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Come and get some, punk.
— Destroyman

Travis Touchdown first encounters Destroyman at Bear Hug Studio. He is first seen without his costume and asks Travis to look away when he changes, attacking him when Travis does so. He tricks Travis another time in the beginning of the fight: asking to shake hands, he shocks him. Throughout the fight Travis refers to him as Mr. Cosplay. Travis eventually wins the fight and stabs him in the chest. Destroyman then begs for mercy Travis complies and pulls his katana out of Destroyman's chest giving him a hint of chance for survival, he then attempts to kill Travis using machine gun turrets hidden in his costume's nipple areas, immediately after which he is vertically bisected by Travis.

Destroyman's costume is based on the cult film character of the same name. The costume has many hidden weapons and allows him to do a variety of attacks. While already bigger than Travis without it, the costume makes him much bigger. He enjoys killing his opponents. He fights dishonorably and often resorts to taking cheap shots at his opponents. Several times he pretends to be honest, and when Travis wounds him he fakes pain.

Battle vs. ShadowHawk (by Lasmoore)[]

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Winner: Tie

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