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I am the new past. I am the new future. I am the answer this world has been looking for.
— Delphini

Delphini, also known as Delphi and Delphini Diggory was is the was a half-blood witch, the daughter of Voldemort and Bellatrix Lestrange. Delphi was the heir of Slytherin and had Slytherin traits, such as Parseltongue.

She was born in a liaison between Lord Voldemort and Bellatrix Lestrange. In the Battle of Hogwarts, her parents died. Her stepfather Rodolphus Lestrange survived but was sent to Azkaban, the wizard prison. Euphemia Rowle adopted her, because only of gold. After some time, Rodolphus escaped or was released and told Delphini about saving Lord Voldemort. Delphi found Amos Diggory, and Confunded him, claiming to be his niece.

Delphi confronts Albus Potter and Scorpius Malfoy and destroys their wands, leaving them trapped in time. She was later defeated by Harry Potter and Albus Potter, Hermione Weasley, Ron Weasley, Draco Malfoy and Scorpius Malfoy and was sent to Azkaban for killing Craig Bowker Jr.

Battle vs. Luke Skywalker (Legends) (by Spinosaurus75DinosaurFan)[]

Luke Skywalker somehow landed in the Forbidden Forest.

Delphini was there. " Who are you, Muggle? Avada kedavra!"

Luke dived aside to avoid the curse. Delphini started firing lethal curses, but Luke used Force Persuasion and the Force to move objects as barriers. Luke tried to read her mind but Delphini blocked it with Occlumency.

Delphini draws the time-turner but Luke surprise-attacked with the Force using a nearby rock. Delphini hit a tree, dazed.

Luke activated his lightsaber and swung, but Delphini Disapparated. She reappeared and fired a Killing Curse that nearly hit Luke. Luke spun but Delphini finally managed to hit him with a Crutacius Curse.

Luke screamed in pain. "Fulgari!" Luke's hands were bound.

"It hurts, does it?"

"Maybe not." Luke broke the cords apart and swung his lightsaber. It broke the time-turner. Delphini was momentarily stunned and Luke used this split-second advantage to attack. Delphini fired a curse that backfired. The trees all collapsed and buried Delphini. Luke used the Force to hurl more of them at Delphini. Luke slashes his lightsaber at the heap of fallen trees, and yelled with victory. Not bothering to see the remains of the daughter of the Dark Lord, Luke deactivates his lightsaber and walked away.


Expert's Opinion[]

Though Delphini was a really skilled witch who effortlessly disarmed the famous Harry Potter, her spells are mostly non-lethal with the notable exception of the Killing Curse, which Luke can deflect with the Force or Force Persuasion. The only advantage Delphini has is the Time-turner which is hard to use in the middle of a battle. To see the original battle, weapons and votes, click here.