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And now this planet is hereby claimed for the Earth in the name of Duck Dodgers in the 24½th Century!
— Duck Dodgers

After accidentally getting frozen Daffy Duck was eventually revived by Dr. I.Q. Hi in the 24½th century. Now going by Duck Edgar Dumas Aloysius Eoghain Dodgers, or simply Duck Dodgers for short, he managed to trick most of the populace into believing he was a 21st century hero when in reality, he was only the water-boy for a football team.

Throughout his adventures he mainly relies on luck and the work of the Eager Young Space Cadet but has occasionally shown fairly high levels of heroism and competence, leading to the conclusion that sometimes, he isn't as daft as previously thought.

Though he is rather incompetent and an idiot, Duck Dodgers is still capable in combat. He is durable enough to survive lasers, climb electrical fences with no signs of injury, and survive planetary explosions like it is nothing. He is also skilled with laser nunchucks to the point of creating a statue of himself just by swinging them and was capable of holding his own against Queen Tyr'ahnee in combat. Dodgers is also proficient with his laser pistol and is shown to clever at times.

Battle vs. Rocket Raccoon (by Thundrtri)[]

No battle will be written.

Winner: Rocket Raccoon

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