachute Dutch begins to immediately start pressing the button repeatedly in hopes that the parachute will deploy. As he nears the ground he pounds harder and harder on the device until finally the device activates as a parachute opens up on his back and he safetly glides down to the ground below. As he lands on his back Dutch quickly gets back up and gets the parachute off him and he sees his weapon and grabs it and points it in every direction. Dutch sighs in relief looking back up into the air and then all around to try and figure out what is going on. Dutch then walks off into the forest to try and see if he can find anyone to find out what is going on.

Meanwhile at the Remains of a Predator Ship...

The mercenary and long time survivor on the Game Preserve Royce sits around a fire pit with his AA-12 by his side as he counts up his ammunition that he has been able to scavenge so far from other dead "prey". He is soon joined by his friend and love interest Isabelle who sits down right next to him with her sniper rifle in hand.

"Isabelle what've got?" Royce asks

"Looks like the next group of Hunters are here." Isabelle replies

"And their ship?"

"Looked like they landed a couple miles away from here to the north-east."

"Alright better call the others so we can go scope it out."

During their surviving months on the Game Preserve the two had been able to rescue other survivors who had also been dropped onto the Game Preserve. While they had both gained and lost some survivors they had been able to form a group of survivors from both human as well as aliens that had quickly adapted to their language and had all been working together to survive and find a way off the Game Preserve. Taking supplies of weapons, ammunition and anything else they could use they had been able to gather much supplies from any dead survivors that they had arrived to late to save or had lost to past groups of Predators. As of now they had only 7 other survivors of their groups, 4 humans (3 males and 1 females) their names were Connor Little who was a US Navy SEAL who was captured while on a nighttime training exercise, Jin-tae Lee who was part of the North Korean Special Operations Force who was captured during a patrol along the Korean Peninsula. Friedrich Engels who was part of the German Military who was captured during a combat training exercise, and Jenny Williams who was part of the United States Airforce who was captured while returning to her base from a night time patrol over Iraq. There were finally the three aliens that the humans had rescued from the Predators and gained their trust as well as them gaining their trust and over the few weeks or months together managed to learn the human language to communicate easily. All three came from different alien races, one was a blue female who came from a all female race known as the Asari who was named Aleena and was a part of the Asari's military force known as the Asari Commando's. Another was a alien with a humanoid body with the a reptillian structure called a Sangheili who's name was N'tho 'Sraom who was part of the Sangheili military. And finally there was a tall blue male alien named Tasun who's race was known as the Na'vi who was a respected hunter from a clan known as the Li'ona. All 9 survivors gathered around the fire place as they got their weapons and ammo ready to go scout out the landing site of the Predator ship.

Meanwhile an hour later...

Dutch continued his trek through the forest as he had so far not seen any signs of life however as he approached a cliff he then saw in the distance a ship on the ground. Dutch got onto his stomach and crawled close to the edge and took out his binoculars and looked at the ship. Through his binoculars he could see the ship and then he could see the ramp at the bottom as smoke from the engines came out from vents near the ramp. Soon he caught the sight of three figures exiting the ship, these figures resembled the strange creature he had fought in the jungle but seemed...different. Meanwhile all the way on the other side on the opposite cliff unknown to Dutch Royce and his team stood on the cliffs using the brush as cover as they examined the layout of the ship's location. Isabelle stared out her scope at the ship keeping an eye out on the Predators while Aleena with a set of binoculars scanned the area around the ship to see if their were any traps that had already been set but not yet covered. Royce and the others meanwhile looked over the entire area to see what kind of terrain was to be expected and to make quick note of the entire land area so for future scouting they would know what could be out of place marking an area there could be a trap or something. Both Dutch and Royce and his team stayed in their respective spots for a couple of hours before both head off with Dutch heading off to try and find a place to hide from the Predators and rest and Royce and his team heading off back to their base.

At Dutch's Makeshift Camp...

Using branches and stones Dutch is able to make himself a makeshift campsite as he checks up on his weapons and ammunition but finds that with what he has he wouldn't last very long against the three Predators and so decides that he will need to try and see if he can find supplies before assaulting the ship and using it to escape from wherever he was.

Meanwhile at Royce's Base...

Royce is able to make a map based on the location of where the Predator ship is located. The plan was to study the location for a whole week before making a move to take the ship, locate trap locations, and anything else that could alert the Predators to their attempt to take the ship and escape from the Game Preserve.


For a whole week Royce and his group observed the area around the Predator ship taking notes on anything that seemed out of place or not right, areas that the Predator's seemed to avoid for some sort of reason, and where the Predator's had their main campsite set up for their hunt. Meanwhile Dutch wondered through the jungle searching for supplies or anything to help in his escape during which he was able to come across a Mossberg 500 Shotgun as well as ammunition for it, as well as M203 rounds. During his time at camp Dutch used his knife that he had with him like that time he faced off against the first Predator to make a Torque Bow and regular arrows as well as arrow and attaching the M203 Grenade Rounds to them making explosive tipped arrows and then finally made a spear and then inserted the knife at the point to make the spear more deadlier.

The Next Week...

This was the final day for the scouting of the Predator's ship and the surrounding area. Royce and his group carefully made notes of anything new or out of the ordinary. Meanwhile Dutch was on the opposite cliff as well this time scanning the area for any signs of anything out of the ordianry as well. Isabelle with her scope kept an eye at the Predator campsite for the Predators....but something was not right. The entire time she had her scope on the campsite she had not seen any signs of the Predators. Something was wrong and she knew it.

"Royce I don't have any visual on the Hunters." Isabelle says

"You check the entire area?" Royce asks

"Yes and I don't see them." Isabelle says

All of a sudden Royce feeling something looks behind him just in time to see three red lines pointing right at him.

"Oh $hit....RUN!!!!" Royce yells as he dodges a shot from one of the Predator's plasma casters. At this Royce gets up from the shot as he and the rest of the group quickly run into the jungle to escape from the Predators. On the other side of the canyon Dutch hearing the commotion looks in the direction to see what is going on when all of a sudden a plasma round lands near him causing him to cover his head as rubble falls all around him and he turns around to see one of the Predator's in a cloak staring at him as it waits for the Plasma Caster to recharge. Dutch quickly gets up and opens fire with his AR-15/SP1 but the Predator quickly dodges the shots as it heads back into the treeline and Dutch immedietly heads off in the opposite direction back to his campsite. Royce and his group continue to run through the jungle as they try to escape from the Predator. All of a sudden Lee running over a thick brush feels something under his right leg as all of a sudden he is lifted up into the air by a Predator net losing his main gun at the same time.

"LEE!" Connor yells

"It's to late for me! Get out of here!" Lee yells as Royce and the others are forced to abandon Lee.

Lee grabs his sidearm as he waits for the Predator to deactivate his cloaking so he can take a shot at the Predator.

"Come on you piece of $hit. Come and get some." Lee says quietly to himself.

All of a sudden a smart disc cuts the rope holding the net in the air and Lee and the net fall to the ground. Lee quickly turns around but soon finds himself face to face with one of the Predators as the Predator raises his Combi-Stick and then plunges it downwards. Royce and his group quickly continue running hoping that Lee managed to slow the Predator down when all of a sudden a plasma round impacts near them causing a explosion sending debris flying all over.

"We got a second one chasing us!" Aleena yells

"Just keep running don't stop!" Royce yells

Another Plasma Round impacts near Royce sending more debris flying into the air but Royce barely managing to dodge the explosion, Isabelle who is running close to him yells out "Are you okay!"

"Yeah I'm alright." Royce says

All of a sudden a plasma round explodes right in front of Isabelle very close to her sending her flying backwards onto the ground. Royce immediately stops in his tracks and yells "ISABELLE!"

Royce quickly runs over to her to find her alive but with many shrapenel wounds embedded into her body with her breathing heavily. Aleena and the others quickly stop in their tracks and get their weapons out just in case and look for any sign of where the Predator can be located.

"Royce...Royce you must leave me." Isabelle says

"No No that's not going to be an option." Royce says

"CONNOR! Give me some help!" Royce yells

Connor runs over as Royce lifts Isabelle onto his left shoulder and Connor helping by putting her over his right shoulder as they try to get Isabelle out of there.

"Let's keep moving. Let's GO!" Royce yells

"Royce if we carry here she's just going to slow us down." Williams says

"We are not leaving her." Royce says

"Then the Hunters would surely catch up with us and we are all dead." Tasun says

All of a sudden 'Sraom walks past the group into the open as he stares back where the Predator could be.

"'Sraom what are you doing?" Royce asks

"Everyone get out of here. I will try and hold of the Hunter while the rest of you get back to the ship." 'Sraom says

"No way 'Sraom there's no way your going to be able to handle these two by yourself." Aleena says

"Then I will try my best. It's been good working with all of you. I only wish I could go home myself. But even if I did I had dishonored myself by letting these things capture me and bring me here. It's time I avenged my dishonorment even if it means losing my life." 'Sraom says

"'Sraom...." Royce says

"Go NOW before they get here!" 'Sraom yells

Having no other choice Royce and the others quickly run off into the forest with Isabelle as they hurry back to the ship. 'Sraom meanwhile draws out a weapon device that he calls a Energy Sword and then activates it as it ignites two energy blades. 'Sraom waits and waits knowing that the Predator would face him in honor as they have before, when he had first arrived here he wandered through the thick jungle until one of the Predators had come face to face with him and they both dueled. 'Sraom would of lost his life that day if Royce and his group hadn't rescued him from that Predator. Now today he would be facing a new Predator without Royce and the others to help him, but he was ready...

Back at the Hidden Base...

Royce and Connor place Isabelle on the ground as Aleena having had been trained in the medical field begins to tend to Isabelle's wounds. Royce, Connor, Jenny, and Tasun meanwhile start searching through all of their supplies in hopes that they can find some sort of medical equipment. After searching for a couple of minutes they are only able to turn up a few medical equipment from their supplies. Aleena uses what's left and is able to stabilize Isabelle. Afterward while Connor and Jenny kept on the lookout for the Predators hoping they hadn't followed or hoping that 'Sraom might of survived his encounter and keep on a lookout for him, Tasun watched over Isabelle as she rested from her experience while Royce pulled Aleena aside to ask her how Isabelle was.

"It's not looking good Royce." Aleena says

"How bad?" Royce asks

"With what we have I was able to get rid of the shrapenel that didn't go to far into her and took care of some of the other wounds she sustained. But the ones that are embedded deep into her and the more serious wounds. We don't have the equipment to handle those." Aleena says 

"Is she going to be alright?" Royce asks

"....At most she may have a couple of hours. Unless we can get better medical equipment to handle the rest of the injuries." Aleena says

Royce becomes silenced by this and then looks at Isabelle as she soundly rests and then turns his attention back towards Aleena. 

"Isn't there some other way to deal with her major wounds?" Royce asks

"No. Not these wounds they require the right medical equipment to handle them precisely without making things worse." Aleena says

All of a sudden Royce sees Connor and Jeeny walk back in but carrying with them a wounded 'Sraom.

"'Sraom!" Royce yells

Royce and Aleena join the others as Connor and Jenny lay 'Sraom on the ground close to Isabelle.

"'Sraom how did you?" Royce asks until he is cut off by 'Sraom.

"(coughs) that Hunter put up an...(coughs)...excellent battle. But it was nothing like the one I had encountered before. It didn't have the skills the other one did. But it was still in a way superior to my skills. (coughs) Luckily I was able to majorly wound it by stabbing it, in the stomach. I was able to get away as the other two came and took him away. Then I had to limp the way here and luckily these two saw me and helped me inside." 'Sraom says

"Wait a minute....That's it!" Royce says

"Whats it?" Connor asks

"Their ship. These guys have one of their own wounded. I've seen it in the past as well. Usually in these things ship they have some medical supplies to take care of themselves if they get wounded as well. If I could find a way to..."

"Whoa whoa whoa whoa. Hold on their Royce. What you're saying is that we should sneak onto their ship and then look for their own medical supplies and then just steal them like that?" Connor says

"Noooo. What I'm saying is you guys all stay here and take care of these two as best as you can while I sneak onto the ship, look for the medical equipment, steal it, and then bring it back here by myself." Royce says

"By yourself! That's a death wish right there!" Jenny says

"Yeah and a lot more better then all of us going and hoping that not one of us is spotted. I would have a much better time getting in and out before they even know what hit them." Royce says

"Royce your not going to help Isabelle or 'Sraom in anyway by getting yourself killed." Aleena says

"Well (Royce then stands up grabbing his shotgun) unless someone else here has a better idea. I'm going now before Isabelle and 'Sraom's times run out." Royce says as he begins to leave. Along the way grabbing his combat knife, a Predator Axe, his M1911A1, and a Plasma Caster he had stolen from a Predator a couple months ago from and then heads out.

Meanwhile at Dutch's Camp...

Dutch grabs all of his equipment and gear and then covers himself in mud as he prepares to steal the Predator ship and get off the planet.

"I've been here for only two weeks...And I'm already sick of this." Dutch says to himself as he finishes up and then heads out towards the Predator ship.

Near the Predator Ship...

Royce looks over the cliffs into the valley where hte Predator ship lies. He looks around and notices no sign of the Predators, meaning they were able to heal their wounded guy, or they might be in the ship. Not wasting time however Royce who has already covered himself in mud begins sliding down the side of the cliff as he heads towards the Predator ship. Royce arrives at the bottom of the valley, looking around to see if their are signs of any of the Predators and takes off for the ship being careful of where he steps having brought the map of the area to see where any traps are set. Meanwhile Dutch has also begun to near the Predator ship also having slid down the cliff side he was on and begins to move onto the Predator ship. Royce is the first to enter the Predator ship as he arrives at the ramp and enters all the while checking for any signs of the Predators. Royce begins searching for where the medical equipment could be located, meanwhile Dutch enters the ship as well not far behind Royce as he begins searching for the location of the cockpit so he can get out of this place. Royce and Dutch begin checking the ship room to room each chance they get trying to find out where the medical equipment/cockpit is located, Royce jumps in front of an open door aiming his AA-12 checking the room out and then enters. He then notices what seems to be a operating table in the middle of the room along with green glowing blood on it. Royce figures that this room must be the medical room and so after looking around for a bit manages to stumble upon the medical supplies on a nearby table. Royce takes his pack on his back off and then begins to stuff all of the medical equipment into it before closing the pack, getting up and then begin to head out. Royce exits out of the room as he walks backwards checking down the other side of the hallway to see if the Predators might appear, unknown to him Dutch is right behind him who is also walking backwards after hearing some strange noises (which was Royce packing all of the medical equipment into his pack) as the two walk backwards they soon walk right into each other causing both to jump forward and both quickly turning around and point there guns at the person they touched. Royce holds his AA-12 from the hips while Dutch aims with his AR-15 and both mercs then see each other for the first time.

"Well...Who the hell are you?" Royce asks

"I was just about to ask you the same thing...punk."Dutch says both men still holding their weapons in place.

"Huh didn't know these guys already dropped in other "prey"." Royce says

"If you mean those ugly motherf***ers...then yeah they brought me here. Wherever here is." Dutch says

"Well then I formally welcome you to the Game Preserve." Royce says as he begins to lower his weapon causing Dutch to do the same.

"So who are you?" Royce asks

"Call me Dutch. And you?"


"Well then Royce. What are you doing here?" Dutch asks

"I was dropped here on this God forsaken place a couple of months ago. Been surviving this place with some other survivors, one who was one of the ones dropped with me the first time, and then others we've gathered together from other drops after us." Royce says

"So... you have a group of survivors then?" Dutch asks

"Yeah. You?" Royce asks

"No I don't. Been surviving here for a week already by myself. Didn't know there were other people like me here." Dutch says

"So what are you doing on this ship?" Royce asks

"Well I was about to steal it, that way I could get out of here." Dutch says

"Really. Cause me and my friends are planning on doing that as well." Royce says

"Well where are they?" Dutch asks

"Their all back at our hidden base. Two of my friends were injured and I came here by myself to get the medical supplies needed to take care of their wounds. So if you wouldn't mind. Maybe wait or come with me back to my base, I have the medical supplies right here. As soon as I get back and me and my friends handle our injured we'll come back here and then steal this ship and then get out of here." Royce says

"I'm sorry Royce but I can't wait." Dutch says

"What? Why?" Royce asks

"This may be the only chance any of us get to steal this ship and get out of here. And I'm not willing to lose this chance to get out of here." Dutch says

"So what are you saying. I just leave my friends behind? You can't wait here for us, maybe come with me so then all of us can get off this rock?" Royce asks

"Look these things aren't here right now. Now's a perfect time as any to get out of here. What would you rather prefer. Risking your life, and this ship just to rescue your friends who for all you know could be dead. Where are these things anyways huh not like them to just leave this ship or camp. They might of found your base and killed all your friends. Are you willing to risk all of this and just hope they are alive?" Dutch asks

"Yes...Yes as a matter of fact I am. Now please Dutch just come with me back to my base, and then with everyone else we can escape this place together!" Royce says

"I'm sorry then Royce. (Dutch then begins to slowly raise his Assault Rifle up) But I'm not going to loose this chance to get out of here because you can't just leave your friends who could be dead here. I want to get out of here. And your not going to stop me." Dutch says

"Whoa whoa hold on hold on. Alright. The last thing I want is a bloodshed. I'll put my shotgun away see." Royce says as he puts his shotgun on his back. However just then as he puts his shotgun on his back with his right hand, with his left hand he starts slowly going for his Plasma Caster on his left side as he gets ready to fight Dutch if he must to save the ship and his friends.

The Battle[]

Just as quickly Royce pulls out his Plasma Caster and fires off a shot causing Dutch to jump to his right side to dodge the shot as the shot goes past him impacting into the wall. Dutch looks up to see Royce running down the hallway, and so Dutch quickly gets back up and begins to head after him. Royce quicky runs out of the ship that way the ship won't become damaged from the fighting and quickly heads into the jungle with Dutch not far behind. Darkness already covers the jungle as Dutch carefully treks through looking for Royce with his AR-15 at the ready. Royce meanwhile stands behind a tree with his Plasma Caster at the ready as Dutch is walking just a few feet away from him, Royce slowly and quietly breaths and then jumps out from behind his tree and fires his Plasma Caster at Dutch who quickly ducks down from the shot and gets behind a nearby tree. Royce fires off another shot which impacts near Dutch sending shrapnel flying but Dutch quickly dives to the ground to avoid the explosion and shrapnel. Dutch quickly gets back up and through the trees begins firing his AR-15 at Royce as rounds start hitting around him causing him to get behind the tree for cover again. After his clip empties Dutch quickly reloads his AR-15 but Royce quickly reacts first firing off another shot from his Plasma Caster at Dutch's position with the round hitting in front of Dutch, Dutch is sent flying back a little from the force of the blast but manages to survive as he picks up his AR-15 only to discover it destroyed from the explosion. He quickly tosses it aside and takes his Torque Bow off his back and prepares an explosive round. Dutch takes aim at the tree Royce is behind and fires the explosive tipped arrow at the tree, the arrow and explosive impact on the tree and behind it Royce hears the explosion go off. Just then the tree makes a strange sound as Royce looks to see the tree start to tip over and knows immediately that the tree is going to fall and quickly jump rolls to his left as the tree impacts onto the ground. Royce fires off another shot from his Plasma Caster at Dutch's position until he begins to run deeper into the forest. Dutch gives chase once again with his Torque Bow still in hand. 


Dutch has the Torque Bow at the ready with another explosive tipped arrow already placed on the bow. He scans through the thick jungle looking for signs of Royce. Royce is behind another tree to Dutch's right side as he waits for Dutch to pass. As Dutch passes Royce peeks his head from behind his cover to see Dutch go past him and slowly and quietly moves into a firing stance with his Plasma Caster. However as he lowers his right foot onto the ground he accidentally steps on a twig


Royce looks down as he sees Dutch quickly turn around and fire off another arrow at Royce's position causing Royce to drop his Plasma Caster as he jumps away from the arrow and the ensuring explosion. Royce quickly takes off his back his AA-12 as Dutch shows himself in front of Royce with another arrow already loaded. Royce quickly fires off rounds from his AA-12 causing Dutch to drop his bow which is destroyed after one of the FRAG-12 rounds impact on it and Dutch jumps over a log to avoid the shots. Dutch takes out his Mossberg 500 shotgun and pumps it and peeks out over the log and fires off a shot which hits near Royce's foot. Royce looks behind him as he begins backing up at the same time firing his AA-12 at Dutch's position to keep him pinned. Royce then quickly turns around and gets behind a tree.

"We don't have to do this Dutch! All I ask for is that you come with me and we get my friends and get out of here!" Royce yells

"I'm sorry Royce but you've may of already of cost me my only way out of here!" Dutch replies

Dutch vaults over the log and gets behind the cover of a nearby tree. Dutch peeks out from behind his tree when all of a sudden Royce who had seen for a second where Dutch ducked behind opens fire with his AA-12 as the rounds start impacting the tree and the tree is soon cut in half causing the tree to begin falling down. Dutch jump rolls out of the way and as he rolls quickly uses the momentum to recover onto his knees turn around and fire off a round at Royce causing Royce to also roll out from behind his tree and begin firing more rounds at Dutch. Dutch quickly returns and Royce begins to give chase. As Dutch is running through the forest with Royce not far behind because of the darkness Dutch accidentally runs through a trip wire. Dutch gets behind a tree as Royce comes into the area with his AA-12 at the ready, all of a sudden Royce looks down as he notices what looks like a thin piece of rope in the dirt. He kneels down by it and picks it up, Royce looks around the area and then knows immediately.

"Oh $hit this place has TRAPS!" Royce yells

All of a sudden a wooden wall with spikes on it comes flying at Dutch causing him to jump out of the way into the open as Royce sees him. Dutch tries to fire his shotgun but to find it out of ammo, Royce takes aim when he looks up to notice more spikes start falling towards the ground, Royce quickly has no choice but to ditch his shotgun as he starts running from the spikes as they fall, Dutch sees spikes above him as well and also ditches the shotgun and starts running. Both men are running in the same direction as spikes fall behind them, they look at each other, look back forward, and then look at each other again. Dutch quickly takes out his Desert Eagle and fires a shot at Royce which hits a tree Royce is passing missing by a centimeter, Royce soon takes out his Colt M1911A1 and returns fire. The two mercs continue to fire at each other as they continue to run with each shot missing each time sometimes even by a centimeter. Royce looks forward and then notices the ground in front of him and quickly knows it's a pit with spikes at the bottom most likely and jumps right over it. Dutch however doesn't know and unfortunetly falls into the pit but is able to grab a root that hangs on the wall but looses his pistol. Dutch grabs onto the branch with both of his hands and looks down to see a deadly fate that awaits him if he lets go. Dutch looks up and tries grabbing onto the ledge but soon the root moves as it begins to give away, Dutch looks back up at the ledge and tries again but cannot grab the ledge. As the root is about to give Dutch all of a sudden sees a hand come down to him and looks up to see Royce.

"GRAB ONTO ME!" Royce yells

Dutch quickly complies grabbing Royce's arm just as the root gives away and falls to the pit. Royce pulls Dutch out of the pit. Both men start huffing and puffing after all that just happened. Both men then slowly look at each other and then quickly roll away as Dutch takes off from his back his Improvised Spear and Royce taking his Predator Axe and Combat Knife out. The two men then start walking around in a circle as they wait for one or the other to make a move. At the same time both men make a move towards each other. Dutch pushes his spear out but Royce uses his Predator Axe to grab the hilt of the spear and push it past him and slashes Dutch across his upper part of the arm while doing so. Dutch rolls forward, stands on his knees and turns around pointing his spear at Royce as he turns around as well. Dutch appears unfazed by the small wound not showing a sign of pain. Dutch and Royce then charge at each other again as Royce rolls under Dutch's spear and gets back up and puts his Predator axe against Dutch's neck but Dutch had managed to turn his spear around before so and now points it right under Royce's chin. Both men find themselves in a deadlock as either one of them with a single swift strike could end it immediaetly.

"Hm not bad." Dutch says

"Like I've said I've been surviving for months on this Preserve, some of it just by myself." Royce replies

"And how good are your friends?" Dutch asks

"Their all good people, even if some of them are aliens, they are all still good. All of them just want to get home like us." Royce says

"Hm that's just what I wanted to hear." Dutch says as he then lowers his spear away from Royce.

"Wait...What?" Royce says confused.

"Sorry but I only work alongside the best of the best. I just wanted to see how good your skills were. And I must admit...not bad." Dutch says

"So you were just testing me?" Royce says

"Pretty much." Dutch replies

"Oh." Royce says as he lowers his Predator Axe.

"So where is your base?"

"Follow me." Royce says

After going back through the area with the traps to pick up their weapons Royce then takes Dutch back to his base. Luckily Royce still had with him the medical equipment, all he had to do now was hope that it was enough to heal his friends.

Winner: Tie!

Expert's Opinion[]

In the end both of these Predator Fighters brought something to the table that helped them in the end. Dutch was more well trained, and more physically tougher. Royce on the other hand had more experience having faced three Predator's and had more futuristic and better weapons. In all this battle was to close to call as each Fighter brought cons and pros to the table and in the end they are on equal level tough and deadly Predator FIghters.

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Battles here were deemed to be unfair or otherwise not in accordance with wiki standards, and have been removed from the statuses of the warriors and displayed below.

Battle vs. Viktor Reznov (by Urbancommando77)[]

In a snowy forest in Russia, Dutch walks through looking for the camp he was assigned to find and wipe out the team. He hears someone following him. He turns around to find Reznov with his AK drawn. Dutch tries to pull out his M16 but he gets shot in the leg five times by Reznov.

He draws his M16 and shoots reznov in the arm. Reznov charges into the tree line but Dutch follows, firing his M16. He turns to see the explosion of the semtex Reznov put down. he slides down the icy hill nearby. Reznov jumps from the bush he was near and burns the hill with his flamethrower, setting some of Dutch's pants on fire.

Reznov throws his Ak and draws his makorov but Dutch fires a grenade with his launcher, knocking Reznov down. Reznov fires his makorov as he gets up. Dutch throws his M16 and pulls out his HK94. He fires rapidly and charges at Reznov, shooting him in the legs. "Ahhh" Reznov shouts.

Reznov shoots the HK and pulls out his machete and charges at Dutch, who draws his spear and impales reznov.


Expert's Opinion[]

This was a considerably easy win for Dutch. He had significantly greater strength, training, weapons, and was generally a better soldier than Reznov.

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Battle was declared invalid due to Viktor Reznov being given a weapon he did not use.