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Chat moderators, or chatmods, are users who enforce the chat policy. They have the right to kick and ban users from using chat, but not necessarily from this wiki. All administrators are immediately made chat moderators. However, standard users may be made moderators only at the discretion of sysops, who have not had their right to be a chat moderator revoked. On Wiki Chat, the user's name who is a moderator will have a Deadliest Fiction Logo next to their name. Chatmods who are not sysops must report violators to active administrators.

In addition, their name will be colored orange-yellow, like this Moderator Name

They will also receive a badge to show their authority:



If a user is to be selected as a chatmod, he/she must be nominated and voted on when such positions are open. Nomination and voting takes place on this wiki's forums. The prerequisites for chatmod status are posted below:

Moderator nominations are currently: CLOSED

  • Have over 150 edits on this wiki with more than 50% for wiki-building
  • Have at least 1 finished and written battle on the wiki
  • Have generally good conduct
  • Be an active user on this wiki and on chat
  • Have no history of obtaining blocks on this wiki

Current chat moderators

Below is a list of all chat moderators who operate on this wiki.

*All sysops