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Yet other enemies will come! Other battles will be fought! But no matter who the foe...what the danger...Victory will be mine... for now, and for always!
— Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom, real name Victor von Doom, is a supervillian feutured in comic books published by Marvel Comics. Though Doom is extremely brutal and ambitious, he has been shown being able to put his ego aside for the greater good and work with the world's heroes when needed. And while he rules over Latveria with an iron fist, he genuinely cares for his subjects.

Born in Latveria, Doom was the son of a gypsy healer and a sorceress. His parents were killed while Doom was still young, and he swore revenge on the world he blamed for their deaths. A genius, Doom attended college in the United States, where he met fellow prodigy Reed Richards. One day, Richards stumbled across Doom's notes on a machine with which he planned to access his mother's spirit. Discovering a flaw in Doom's calculations, Richards informed the young genius but was arrogantly turned away. Doom proceeded with the machine's testing, and the flaw caused an explosion which scarred Doom's face.

Expelled for his dangerous experiment, Doom traveled to Tibet, hoping to find someone who could cure his scars. Instead, he fell in with a secret order of monks, studying with them for many years. Constructing a highly-advanced suit of power armor, Doom donned the mask while it was still hot, further damaging his face. Returning to Latveria, he took control of the country by force, setting up a benign dictatorship. He then set his sights on the whole world, vowing not to rest until he had globally extended his rule, and killed Reed Richards, who was now know as the superhero Mister Fantastic.

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