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Constructicons! Merge for the kill!
— Megatron

Devastator is the first "combiner" transformer in the G1 line. He is the combined form of the six Constructicons; Scrapper (leader), Mixmaster, Scavenger, Long Haul, Hook and Bonecrusher. He was created by Shockwave under Megatron's request to have a stronger, more powerful soldier. As individuals, the Constructicons can turn into construction vehicles which are often used to build machines and weapons for Megatron. They all have varying personalities and abilities. For example, Mixmaster is the brains who can create various scientific devices.

When they combine, Devastor has nearly limitless strength. He is not too bright, but he makes up for it in strength and power. He is often used when the Decepticons need a little heavy duty firepower. He will destroy anything in his way and will destroy with the upmost brutality and efficiency. His near limitless strength allows him to outmatch any of the autobots.

In the 1986 movie, the Constructicons formed into Devastator to destroy Autobot city. Devastator ripped into one of the main walls of Autobot city and sealed the victory for the Decepticons until Megatron was defeated by Optimus Prime.

Battle vs. Iron Giant (by BeastMan14)[]

It was a quiet day in the forest as Hogarth and his robot took a stroll through the woods. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the Decepticons appeared, demanding to know where the Autobots were hiding. When Hogarth responded with confusion, Devestator let loose with a missile barrage. The Giant dodged this attack and let loose with a machine gun, riddling Devestator with bullets. Devestator pulled out his laser rifle and hit the giant head on, sending him flying. But the giant undaunted, jumped and punched Devestator hard in the face, who managed to fire back with his scavenger, I hinging the Giants jaw and sending him into weapons mode. Devestator backed up and fired his drill, only for the giant to blow it to pieces, and then fire another shot that Devestator couldn't dodge, blowing a hole through his chest. The Decepticons attempts to stand, but a rocket fist knocks his head off. The once mighty Decepticons falls to the ground, dead. Starscream whispers into Megatrons ear, "Retreat would be best." With that, the Decpeticons beat a hasty retreat as the Iron Giant shifted out of weapons mode and continued his walk with Hogarth.

Winner: The Iron Giant

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