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Battle vs. Albert Wesker (by Hipper)[]

It was a beautiful day in Latveria, and Doom was walking in the village. He then saw a man in shades wth a black coat teleport in front of him, and try to kick Doom, but Victor dodges.

"How dare you strike Doom!"

"Out of my way, for I am Wesker!"

Wesker then teleports behind Doom, but Doom reacts quickly, and blasts Wesker with an energy beam. Wesker then teleports above doom, and strikes him from above. Wesker then picks up Doom and throws him near a tree, then teleports and strikes Doom again, then teleports, and launches Doom into the ground.

Doom then gets angry and Foot Dives Wesker, knocking him back. Wesker pulls out his pistol and starts open firing at Doom, but it doesn't even tickle Doom. Doom shoots electricity, shocking Wesker. Doom then kicks Wesker in the face. Doom then punches Wesker in the face, then follows up with an uppercut.

He then flies near Wesker, and launches him down. Wesker tries to fight back, but Doom counters these blows, but is caught off guard with a punch. Doom is launched back, and ducks before Wesker could teleport and hit him. Doom then grabs Wesker and starts shocking Wesker to death. As Wesker is down for the count, Doom pulls out his energy gun and blows Wesker's head off.

Satisfied that Wesker is dead, Doom continues his stroll through Latveria, barely even harmed during the encounter. Chris and Jill mourn over Wesker's death, while Doom steal Wesker's work over the years and turns into a new device for him.

Winner: Doctor Doom

Expert's Opinion[]

Doom won because he was smarter, had better experience with combat, and wasn't harmed by any of Wesker's attacks.

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Battle was declared unfair due to Doctor Doom's superior magical ability compared to Wesker's lack of durability.