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I'm gonna be different, okay? I'm not there doing what they do. I'm there to save lives. I'm gonna be like Superman.
— Delsin Rowe

Delsin Rowe is a misguided, frustrated 24-year old member of the Akomish tribe outside Seattle. Despite constant disapproval from his brother Reggie, Delsin continues his law-breaking activities. After being arrested once again by his brother, the two brothers watch as a prison convoy is destroyed and a Conduit, Hank Daughtry, escapes. Delsin attempts to stop the Conduit, but finds to his initial horror that he is a Conduit as well, absorbing Hank's smoke powers.

After dualing Hank in a burning fish cannery, Delsin and Hank are apprehended by Brooke Augustine, head of the DUP and a Conduit herself. Interrogating and torturing everyone in Delsin's village for information about two other escapees, Augustine leaves the Akomish to die from their wounds.

Delsin, determined to undue what he has done, decides to pursue Augustine into Seattle. Reggie decides to join his brother, attempting to try and resolve the situation peacefully. As Delsin begins to enter the city, he discovers several new powers while helping a bus of civilians get to Seattle and watching the DUP collapse a bridge leading into the city. Inspired now more than ever, Delsin and Reggie head into the city to find Augustine and fix what she has done.

Battle vs. James Heller (by Mikeylango)[]

James woke up to the sound of a truck engine starting. Opening his eyes and turning around, he saw a blackwatch APC driving away, most definitely the same one that brought him here. He had no idea what happened or how they could have gotten him here. He stood up and saw tens of scattered dead bodies. He recognised roughly half of them as they were Blackwatch soldiers, but he had never seen the other soldiers who were wearing yellow armor bearing ‘D.U.P’. He looked in the distance and saw the Seattle Space needle, and determined that he must be in Seattle. He was hungry. Why not consume a soldier?

Delsin smoke-dashed out of a vent and was pleased to see a mass grave of D.U.P soldiers. He didn’t care about whoever those black-dressed losers were. Or the tall, burley black man wearing a black leather jacket and blue jeans. Suddenly he saw the man pick up a dead body, manifest tendrils out of his hand and seem to absorb the soldier into his own body. Delsin wanted that power.

James looked up to see a man land near him. He was a lanky, white man wearing black skinny jeans, a blue jean vest over a red hoodie and a red beanie. James stood his ground “Get out of here you fucking punk ass!” James launched into rage at Delsin. “Dude, I just want your powers”, Delsin replied in a timid yet curious manner. “You won’t get them after I skull fuck ya and drain your powers through the hole!” James yelled before sending a whipfist flying at Delsin. Delsin smoke dashed around it but was caught by a second one. James pulled Delsin towards him and prepared to absorb him but Delsin charged his chain with smoke energy and whipped James across the face. The energy charred Heller’s head as his dropped Delsin.

Delsin threw a sulphur bomb at the ground to distract Heller, and in James’ fazed state he grabbed his hand in an attempt to possibly copy his powers… only nothing happened. James grabbed Delsin’s hand too and threw him hard into a nearby building. The truth hit Delsin: this was no conduit, it was something else altogether. Delsin got up and fired some smoke shots at James to little effect. James leaped toward Delsin with his fists at the ready. Delsin smoke dashed away as James landed and swung at James back with his chain. James turned around and smashed Delsin through the side of the building and onto the street. Delsin got up, saw James leap towards him and fired an obliterating blast straight the Heller’s chest as he landed. Heller flew backward and landed on his back, only to be propelled into the air again after Delsin shot a cinder missile at the ground next to him. Delsin jump on top of his foe and performed an orbital drop, propelling himself hundreds of feet into the air before diving back down into James’ body.

Building and cars were ravaged and Delsin was confident that he had defeated his foe. He smugly walked away from the scene. The smug grin on his face was replaced by surprise and horror when he was yanked by a whipfist back to the scene. He found himself being held by a very, very angry James who promptly slammed him into the ground. Delsin had barely got up when James kicked him into a lamp post at hundreds of miles per hour, smashing the post and leaving Delsin in a fazed and painful state. Delsin got up to see James standing in a combat pose, with his claws ready. Delsin pumped his chain full of smoke energy and charged James. He whipped at James, but James caught the chain. Ignoring the burning pain, James pulled Delsin towards him and hacked at him with the claws, tearing slashes through his vest, and threw Delsin at a neon sign. Delsin, being resourceful, absorbed the neon. He charged the chain with neon-energy making it hard and sword-like, and sped at James in light speed mode. James wasn’t prepared for the attack and therefore got spam-attacked by Delsin, who sped around him slashing with his chain at an extreme speed. However James predicted his attack pattern and swiped Delsin with his claws. Delsin fell to the ground with a gash in his chest. James picked him up punched through a store window. James had not been using his thermal vision and therefore couldn’t brace himself when Delsin shot a wall of neon beams at him, knocking him down and painfully searing his biomass. Delsin then sped out of the demolished building to James and stabbed his neon blade straight through his body. James screamed out in pain. Delsin kicked him into a wall which James slammed into back-first and landed on his feet. Delsin threw a deadly stasis grenade which levitated James in the air, before shooting him with a powerful phosphor beam that blasted him through the wall. Delsin tried to finish Heller off by activating a radiant sweep in which Delsin levitated him in the air before depositing a huge amount of neon energy into his body. Fortunately for James, the blast sent him back to the mass grave of Blackwatch and D.U.P bodies. Delsin arrived just in time to see James absorb a Blackwatch soldier again. It seemed that he just wouldn’t go down. James jumped into the air and landed on Delsin, knocking him down, and body surfed on him before kicking him through a Cole McG’s electronics store. Delsin got up and absorbed all the god damned video energy he could after realising his opponent’s strength.

Delsin video surged at James but James shot his tendrils into Delsin causing him excruciating pain as many of the tendrils pieced his flesh. Delsin video surged out of James’s sight and activated his shroud of invisibility. James was distracted by three ‘demons’ as Delsin ran to find a place to recover. After James easily defeated the creatures Delsin ran out of cover with his arm transformed into a claw-like blade. James saw him and activated his blade in response. They charged at each other, before Delsin swung his video blade at James. James blocked the attack with his own blade as he kicked Delsin in the guts, knocking the wind out of him. As James charged him, Delsin video surged around him and downwards sliced him from behind, before shooting a video torrent at his stunned opponent. He then hit James one more time with his video claws to distance himself before activating a hellfire swarm. However this time James easily killed the demon with his whipfist before they could kamikaze into him. It was only a distraction though, because Delsin shot at James with a blade storm. James saw the attack coming and activated his shield, rendering the attack useless. He then ran at Delsin, stomped the ground sending Delsin into the air, and flying jump-kicked Delsin in the direction of the mass grave.

Before James could get there Delsin absorbed the concrete energy from a dead D.U.P soldier. As James glided towards him Delsin shot a wide concrete barrage at him. James was knocked out of the air and landed on his back. Delsin then punched James in the chest with his concrete hammerfist. James was in serious pain but fought on, and using his own hammerfist he slammed Delsin away from him. He then jumped up and performed a hammerfist elbow slam straight on Delsin’s chest. Delsin fired concrete shrapnel at James from point black range cause him to stagger back a few feet. Then Delsin encased his body in concrete and boulder dashed James, knocking him straight to the ground. Delsin then used his concrete thrusters to jump on top of a building to the nearest chimney as his rather small supply of concrete was running low. He absorbed the smoke.

He jumped back down to where James was but he wasn’t prepared for what came next. As he landed James knocked Delsin down with a street sweeper from his whipfist, and then slammed the ground with all his might with his hammerfist. Delsin was sent hundreds of feet into the air in a fazed and surprised state before James grabbed him with the whipfist and smashed him into the ground. Delsin was lying in the crater that formed when James grabbed him and once again threw him into the air. James jumped up with him and then performed his biomass expulsion devastator, sending thousands of biomass shrapnel pieces shooting through Delsin’s body. Delsin smashed into the ground in a critically injured state. James was pleased with his dying opponent so he walked over to him, picked him up and prepared to consume his mighty foe. However Delsin, despite being critically injured, had not giving up yet, and fired an obliterating blast at James from point black range. James’ arm was blasted off and vaporised into smoke. He screamed in pain and pain to his knees. Delsin them whipped his chain through James’ other arm, also slicing it off and vaporising it. As James cried and screamed, Delsin held James’ head in a tight vice, digging his fingers into his biomass. Delsin then pumped all of his smoke energy into James’ body, causing James to be exploded, and all his biomass was completely vaporised. Delsin then passed out. After he awoke he celebrated defeating his toughest opponent yet before venturing off to find some smoke to absorb.

Winner, Delsin Rowe

Expert's Opinion[]

While James was a tough opponent with great strength and durability, he could only use physical attacks, and therefore wasn't prepared for or used to the primarily energy-based attacks that Delsin bought to the fight. Delsin's array of energy-based attacks, as well as his experience facing opponents with primarily physical attacks, won him this battle.

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Battle vs. The Agency (Crackdown) (by 123chaseyoung)[]

It was midnight in a small block in New York City. Delsin was sitting on top of a skyscraper, on a gargoyle overlooking the city's skyline. "Man, being a hero really pays off for peaceful nights like these" Delsin thought as he appreciated the harmony that he's experiencing, free from the violence and carnage that he deals with in a daily basis. Sadly, his little peacetime was interrupted when a rocket hits the building, blowing up the roof that Delsin was in. The explosion was so powerful that Delsin's flaming body was flung to a rooftop of another building. As Delsin slowly starts to regain consciousness, he sees five dudes in power armors surrounding him.

Delsin still shaking and ringing from the blast, said, "You motherfuckers are going to regret what you did..." as he tries to stand up. The Agents just stood there with their weapons aimed at him. A voice of an old man coming from a speaker inside of one of the Agent greets Delsin saying, "Delsin Rowe. You are wanted for your numerous attempts at vigilantism, arson, and black propaganda against the government. Your reign of terror ends tonight".

"Terror? HAH!" Delsin replied. "The only terrorist jackass here ruining other people's nights are you jackasses."

Then Delsin smoke dashes towards one Agent and slams his face into the pavement. The rest tried to shoot at him but Delsin just tangos and dodges the bullets like they were nothing. Then Delsin started shooting smokes from his hand to the Agent but to no avail. He then creates a large cinder missile and hurled it at them, blowing them up like ragdolls, but they still stood up seemingly fine from the blast. This pisses Delsin off and he charges at the Agents with his chain. But one of the Agent clothesline him in the face, and after he fell down, they started to gang up on him and beat him with their fists and kicks.

"Dammit!" Delsin said, and he then transforms himself into smoke and shoots to the sky as the Agents watched. Delsin then performed an orbital drop, crashing back into the roof with so much energy that it obliterated the whole skyscraper. The Agents managed to use their thrusters to get out of the shockwave, but one of them was hit and buried in the rubble. Blue

As Delsin lands towards another skyscraper seemingly tied by what he did, the rest of the Agents then went on a pursuit. Delsin tries to retreat back, but knowing his smoke powers will have no effect, he absorbs concrete and hurls slabs of it into the Agent. Two Agents were hit, but they quickly shook it off and went back to chasing him. "Who the Hell are these guys?" Delsin said.

One of the Agent managed to tag Delsin in the shoulder with his sniper rifle. As Delsin staggers, he uses his thrusters to regain his balance. He then coats himself with concrete to prevent more bullets from penetrating him. But then one of the Agents sent another homing missile at him, whcuh exploded in his back and knocking his ass off in the air. His body knocks one side of a building before landing into the streets. Fortunately for Delsin the building was covered with a lot of neon signs and he managed to absorb some as he fell.

Delsin then throws several neon grenades at the Agents, suspending them in the air. Without delay, Delsin the quickly uses Radiant Sweep, shooting off neon energy blasts in all directions. Many of the Agents were hit with a barrage of neon energy, two of them were obliterated in the attack. BlueBlue

Happy to finish the remaining two, Delsin then unleashes his neon sword and charges at the Agents. He slashes at one, putting the Agent down on his knees. As Delsin tried to finish him off, the other Agent runs and bashes his whole body towards Delsin, knocking the young vigilante to a car. As the Agent tries to get the other back on his feet, Delsin dashes forward with sword in hand. One Agent manage to dodge the slash and punches Delsin in the stomach, knocking him down. Another Agent grabs Delsin, lifts him up over his head, jumps and slams Delsin's body to the street, cracking the asphalt. As Delsin reels from the attack, the Agents sees an opportunity and they use their thrusters to fly and hover above Delsin. The Agents then performed a ground attack, in which they both slam their fists on Delsin's back with so much force that the whole city block shook in its power.

Delsin however, survived the attack. Having enough of this, Delsin finally unleashes all of his remaining neon energy at the Agents. The latter were surprised by how tenacious the conduit was and they were overwhelmed by the neon that forced them to run for cover. Delsin then limps towards a appliance store and absorbs the energy off a surround sound flat screen. Now with video powers, Delsin shoots pixels at the Agent in quick succession. Delsin continuously send burst after burst of video energy nd missiles that the armor of the Agents were now being chipped away.

Then, Delsin unleashes his Hellfire Swarm. He summons celestial buildings out of thin air and bombed the shit out of the two Agents. As the smoke settles in, one of the Agents were torn to shreds Blue while the other was nowhere to be found. As Delsin sits his ass down on the ground, trying to catch his breath, the other Agent appears out of nowhere either using some sort of cloaking device or super speed, and punches Delsin so hard that he flew a considerable distance.

"Why you son of a bitch!" Delsin said as he tries to get back up. But then he notices that there were three rubber ducks that were sticking to his abdomen. Confused, Delsin uttered "What the hell is th-"

But before he can finish his sentence, Delsin body was suddenly engulfed in a large explosion. As the dust and smoke were swept away, a large crater appeared with Delsin below it buried in tons of rubble. The debris suddenly shifts as Delsin tried to dig his way out. "This ain't over you stupid big Iron Man reject..." he said. Although Delsin survived the attack, he was overly weakened by the explosion that he took from the quackers.

The Agent, deciding to finish the fight, aims his flocket launcher at Delsin. But then the old man spoke through his helmet and said, "No Agent. We need him alive. Try to bring his body to HQ for further studies. His powers might be useful to our agendas..."

And so the Agent grabs a mag grenade and tosses it towards a weakened Delsin. The mag then suddenly paralyzes Delsin as he felt his body grow heavier for him to move. "Dammit! Get this thing off of me! This isn't over!" Delsin screamed. The Agent then grabs a Mass Driver to levitate Delsin from the ground. He then slams Delsin's head to a building, knocking him out. Using the Driver, the Agent started his long trek back to headquarters with an unconscious Delsin Rowe floating above him like a balloon.Darkred

Expert's Opinion[]

While Delsin conduit powers have more variety and were generally overwhelming, experts believed that the Agency's armor and attachments were enough to block many of Delsin's powers such as smoke and concrete while also firing back with equally devastating weapons. Weapons such as his Mass Driver and Explosives and x-factors such as training gives the Agency a tactical edge over the young delinquent.

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World War Royale 2: Electric Bugaloo (by MovieStuff65)[]

This warrior won a Battle of the Season Award

Part I[]

Awakened by the distinctive pounding in his temples that only came with a hangover, John Constantine groggily opened his eyes. What the hell happened... he thought to himself, reaching for his pockets. He let out a sigh of relief as he felt his pack of cigarettes, and put one in his mouth as observed his surroundings. He found himself in what appeared to be, of all things, a shopping mall's playpen. Sitting up, he noticed he had been lying on a bench, his coat neatly folded as a pillow.

"Well bollocks," Constantine mutters, picking it up and standing. Looking around at the abandoned shops, he found what he was looking for - an exit, a helpful red neon light showing the way. Alright, last night I was at the pub, he thought as he left. Me and...and...

Constantine cursed as he entered an empty garage, feeling the lingering effects of magic as his short-term memories vanished. In their place, his mind exploded as information flowed inside. "Sod off you bastards!" he yelled at the roof, sprinting down the garage. "I ain't playing your twisted game, whatever it is with this backpack nonsense!"

He reaches the bottom floor, shoving open the door expecting a city street or the outside world. In its place, a simple concrete room with only two exits; the door behind him, and a glass door leading into a sky bridge. As Constantine carefully steps into the glass tunnel, he sighs once again as he looked below; nothing but clouds miles beneath him, likely with more miles than that between him and the ground.

"Bloody hell."

Jakita angrily raises her hand to her eyes, finding herself in a construction yard. She looks around, spotting the open sky above and around her, and crosses her arms in annoyance. "Wait till the old man hears about this..."

Taking a few cautious steps to the building's edge, she confirms her suspicion as she spots the clouds below. Looking around, she sees that her building seems to form a square, with three other similarly sized buildings composing the other corners, with multiple bridges connecting them. She turns back around, the faint smell of smog reaching her nose, before a man appears in front of her in a cloud of smoke.

"Sorry about to bump into you like that. Little bit lost," Delsin says, looking over Jakita. "That being said, kind of happy I did. Really digging the whole latex tough girl act that's going on here."

"I don't take too well to unwanted ogling," she replies, just as both receive their instructions mentally. "Especially from wannabe competitors."

"Nothing wannabe about me," Delsin answers, putting his hand to his chest in mock offense. "This is 100% genuine Delsin, the real deal." Jakita smirks, before slamming her foot into the ground and sending shards of the concrete beneath them into the air. She quickly punches them, launching them as projectiles as she dashes forward.

"If you're the real deal, then no worries about holding back."

Delsin easily avoids her, dashing into a cloud of smoke and reappearing behind her. "Much as I'd love whatever kind of up-close and personal lesson you could give me, I'm gonna be a bit too busy winning. Maybe I'll see you around, Herr Hottie." He shoots a smoke blast, sending Jakita into a fit of coughs as it slams into her face, before spotting a smoke vent. He dashes towards it, fleeing the scene.

Taking a deep breath to get control of herself, Jakita wipes the tears from her eyes as the smoke clears. She watches as her breath comes out in a chilly wisp, the telltale sign of the temperature dropping. "Elijah, I don't know what the plan is but-" she says, turning to see a spike of ice approach her. Reacting in an instant, she throws her fist, shattering the ice with ease, and sees her new attacker.

"I do not know who this Elijah is," Sub-Zero calls, taking a fighting pose, "But I will accept your challenge where that boy did not."

Jakita mumbles to herself, looking around the rooftop construction zone for an exit or a weapon. "Just what I need getting in my way. Ice ninjas." She looks at a pile of metal beams, picking one up and hefting in one arm like a javelin. She throws it at him as she charges, remarking a quick "I hate when it's ninjas." as she barrels towards him.

Rose blinks twice, taking a deep breath to calm herself as she suddenly finds herself in an office complex, with rows of cubicles obscuring her immediate view. As the flood of information comes through her mind, she laxly pulls out her tarot cards. A bit of divination would be helpful in a situation strange as this, after all.

She shuffles the deck, and muffles a yelp of surprise as an unfamiliar image shows on the first card she draws. The picture shows herself, with her long yellow scarf draped as a circle and cards in her hand. "It seems the cards are feeling more literal today," she says, registering the familiar imagery of the Fortune card.

The surprise turns to confusion at the next image, a young boy in a black coat, striking the familiar pose of the Fool with a satchel in place of burlap sack. As if on cue, she hears faint steps above her and stands, taking a defensive but not outwardly aggressive pose. "You may reveal yourself, young one. I do not intend to harm you."

Joker, who had been quietly crawling above in the vents, slips out and onto the ground below "Last time an eccentric with cards told me something like that, it didn't end well," he replied, cautiously approaching Rose. "I assume you've been given the same instructions as me?"

"On the surface, at least," she says, gesturing to the cards. "Fate seems like it would have different plans for me, Fool." She draws one, with the image of a woman in white standing in pain. Rose and Joker look at each other in confusion, before the former looks closer. Behind the woman were thunderstorms, fire, and meteors; the tell-tale destruction of the Tower.

Viktor throws himself up with a start, letting out a scream as she awakens from a nightmare. Wiping the cold sweat from his forehead, Viktor cautiously looks around the hotel bedroom he's found himself in. He stands and leaves the room, finding himself in a hallway. "Hello! Anyone there?" He yells, silence being his only response.

After briefly exploring his floor, he takes the elevator down to the hotel lobby. As he arrives, a pulsing pain goes through his head as his instructions come through. "What the hell..." he mutters as the doors open, revealing a grand room, with a fountain, chandeliers, and the other decorations of splendor. Its size overwhelms even more as Viktor realizes the lobby is completely empty of people.

Taking a cautious step out, Viktor looks at what appears to be a receptionist's desk, where a white backpack sat openly displayed.

He immediately runs over to it, looking inside in confusion at its emptiness. "Oy, squire, why don't you hand 'at over nice and slow," a voice tells him, and Viktor turns to see Constantine, leaning against a pillar with cigarette in mouth. He raises his hands in a non-threatening posture. "Ain't no need to get too skittish."

Viktor only narrows his eyes, putting the backpack on. "Why should I trust you? I was told that you had to get the backpack too."

Constantine shrugs, raising his wrist to show Viktor a watch, which in turn displays a bright blue holomap with a distinctive red dot beeping. He yelps as he feels something wrap around her wrist, a similar watch suddenly placed there. "See this little dot? My guess is that now that you've got that bag, everyone else is gonna be making their way here real quick." He starts to walk to Viktor, only to stop as he glows white. Even if it wasn't magic, he could feel the power radiating off of him, and he backs away.

"No need to get antsy love," he says, raises his hands. "Now, way I figure is that you don't look too keen to fighting. I don't mind getting my hands dirty, so I figure you give me the bag and we be on our merry way."

Viktor pauses, thinking it over, only for a solid wall of ice to go between him and Constantine. "I don't think we'll be having that, good man," Vivienne states, regally walking towards Viktor, staff in hand. The mage raises an eyebrow in confusion as her spell melts to a puddle, Constantine grinning with a lit cigarette in his mouth.

"Gonna have to use a little bit more than a sculpture to stop me." Constantine says, opening his hands to conjure a pair of fireballs. He tosses them at Vivienne, who slams her staff into the ground. A magical aura overcomes her, the fireballs fizzling against the barrier, before she waves her hand. Ice begins to surround Constantine, freezing him in place.

"Now," Vivienne says, a magical blade forming in her hand. She waves the staff in her hand, and a barrage of magic flies towards Viktor, slamming into his chest. "I'm only going to ask once, dear - Give me that bag."

Part II[]

Raising his finger to his lips, Joker peeks out from his hiding point as he and Rose watch the fight unfold. He looks at Rose meaningfully, before gesturing to the bag in Viktor's arms.

Nervously backing away, Viktor raises his arm in a protective stance. "I'm warning you...I don't want to hurt you."

Vivienne responds with a cruel laugh. "How ever could you hurt me, darling?" she asks, before tilting her head to the frozen Constantine. "Even if its buried underneath enough gin to fill a dwarven tavern, at least he has magic. You, my dear...have nothing." Vivienne swings her spectral blade, aiming for a swift kill, only to meet Viktor's raised hands. Glowing a faint white, Viktor extends his other hand, a white tentacle of sound forming from it. Vivienne barely has time to shift into her Fade Form, the tentacle passing harmlessly through her.

"How dare you!" Vivienne yells as she returns to the mortal realm, slamming her staff down. Fire sprouts from the ground around Viktor, who barely manages to lift himself into the air to avoid the worst of the flames. Vivienne swings her staff, and a bolt of lightning falls from the sky, only for Viktor to raise his hand and block it with a sonic shield. He then brings his hands together, creating a large shockwave that sends Vivienne and the thawing Constantine to the ground.

Rubbing his hands and arms to warm himself up, Constantine throws a cold look at Vivienne. "Are you bloody mad? I almost had him until you went and started throwing fireballs around." He stands and approaches Vivienne, fireball forming in his hand, as Viktor slowly descends, not finding any immediate threat. For her part, Vivienne simply sneers at him and steps forward, turning into icy mist that passes through John and Viktor.

She reappears behind them, casting Flashfire at Viktor. The fire scorches his body and mind, and she screams as he falls back to the ground with a thud. As he claws at the burning skin, he hears a faint voice, "You can't trust them."

Glaring through the pain, he spots his younger self, calmly sitting cross-legged in front of him. "They won't let you live. They won't leave you alone - so show them how powerful you truly are."

Viktor nods, recoiling backwards at the sheer volume emanating from his body. Multiple shockwaves fly from him, pinning both Constantine and Vivienne to the ground, as Viktor's jean jacket and pants are burned and replaced with a white suit. Viktor, body glowing and his eyes a sickly blue, rises and throws his arms out, tentacles flinging out in every direction.

Constantine casts a spell, briefly sinking into the ground to avoid one tentacle, while Vivienne tries to raise another barrier. The white tentacle smashes through with ease, turquoise magic flaring as it breaks the barrier and wraps around the mage. Vivienne grits her teeth, refusing to let Viktor hear her pain as the tentacles crushes her in its grip.

Viktor tilts his head in sadistic curiosity, before promptly lifting Vivienne up and smashing her into the ground, head first. He then emits a powerful shockwave, throwing lobby furniture into the air and cracking the very ground beneath her.

Sub-Zero flips backwards, creating an ice clone in his place as Jakita's foot slams into where he was standing moments ago. The statue shatters, freezing Jakita in place. He barely has time to form a frozen warhammer into his hands before she breaks free, grunting in annoyance through chattering teeth. He swings the hammer, catching her in the ribs, but she responds by punching the weapon's handle, reducing it to shards.

She throws a right hook, which he barely blocks, and he counters by forming a dagger of ice in his opposite hand. He thrusts the blade, aiming for Jakita's gut, but she responds by grabbing his wrist and throwing him into the air. He flips to balance himself as he falls, forming a ball of ice and launching it at Jakita. The blast sends her sprinting to cover, ducking behind a road roller as Sub-Zero gracefully lands on a crane.

Sub-Zero prepares another ice blast, just missing the exposed Jakita as she punches one side of the roller. Raising his eyes in confusion, realization dawns on him as Jakita repeats the action on the other side, He watches as Jakita hefts the now-loosened metal cylinder in her arms, and begins to spin to give it momentum. He quickly scales the crane, not bothering to try to stop Jakita. Sub-Zero climbs to the top, spotting a steel building frame within reach. He leaps just as Jakita releases her grip, the large construction tool now flying at him.

He lands with a thud, pulling himself onto a beam and balancing himself. Jakita leaps up to join him, forcing him to backflip away as her fist meets the beam. She cracks her knuckles as Sub-Zero takes his stance again. "Not too bad, popsicle." she says, throwing her arms out to steady herself. Both look down, noticing the several story jump that awaited them below.

"It would be ironic if one of us were to die from the fall, rather than the other," Sub-Zero remarks. He tries a kick, which Jakita haphazardly blocks. They separate immediately afterwards, swaying uneasily to catch their balance.

"Whatever happens, it'll be interesting," Jakita replies, eliciting a chuckle from them both. Before they could continue their fight, several white shockwaves erupt from the ground beneath them, creating a massive hole in the ground. Jakita raises her eyebrow, and Sub-Zero loosens slightly, before the frame shatters apart and sends them into freefall below.

Joker takes this chance to dash forward, hoping to use the chaos to grab the bag. "Go, Arsene!" he orders, the Persona forming behind him and giving a demonic roar. Arsene throws out his arms, and a bright yellow arrow forms in the sky as he casts Kougaon. The arrow shoots itself at Viktor, who blocks it before sending a tentacle at Joker. He effortlessly slides underneath it, grabbing the bag as he passes under Viktor.

Joker stands and turns, gun drawn and Arsene reappearing behind him. He takes a moment to study Viktor's face, spotting the fear in Viktor's eyes as he sidesteps another tentacle. flung towards him. He slightly lowers the gun, Arsene folding his wings and crossing his arms as well. Viktor hesitates, staring at Joker intently. "Smart move, squire," Constantine says as he reemerges from the ground. He begins to mumble an incantation under his breath, eyes staring intently at Viktor. Rose walks forward, unloosening her scarf, but a raised hand from Joker keeps her back.

The pair watch in silence as Viktor slowly descends, Constantine's chanting the only sound as the color slowly returns to Viktor's face and he descends. "A calming spell," Rose says, a hint of approval in her voice. "As long as no one disturbs them, we should be fine to-"

A small, smoky orb suddenly drops between them, before exploding and sending all four into a fit of coughs. "Sorry to be tardy to the party, folks," Delsin yells from above, smoke thrusters carrying him through the air. He stops and begins to descend, smoking and ash forming around him as he prepares to slam into the ground. Joker grabs Rose by the waist and throws his grappling hook, bringing them out of Delsin's landing zone, while Constantine creates a portal and trips into it as Delsin lands with an explosion.

Viktor launches himself back into the air, all notions of peace gone. Delsin doesn't bother to stop, rolling away from Viktor's first energy beam and sprinting over to grab the bag. Just as he wraps his fingers around it, Viktor creates a tentacle, forcing him back. She then shoots a beam of white energy at him, sending Delsin smoke dashing for cover. He lands behind the concierge desk, where Constantine also sits, using his loose tie to wipe a cut on his forehead.

"Now look and what you did, you ponce."

Part III[]

Finding themselves temporarily drifting in air as they fell through the hole created by the shockwave, Jakita looks over to Sub-Zero in amusement. "You know you've been falling for too long when you can think about how long you've been flying." Sub-Zero laughs as he fires an ice blast below him, forming a frozen platform against a wall. He lands on it with a thud, standing and turning to see Jakita plunging towards him, fist extended. He flips off the ledge, leaving an ice clone in his place that freezes her as they collide.

Sub-Zero once again forms a platform, landing on it and freezing the wall behind him. He then shatters the ice and the wall, escaping into the room just as Jakita lands beside him, teeth chattering and an annoyed look on her face. "Can you stop doing that? It makes punching you harder."

She follows her opponent, finding herself in an unfinished construction space, drywall and piles of plywood forcing her into a maze. "Oh great - now he gets to be an actual ninja," she grimaces, just as she feels ice beneath her. She is thrown into the air as Sub-Zero ice slides underneath her, tossing her into the air and freezing her mid-fall as he spins around. He forms a war hammer and swings it against her, sending her crashing through the flimsy wooden walls.

Jakita stands, ready to keep fighting, only for Sub-Zero to have disappeared again. "Ninjas. I hate ninjas."

As Joker and Rose go swinging through the air, Viktor throws several tentacles at them to try to land them. Letting go of Rose and his grapple hook, Joker stops mid-swing and spins, avoiding the tentacles as he draws his gun and fires two shots at Viktor as he falls. He raises a shield, giving Rose the opportunity to dash in and throws her scarf at him, glowing a dark blue as the Soul Power slams into him. Viktor flies away, turning to shoot a beam at Rose, who raises her scarf and deflects it back to Viktor, knocking him out of the sky.

From behind cover, Constantine stands and begins chanting, a hellish portal opening to catch Viktor as Delsin shoots several blasts of smoke to distract him. Viktor manages to halt himself mid-air, but the pull of the portal still drags him towards it slowly. He glares at John, who quickly disappears in a puff of smoke before a tentacle could crush him, with Delsin smoke dashing away as well.

He reappears on the other side of the room, Joker landing beside him. "Fancy seeing you here, lad," he says, forming a pair of fireballs while Arsene forms behind Joker.

"You really like the sound of your own voice." the teen observes as a shockwave sends the two sprawling away from each other. Joker flips and fires two more shots at Viktor, who raises a shield and sends the bullets flying back towards him. A yellow shield forms in front of him to catch the bullets, and Constantine smirks as he lowers his hand.

"No reason we still can't get to know each other, squire. Constantine, John Constantine." The warlock says as he tosses the fireballs at Viktor, who deflects them.

"Joker. Pleasure." Joker answers, Arsene throwing his arm down. An icy tree forms beside Viktor, who hastily raises a shield as Diamond Dust shatters, shards of ice and frozen wind flying against his shield, sending him floating away unharmed.

"Now that we're all friendly, let's say we win the boss battle eh?" Delsin asks as he appears beside them. "I got something that might work, but you two need to distract her."

"It's your bloody fault we're in this mess in the first place. If you hadn't have butted in-"

"Not the time, Constantine." Joker orders, already dashing forward with Arsene. "We'll keep her busy."

Delsin nods in appreciation, before smoke dashing away. He reappears a short distance away, watching as Joker and Constantine's magic flair as they bombard an untouched Viktor. He jumps, using his smoke thrusters to rise into the air and land on a floor of the hotel. He kicks down the door, spotting a television set, and puts his hand forward, allowing the waves of video energy to flow into him.

Running back to the battle, he leaps down and turns invisible, form shifting as he quietly approaches Viktor. He raises his arm, and a pixelated machine gun forms over his hand. He shoots Viktor several times, marking him as Viktor spins and throws a tentacle at him. He forms holographic wings and launches himself in the air, before forming several large digital swords. The blades fling themselves at Viktor, who tries to raise shields to block them all. Delsin continues, and the overwhelming numbers soon beat Viktor as a sword flies between his shields and skewers him.

The young man falls to the ground, blood already leeching from the wound, as the others surround him. Constantine frowns sadly, and offers Viktor a hand as his eyes return to their natural brown. "Sorry love. It shouldn't have had to go this way." He takes Constantine's hand and nods, before closing her eyes and dying.

"So what now?" Joker asks to the others, who stand in a circle around Viktor's body. After a few moments of silence, Rose picks up the bag and hands it to Joker. "You must win this. Go, now." she orders before throwing her scarf, sending Delsin and Constantine to the ground. Joker reluctantly nods and sprints away. Delsin stands and sprints after Joker, firing his Video Torrent, the two disappearing deeper into the hotel.

Constantine also rises, but another whip from Rose's scarf puts him back down. She approaches him and offers a hand. "Kill me, John Constantine," she orders, causing the mage to raise an eyebrow in confusion. "You and I need to talk, privately." Recalling the victory conditions, Constantine nods and casts a death curse. To the outside eye, Rose simply collapses, eyes rolled in and body limp. As she looks at her "corpse" in amusement, Constantine pulls out a cigarette and lights it.

"So, what's on your mind love?"

Part IV[]

As he chases Joker through the hotel, finding themselves in a hallway, Delsin continues shooting his Video Torrent at the young thief, who effortlessly twists and rolls to avoid them as he runs. Joker turns and Arsene forms, before a small pink rectangle forms. It soon expands and explodes, stopping Delsin in his tracks as Psycho Force slams into him. He dashes forward through the pain, collapsing as he falls through the other side, Joker already sprinting far ahead of him.

"Not getting away that easy, you little shit," Delsin growls in annoyance, noticing a neon bar sign to his right. Temporarily stopping to absorb the energy, his hands now glowing a bright pink, Delsin cracks his neck before dashing after Joker. He raises his arm and fires, precisely hitting Joker in the shin.

The boy yelps as he's forced to the ground, his leg trapped by a swirling beam of neon energy. The Conduit dashes forward, grabbing the bag just as Arsene forms and slams his foot down, shattering the floor where he'd once stood. Delsin kicks down the door at the end of the hallway, finding himself in a glass skywalk to another building.

Joker, already up again, fires his last shot at Delsin, the bullet slamming into him and slowing Delsin down enough for Joker to throw his grappling hook. The hook wraps around Delsin's body, and Joker pulls himself towards Delsin, using the Conduit's chest as a springboard to flip off of him. Joker lands on his feet as Delsin stumbles back, bullet wound already closing and healing.

"You're starting to be a real pain in my ass, kid." Delsin says with a smirk, tossing a stasis bomb at Joker's feet just as Arsene casts Atomic Flare. The spell blows apart the sky bridge as Joker is temporarily suspended in air. Delsin barely reacts with his neon dash, climbing over the debris and sprinting up the side of the connected building.

As he watches Delsin and the bag sprint away, Joker tosses his grappling hook just as the stasis bubble gives, hurtling through the sky and after the prize.

"I imagine you're familiar with tarot cards, yes?" Rose asks a bored John, pulling out her deck of cards. "Aye, that's basically the magical world's version of training wheels." he answers with a dismissive drag. "What's 'at got to do with all this?"

The fortune teller doesn't answer at first, laying a single card before him. Rolling his eyes in annoyance, he flips it and chuckles in amusement; the Hanged Man, with a recognizable patch of blond hair and a cigarette in his mouth. "Got to say, I'm pretty impressed you managed to get the picture just about right. Only difference is the tie - I prefer red, not black like some teenage twit who's all bent about the world."

Rose merely shakes her head and smiles, stating "This version of you, perhaps," before the card flashes a bright yellow light. Constantine's body soon glows as well, and he screams just as his whole shape is incased in bright yellow light. Rose covers her eyes, and as the light fades she opens them to see John standing; lit cigarette, brown trenchcoat, and black dress tie over a white collared shirt.

"Thanks love," Constantine of Prime Earth says, dusting himself off. "Wasn't quite sure I'd be able to break through, even with the boost from the other council members."

"Your message was received, John Constantine." she says, bowing in gratitude. "I intend to call on your favor when this is over, Magician. If fate is in your favor, of course."

Sub-Zero slides backwards, ice forming beneath his feet as he dodges another right hook from Jakita. He quickly tosses several knives of ice at her, more as a distraction to gain distance, which she dodges or breaks with a huff of anger. She barrels forward as Sub-Zero hides behind a wall, smashing through it. He grunts in genuine surprise as she flanks him, grabbing him by the neck and slamming him into the ground, crushing his wind pipe and forcing him to gasp for air. She slams her foot down to curb stomp him, but he raises an ice shield to block her foot just long enough for him to roll away, shattering the ice in mere seconds and the concrete where his head once was.

He grabs her exposed leg, freezing the limb, before lifting himself into a sweep kick. She awkwardly bends down to block the blow that would shatter her frozen leg, before knocking the ice aside. Tenderly putting her weakened foot back, she assumes a defensive position as Sub-Zero forms an icy sword. As she gingerly puts pressure on her back leg, wincing in pain, she hears the wheezing breathes of Sub-Zero as he silently glowers at her. She was covered in cuts and the blue tinge of frostbite, while Sub-Zero's own uniform did little to hide the massive bruises from where she'd gotten in a few lucky hits.

"This is probably gonna be it, right Icy?" she asks teasingly, putting her fists up in a boxing pose. He nods in agreement, his voice a broken whisper as he responds with "It was an honorable fight, ma'am." She laughs, which quickly turns into a cough as she spits out blood. "Don't take that as disrespectful. The spitting was an accident."

"I had assumed as much."

Nodding their heads in respect to each other, Sub-Zero makes the first move, dashing forward and swinging with his sword. Jakita using a palm strike to throw the sword off balance, wincing as the ice draws blood on her hand. She ducks and swings with her other hand, shattering the frozen blade at the hilt. As the pieces of ice fall, Sub-Zero tries a quick jab towards her chest. She blocks and counters with a haymaker, which he catches. She yanks her arm backward before he can get a proper grip on her arm and freeze it, before throwing both arms forward for a double hammer fist. He blocks both arms, and kicks into her gut. Jakita falls back, catching herself despite the freezing feeling suddenly overtaking where Sub-Zero's kick had connected.

She swings, but Sub-Zero ducks and slams his fist into her gut, breaking through her now-frozen stomach and grabbing her spine. She stands still, his grip freezing her from the inside, and glares at him. "Not so smug, you son of a bitch," she manages to choke out, pulling her head back and slamming her temple into his with all her strength. The sheer force caves most of his face inward, shattering his skull and sending his neck twisting back with a sickening crunch, and he begins to collapse, tearing out Jakita's spine as he plummets. Both fall at the same time, collapsing into a heap with a thud.

Part IV[]

As Delsin's neon form sprints through the debris of the sky bridge, he turns to see Joker leaping through the air, Arsene forming behind the teen. Delsin turns and fires a Phosphor Beam, the blast forcing Joker to dive through the air to avoid it. Delsin continues his light speed, using a Photon Jump to leap onto the side of the opposite building.

Joker watches the neon shape of Delsin sprint along the side of the building, and throws his grappling hook. It latches into a window, and Joker pulls himself to it, clearing the distance and crashing through the window. He looks out the window as Delsin continues to sprint. Placing the grappling hook securely to the ledge, Joker takes a few steps back before diving out the window. Joker runs along the side of the building, releasing his grip as the line goes taut, propelling him through the air.

Noticing Joker catching up to him, Delsin attempts to increase his speed, neon form dashing as fast as he can up the side of the building to its roof. Just as he crosses the edge, he feels Joker's hand wrap around his leg, dragging both back over the side and into the sky.

The Conduit recovers first, his neon thrusters letting him briefly levitate before Arsene appears, grabbing Delsin's leg and dragging him down. Joker draws his knife and swings it at Delsin, whose chain forms into a neon sword. The two briefly lock blades, with Joker angling himself through the free-fall to put Delsin beneath him. He shoves Joker up and away, his superhuman strength sending the teen impacting into the side of the building while he thrusts his hands back out. Delsin's thrusters put him back in the air, while Joker kicks off the building and takes another swing with his knife. This blow connects, cutting the backpack's strap and letting it fall below.

"What the hell's the matter with you?" Delsin yells over the sound of the wind. "Now neither of us-" he's cut off as Arsene casts Eigaon, a swirl of demonic smoke catching Delsin as Joker dives down after the bag. He catches it, before throwing his grapple and pulling himself onto the roof. Looking around at the rea, which included an empty helipad and little else, Joker holds the bag in his hand and turns to receive a neon flash from below. He's pushed to the floor as Delsin dashes up, an angry look in his eye and hands glowing in bright neon pink. Joker instinctively begins to run away, hoisting the bag's one remaining strap over his shoulder.

Delsin triggers his karma bomb, which sends debris flying into the air and suspending the retreating Joker in the air. As Delsin rises, Joker has Arsene form, sending the Persona flying towards Delsin with a demonic roar. The Conduit unleashes his radiant sweep, dozens of blasts of neon energy flying from his hands as he carpet bombs the roof. Joker is hit by one beam, nearly knocking him out with its power, while Arsene screams in pain as two connect. Before Delsin can finish the attack, Arsene closes the distance and opens his wings, a cloud of pink fog leaving them as he casts Dormina.

The Conduit, unable to resist the magic, falls asleep, going limp and hitting the ground with a thump, unconscious.

Joker groans as he stands, barely able to keep his eyes open and his chest burning from the neon blast. He looks at his watch, which revealed only thirty seconds left on his personal timer.

"Oi, squire - we need to have a chat."

Joker turns and sees Constantine, who places a finger onto Joker's head before he can protest. After a brief flash of light fills Joker's eyes, before Arsene forms behind him. Constantine smirks, his tie shifting from black to red, as Arsene casts Dormina again. The warlock falls asleep, leaving Joker to take a brief breathe before a bright light encompasses the area, erasing this battlefield for now.

Expert's Opinion[]

  • 8th: Vivienne - Worst companion in Dragon Age getting the last place she deserves. She didn't have the mobility or the cunning to secure the bag and keep it for herself, nor the raw power to fend off any challengers. Her best bet would have been waiting it out, but she doesn't have the patience or the intellect to follow that sound strategy.
  • 7th: Viktor Hargreeves - Viktor's got a significant amount of raw power at his disposal, by far being the most potentially destructive of any of the cast. That being said, he's also the least experienced, least trained, and least mentally prepared for this type of situation, which made him easy to exploit. His fragile mental state and raw power also meant he would have been prioritized by the stronger fighters, not even allowing him a chance to survive by being put on the backburner.
  • 6th: Rose - Rose could've won in a more social or direct royale, thanks to her intelligence and her skill in hand-to-hand combat. The reason she couldn't survive is that this royale's quick pace and required lack of social talents made her two greatest strengths obsolete, putting her in a crossfire she couldn't avoid.
  • 4th: Jakita Wagner & Sub-Zero - Both Jakita and Sub-Zero had advantages that make them deadly and lethal, as well as the know-how to use them. Jakita's raw strength meant that she was the most dangerous opponent in any one-on-one encounter that could've happened, but her lack of noteworthy mobility powers and her aggressive personality meant she'd inevitably be picking fights she shouldn't. Sub-Zero faced a similar circumstance, where his ice magic and hand-to-hand skills made him a deadly opponent, but his honor code and his penchant for fighting meant that he'd end up with people decently above his weight class.
  • 3rd: Delsin Rowe - Delsin brought with him multiple advantages in this fight, with his grab bag of powers meaning he's prepared for almost any situation. The flaws in Delsin lied in his recklessness and his lack of experience, two personality traits that were easy to exploit from the top two contenders.
  • 2nd: John Constantine - Constantine may not have been the most powerful contender in the cast, possibly the weakest, but he was also the smartest and the most willing to withdraw from the competition. He could defend himself in a fight well enough, while his manipulation and his trickery meant that people wouldn't treat him as a threat, allowing for his survival if not victory.
  • WINNER: Joker - Joker's mobility, experience, and powerful Persona in the form of Arsene meant he could take any strategy of his choosing. His natural charisma allowed him to make allies in a brief moment, while Arsene's versatile magical power meant he could hold his own in any fight. It shouldn't be a surprise that in a battle where they had to keep an eye on the prize, it's no shock that the Phantom Thief stole the show.

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Author's Note[]

While the author has gone through the battle to remove mention of Viktor's dead name and instances of misgendering, there is the possibility that he may have missed them. He apologizes if he has done so, and gives his written consent for any registered user to edit the battle for the purposes of correcting these mistakes.