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That is no longer my name. My name is Dracula, son of the devil.
— Dracula
Vlad Tepes III, later known as Dracula, was the prince of Wallachia. As a child and prince he was abducted and taken to the Ottoman Empire, where he was trained to become an elite warrior under the Sultan himself. Due to his notoriety in battle and ruthlessness, he was dubbed 'Vlad the Impaler', eventually taking over his homeland and ruling it in relative peace.

However, as a similar conflict arises, and his own son is demanded as tribute to the Ottoman, Vlad refuses to continue this chain, inevitably striking war with the easterners. Hopeless and destitute, he travels to the Broken Tooth Mountain, where he meets Julius Caesar, an ancient vampire, who offers him blood to become a powerful vampire and defeat his enemies. However, if he did not resist the urge to drink the blood of others for three days, he would remain as a monster for eternity.

He effortlessly defeats the entire Ottoman army single-handedly, however at the cost of his wife's life, who urges him to become a full vampire to keep on protecting his kingdom, as Mehmed prepares to overtake Europe. He transforms any survivors into new vampire slaves, before leading an offensive and defeating the Ottoman in single combat. His job done, he clears the sky, killing the vampires around him and seemingly killing himself, if it were not for a man who took pity on his corpse and dripped blood into his mouth, saving his life.

Years later Vlad was still alive in the modern day and met a woman in the streets of London who reminded him of his late wife, but was followed by Caesar.

Battle vs. Count Dracula (Van Helsing) (by Dargoo Faust)


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