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You can clean up the mess, but don't touch my coffin.
— Django.

Django is a typical Western drifter who has suffered the loss of his wife to bandits. Determined to have his revenge against the bandit leader, Jackson, he forms a shaky alliance with a Mexican bandit leader by the name of Rodriguez. They succeed in killing most of Jackson's men and steal gold from the Mexican government. However, Django wants the lion's share and steals Rodriguez of his loot. Django is soon captured by the bandit's men and is punished by having his hands broken. Jackson realizes that Django was responsible for his men's deaths so he goes on his own revenge quest. Django, despite having his hands broken, kills Jackson and his remaining squad ironically in a cemetery.

Battle vs. Django Freeman (by Iluvkc0c)

No battle written.


Expert's Opinion

Django Freeman's superior firepower, training, and tactical mind enabled his victory.

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