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The abomination that killed me.

The nameless being later to be called Doomsday (by Booster Gold) was artificially created in the distant past on Krypton, long before the humanoid Kryptonian race had gained dominance over the planet. During this time period, Krypton was a violent, hellish world where only the absolute strongest of creatures could survive (at the time, the world's dominant lifeforms were said to be the most dangerous creatures in the universe). Doomsday's creator was a mysterious alien named Bertron, who wished to create the ultimate life-form. To do so, Bertron and his team sent a baby onto the surface of the planet, where it would be instantly killed by the harsh environment or the vicious creatures inhabiting it. Each time, whatever of the lifeform's remains that survived were harvested and used again, to create a better, stronger version than the previous. In short, the mad scientist was using the method of cloning to accelerate the evolution of the being he was creating. Through decades of this process, the being who would eventually become Doomsday was forced to endure the agony of death, thousands upon thousands of times; the memory of these countless deaths was recorded in his genes and drove it to hate all life. Eventually, Doomsday gained the ability to evolve against what killed him in his prior life without the need of Bertron's technology. At this point he proceeded to hunt down and kill all of the lethal creatures that inhabited Krypton. When it saw Bertron, Doomsday considered him and the team to be a threat due to their roles in his multiple deaths and attacked the ship they were working in. Bertron himself met his death at the hands of his own creation.

Doomsday escaped Krypton and went on a killing spree across several planets. He began with crashlanding on Bylan 5, a planet where Darkseid was about to wed a princess (in order to obtain that planet's chemical deposits for Apokolips' weapons factories). Just as Doomsday and Darkseid were to meet in combat, Darkseid was forced to flee as the battle had caused the planet's atmosphere to become toxic and therefore worthless to Apokolips. Doomsday managed to hitch a ride on an escaping shuttle.

This shuttle eventually crashed on Khundia. The warring Khundian clans united in order to build protective armor for a warrior named Kobald. His goal was to survive long enough to force Doomsday onto a rocket. Once the rocket was in space, Doomsday killed Kobald and the resulting explosion sent him hurling through space.

He next came across the path of a Green Lantern named Zharan Pel. Doomsday took his power ring and sensing the power of the Guardians of the Universe, made his way to them. Hundreds of Green Lanterns were sent to stop him and were killed. He continued to Oa where a single Guardian sacrificed himself in battle to defeat him. With Doomsday dead, the Guardians turned their attention to rebuilding the Corps.

In reality, the release of massive energies by the Guardian had caused a tear in space through which an injured and unconscious Doomsday fell. Eventually coming to Calaton, he tore that world apart for three years. With only the capital city left, all the members of the royal family combined their life forces into a single energy being, The Radiant. The Radiant killed Doomsday with a huge blast of energy (laying waste to over a fifth of his world in the process). In common Calatonian burial procedures, Doomsday's body was shackled and masked, and due to his status as a murderer, was shot into space. Eventually, he would land on Earth, the force of the impact of his landing driving the casket deep underground. Doomsday, however, was not dead, as any time he would be "killed", he would return, having evolved past whatever defeated him.

Battle vs. Apocalypse (by Ethank14)[]

No battle was written.

Winner: Doomsday

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Battle vs. Hulk (Comics) (by Godkombat21)[]

No battle was written.

Winner: Doomsday

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Rematch vs. Hulk (Comics) (by WinterSpider)[]


Dr. Bruce Banner was studying an unknown object orbiting Earth on a monitor in his lab at the Avengers' headquarters, contemplating what it could possibly be.

"What you looking at there, Bruce?" Spiderman asked as he walked into the lab.

"Probably nothing, Peter. But there's been this strange form orbiting the planet the past week. I'm not sure what it is, but for all I know, it could just be a stray bit of tech from Tony."

"Someone say my name?" Stark said as his face appeared on another monitor.

"Yeah, Tony some weird thing is-"

"I know, Bruce. I've noticed it around. I'll take a suit and take a look at it."

"Where are you now?" Peter asked.

"On the way to the object. Stark sat tracking it as we speak. It ain't mine. Maybe SHIELD lost a few of their toys again."

Meanwhile on the edge of Earth's atmosphere......


The creature had been in his own universe, but now he knew not where he'd be going or where he was. All he knew was down below him was an Earth, perhaps his own but perhaps not. He decided he'd had enough of observing, and he would look for a way down to the surface, but how? All of a sudden, he spotted a man shaped object in the distance approaching his position.

"Stark to HQ, can you hear me Banner?" Stark said as he gained visual of the creature. "This thing appears to be alive"

"Anything that would be a threat?" Bruce asked.

"Possibly," Stark replied. "Kinda looks like you, except meaner."

"Haha, Tony" Bruce said sarcastically. "Well, not much left for you to do up there, except push it back out of orbit."

As Tony raised an arm to blast the creature with his repulsor blast, it stirred.

"Here we go, sorry buddy but you've got to go." Tony said, then he shot a beam at it. The blast hit the creature in the back, but did nothing. Not even a mark was left on it. The creature turned its head to face Tony, its face full of rage, giving a look of hatred so terrifying that Tony decided it best to turn up the heat.

"Try this on you ugly son of a bitch." Tony said as he powered up his chest repulsor, and fired it. The creature, had it been a weaker sort would have been annihilated. However, Doomsday is no ordinary animal. It powered through the blast, reaching Stark, who had also been using his arm repulsors. Doomsday crushed Stark's arms, and roared a mighty roar as he pointed Stark away from him so he could get to earth.

"BANNER, PETER!!! IT'S GOT ME!!! I'M FALLING FAST AND I DON'T THINK I'M GOING TO MAKE IT!!" Stark yelled as they re entered Earth's atmosphere, doing his best to break free of Doomsday's grip. But alas, it's grip would not break.


"I'm afraid not, old friend" Stark said calmly as he accepted his fate."The suit won't take the landing, especially not with this thing trying to get in. Goodb-" But Stark's communication was cut short as Doomsday ripped his head off. But just before he died, a tracking device was able to be attatched to the creature, without him knowing.

Banner and Peter stared at the trajectory of the beast with a sense of fear and sadness. Their friend had died, but the thing was heading towards Miami, and the Avengers would be needed for cleanup and other rebuilding.

The Fight:


"Bruce..." Peter started, " What do you mean you're going after it? This thing crashed into Miami from orbit, and it doesn't look like it's stopping."

"Peter," Bruce began, the anger and sadness audible in his voice, "At this point, my rage will be able to put it down. Because I am at my angriest, and that's even before taking into account the potential millions dead. I'm taking the Quinjet, and I'm finding this thing before it hurts anyone else. Got it?"

".....Yes sir..." Peter stuttered.

The creature knew not where it was, nor what had happened in its wake. However, as it looked towards the burning city to his rear, he felt a comforting feeling. He decided to continue on his way, and destroy whatever crossed his path.

"There seems to be some sort of signal leading me to something outside of Miami." Banner spoke into the recorder, prepping a message for the rest of the team. "I'll handle this, if I fail......" Banner stopped, not realizing until now that he may not come out of this alive..."We'll worry about that later. But everyone take care of Miami first, I'll lead this thing away from here if I can, minimize casualties. It's been an honor working with you all, Banner out." Banner turned off the recorder, having sent his message to the team. "I guess it's lucky Tony spared no expense with his tech. That tracker shouldn't have survived entry into the atmosphere or the crash landing." Banner was getting closer to the signal's origin, and decided it was time. He hovered near the creature, ejecting covertly while the creature would be occupied with the quinjet. It honked its horn to get its attention, then when the creature was focused on the quinjet, Banner started.

"Lets see how you feel about this you bastard." Banner remotely fired the quinjet's missile supply at the creature, who caught one, but was hit by the others in rapid succession. After the smoke cleared, Banner saw the creature hadn't even blinked.

"Well I don't know what I was expecting, but here we are," Banner said out loud. "Oh shit!" Banner said as the creature caught sight of him. In Banner's mind, this went differently. "Let's play him at his own game then." Banner said, taking off his glasses. The rage building in him to a point he could not keep in any longer. The Hulk was coming out.

"RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" Banner yelled as he transformed, his shirt ripping and shoes imploding. Skin turns green and rage driving him now. There was only Hulk, with Banner as a reluctant driver.

"HULK SMASH SPIKY GRAY MONSTER!!!!!!!" Hulk roared as he ran towards Doomsday. Doomsday in turn ran in a clash that would shake the earth. The two beasts' fists met in crash that shook the trees around them, and turned them to splinters.


Winner: Doomsday

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Rematch Information[]

The original battle was done by Godkombat back in 2012. However it only got one proper vote and voting on it wasn't closed until over a year later, almost as an afterthought. While the blog itself was relatively well made the lack of a battle written was disappointing and it was taken over by anon spamming.

Battle vs. SCP-682 (by Godkombat21)[]

No battle was written.

Winner: Tie

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Battles here were deemed to be unfair or otherwise not in accordance with wiki standards, and have been removed from the statuses of the warriors and displayed below.

Battle vs. Kratos (by Deadliest Issue)[]

Kratos has received a message from Zeus,saying that a beast from another world has emerged.And the beast itself can kill Gods and creatures.When walking towards the Rotunda,this is what Kratos see and makes him surprised :

A Dead Hephaestus

His corpse looks mangled,his head nearly cut off,a lot of bruises around his body.And Kratos realized there was no one that can kill a God except him and the Titans.But then,he hears a roar in a far range.And another message came from Zeus,"That is the beast"And finally,he emerges,Doomsday.

Kratos saw in surprise how the beast looked like,like a half Chimera and a born Titan.Doomsday roars at Kratos but Kratos remains unfazed.He pulls out the Claws Of Hades,expecting an easy win.But when trying to steal the soul,in a quick succession Doomsday broke the Claws.Kratos became enraged and began to swing his Blades Of Exile.The Blades slashed through Doomsday's chest but it deals almost no damage at all.Doomsday then stomps the ground and sends Kratos backwards,knocking him back.Kratos began to rush at Doomsday but before he can strike,Doomsday punches Kratos with full force and makes Kratos fell from the Rotunds


Kratos awakes in the Underworld,he wonders if he is dead.But Hades shows up and says,"Defeat him!" Doomsday appears again out of nowhere.Kratos takes his Bow Of Apollo and fires it at Doomsday but it has no effect.Doomsday punches the ground of the underworld and lifts it and throws it to Kratos.And Kratos gets crushed under the ground.But then Kratos destroys the debris with the Nemean Cestus.Doomsday runs at Kratos and tries to punch him but blocked with the Nemean Cestus.Kratos kicks Doomsday back and makes him lie on the ground.Kratos began punching Doomsday with the Nemean Cestus very hard.He gets up and thought Doomsday is dead.But then Doomsday holds Kratos up and throws him.Doomsday jumps and ended up stomping Kratos' chest.Kratos begin to suffocate.But then in an instance,a lightning strikes Doomsday and what the Gods send to Kratos at the attempt to kill Doomsday,The Blade Of Olympus.

Kratos picks up the Blade.Doomsday rushes at Kratos but Kratos already prepared the Blade and stabs Doomsday with it.Doomsday became stunned.But then,Doomsday gets conscious again and kicks Kratos.And surprises everyone Titan,God and Kratos,Doomsday breaks the Blade Of Olympus easily.Kratos has no more things to harm Doomsday.He flees with the WIngs Of Icarus and Hermes' boots.But Doomsday jumped and stomped at Kratos,stopping his track.And in an instance,Doomsday stares at Kratos while lifting him up,and says in a hard motion,"You are weak!"And Doomsday punches Kratos.Kratos lies on the ground,knocked out with blood all over.And Doomsday leaves Kratos alone.Getting his way up and kills the Hellhounds.And finally this is what the Gods said about Doomsday,he is a threat to all of them

Winner : Doomsday

Expert's Opinion[]

Doomsday won because he is merely unstoppable.He has high durability and he got the bony prostitutions to increase the punch damage to Kratos that has low durability.And Doomsday' strength makes Kratos' weapon obsolete.Even the Blade Of Olympus.

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The battle was declared unfair for Kratos because he lacked the means to properly dispose of Doomsday.