User Policy

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All users, regardless of position or history, have certain rights on this wiki.

  • All users must be respected
  • No one receives special treatment, even sysops
  • All users may contribute their own ideas on blogs, and all users are free to respond to said ideas in a respectful way.

Good Faith

We ask that all users be respectful and accurate in their edits. Any users who vandalise or add false information will be given one warning by the admin team, and continued misbehaviour will result in a ban, the length of which is up to the discretion of the admins.


Any personal attacks or insults towards users are considered “flaming”. Anyone who the admin team finds guilty of flaming will be given one warning. After that, any more flaming will result in an immediate ban, the length of which is up to the discretion of the admins.


To avoid confusion, it is highly recommend that users keep unfinished battles and code testing in a sandbox rather than a blog page. To create a sandbox, simply create a new page called [[User:<insert name here>/Sandbox]].


Sockpuppeting is the act of creating another Fandom account and using it while your original account is still active, or in an attempt to circumvent a ban. If any user is discovered to be sockpuppeting, all of their accounts will receive an immediate and permanent ban. Sockpuppeting may also result in reporting the user to Fandom staff.

Blog Rezzing

Posts on the forums or blogs that have not received any comments for thirty days are considered to be dead. Commenting on a dead post, or rezzing, is not tolerated, and will result in an immediate and permanent ban.

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