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Administrators/sysop (System Operator), have been appointed this title and have been given the power to delete/restore pages, block users, and block talk page posts. Administrators, however, are not immune to the consequences if they break the rules of the wiki. The next level after Administrators is Bureaucrats. They have the power to appoint users as Admins/Bureaus.

Administrators will be given this badge to signify their power:


Bureaucrats will be given this badge:


In addition, administrators' usernames will be colored blue, like this Administrator Name

Bureaucrats' usernames will be colored green, like this Bureaucrat Name


Below are the guidelines for all administrators and bureaucrats.

  • If there is an idea for a rule, it must be proposed to all sysops.
  • Promotion of an administrator can only be done through a lengthy voting period among the community, before candidates are selected by the sysops. This is followed by another election among the community, which declares a new sysop.
  • Promotion of a bureaucrat must be unanimously agreed upon by other active bureaucrats.
  • Demotions of administrators can only take place through unanimous decision by the bureaucrats.
  • Demotions of bureaucrats can only take place through unanimous administrative and bureaucratic approval, as well as support from a majority of the wiki community.
  • If there is a sysop that will be inactive, they must notify the bureaucrats.
Current Sysops

Below is a list of all administrators/bureaucrats who operate on this wiki.