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  • Articles must have grammatically correct titles. Articles with titles that lack capitalization in proper places will be moved/renamed. Bad title example: john Smith.
  • The title for a Warrior Article is what they are best known as in real life, not in-universe. So, Thomas Anderson would be Neo, not Thomas Anderson or Mr. Anderson. If they are real-life warriors, then the title should be their formal name.
    • In cases where there are multiple well-known real life names, the title should be the most formal one. So, Captain America would be Captain America, not Cap.
    • In cases where the formal title is a common position for historical warriors, such as "general" or "king", their name will suffice.
  • When Romanizing names from languages with different naming conventions, such as Japanese, their wikis and/or Wikipedia are good guidelines for the format to use. Himura Kenshin is known as such on his own wiki, using the Japanese conventions of the last name first. Ichigo Kurosaki is mentioned as such on his own wiki, following the English conventions. These are both right - however, Kenshin Himura and Kurosaki Ichigo are both wrong as titles.
  • Warriors that originate from religious or mythological texts must have (Mythology) appended to their title. This is to differentiate them from fictional versions of their character.

Grammar/Writing Mechanics

All articles are allowed to have limited amounts of grammar errors. Pages with these mistakes will be edited, but pages with a large amount of mistakes must be fixed within a few weeks of its creation date. After that period, the article will be deleted if it still has a large amount of mistakes.

Coding Mistakes

Wiki coding is hard but if you do have a hard time, please consult an admin or a long time wiki editor. Like grammar and spelling error above, small amounts of coding mistakes are tolerable and will be edited out, while large amounts of coding errors are grounds for deletion.

Requests for Deletion

If a user wishes to delete an article they must use the Delete template, code: {{Delete}}.

Automatic Deletion

Articles will be deleted if they meet this criteria:

  • A large amount of mistakes (see Mistake Limits, including not meeting the criteria, below)
  • A battle that is written on an article, not a blog post
  • A spam page (page with unrelated subjects/images)

Page Criteria

All warrior-related articles must meet the Warrior Page Criteria. Mandatory criteria includes: the history, infobox, and the battles the warrior has taken part in. See Creating an Infobox for help creating and using the right infobox. A battle written is not mandatory, but the status of the warrior must be included, ex. Defeated by So-and-so or Victorious over So-and-so. Any reserved battles listed on battle status put up by users inactive for over three months can be removed at the discretion of the editor. All battles placed in the infobox must have headers placed in the page, regardless of whether or not the battle has been made. Furthermore, warriors without any battle status may not have pages made, and shall be deleted.

All weapon-related articles must conform to the Weapon Page Criteria.

Expert's Opinions

A brief explanation no longer than a paragraph on the outcome of said match-up should be placed after the simulation of every written battle on a page. If the author provided an explanation, then it may not be edited without their consent. However, if none was given by the author, any user editing the page may type one up themselves. The author of the battle reserves the right to revise this explanation to their contentment.


Note that plagiarism is not allowed on this wiki. Copying and pasting or using text word for word from any media source is illegal. Articles that have plagiarism will be labeled with the {{Plagiarize}} template. The author of the article has the responsibility to delete and reword the content. If the article is not fixed after a long period of time, it will be deleted. If given proper attribution, the Plagiarize template will not be used. Instead, the page will be placed under the Pages in need of Biography Rewrites category.

Illegal Source

Articles with content from a source that was not supposed to release information to the public may be deleted, if the author does not rid of the illegal content. An example is publishing plot information from a game that has not been released yet and the plot was not planned to be released by the game developer.

Edit Wars

Edit wars on one page will result in locking said page. Edit wars across multiple pages will result in the offenders being banned for a length of time at the banning admin’s discretion. Use chat to discuss edits and reasoning before it turns into an edit war.


All articles must have categories. If you feel an article needs a category that does not exist, please consult the admins first before creating it. Do not add categories that do not describe the article.

Warriors or weapons that originate from religious and mythological sources should be placed in the "Mythological Warriors" category. Do not include "Real Warriors," "Fictional Warriors," "Fantasy Warriors," or any other such category that implies the warriors definitively did or did not exist. We are completely, utterly neutral here, and do not wish to take any stance on religion, implicit or explicit.

Other Users' Battles

Users may not edit another user's battle under any circumstances for any reason, unless given explicit written permission to do so by the original author. Violation of this policy is grounds for an immediate ban, the length of which is left to the discretion of the admin taking action.

Original Characters

Original Characters, also known as OCs or User Warriors, are not given pages on the wiki. Battles with an OC are not to be put on battle statuses. If the only match a warrior has involves an OC, they are not to be given a page. If a warrior has battles against warriors that are not OCs, then battles against OCs may be posted on their page under the “Disregarded Battles” section, with a note in the “Expert’s Opinion” section that the battle contained an OC.

An original character is defined as a character or team who meets one or more of the following criteria:

  1. A character who is created by a user
  2. A character created by a non-user who is not in any published work
  3. A non-canon version of a character
  4. A team made of multiple people whose canons don’t intersect

If a character or team meets one or more of the following criteria, they are not considered an original character:

  1. A representation of a character whose existence and general feats are canon, but does not have a defined personality or powers (e.g, Commander Shepard from the Mass Effect series)
  2. Names and personalities given to otherwise-generic characters for the purposes of a sim (e.g, Adventurers).
  3. A non-canon version of a character who nevertheless is presented as an option in an interactive medium (e.g, Evil Cole McGrath)


Sock-Puppeting is not tolerated. Sock-Puppeting is creating another wikia account and using it while using your current account or to attempt to circumvent a ban. If any admins find you Sock-Puppeting, you will get a temporary or permanent ban at their discretion. Use of sockpuppets may result in reporting to Wikia Staff, at the discretion of any user who hears about it.

Blog Rezzing

Any blog that has not had any comments for over 30 days is considered dead. Users and anons are not to comment on it, nor are they to try and disable the javascript that has been put in place to stop this. Commenting on a dead blog, or Rezzing (sometimes called Necroing on other sites), results in a permanent ban. Non-vote comments should go on the article for one or both of the warriors in question.