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Life is cruel. Why should the afterlife be any different? I offer you a choice: join my crew and postpone the judgment. A hundred years before the mast...will ye serve?
— Davy Jones

The Scottish pirate Davy Jones fell in love with the goddess of the sea, Calypso. To gain her love, Jones agreed to captain the Flying Dutchman and ferry the souls of those who died at sea into the next life. Once 10 years had passed, Jones was allowed to return to shore for one day to be with his love. However, when that day came, Jones was grieved to learn Calypso wasn't there to meet him, too caught up in her own duties. Forsaking his task, Jones carved out his own heart, unable to bear the torment it had given him. His body warped into a monstrous creature, Jones now sails the oceans in search of dying souls, which he pressgangs into service on the Dutchman to share in his torment.

Battle vs. Blackbeard (Pirates of the Caribbean) (by Richard Starkey)[]

The Queen Anne's Revenge was sailing on open waters when The Flying Dutchman Rose from the Ocean. Using voodoo powers he caused the ship's ropes to attack the crew.This had no effect because the dutchman's crew simply cut down the ropes in mid-air.

Sneering Blackbeard signaled his crew to fire. Surprisingly, the dutchman's crew didn't even fight back.The dutchman began to sink and the Revenge spout fire, sinking the dutchman.

The sneer on blackbeard's face faded as the dutchman rose from the sea cannons blaring.Then blackbeard saw Jones summoning the Kraken.

The beast began ripping the revenge apart, Blackbeard yelled "Abandon Ship!". Blackbeard and his four zombies were swimming when the kraken's tentacle slammed down killing one of them.[Blackbeard 4 Jones 5]

When Blackbeard's crew arrived on the dutchman One Jones' crew stabbed a zombie, but to no prevail the zombie beheaded him[Blackbeard 4 Jones 4] when Jones walked up behind him and beheaded him.[Blackbeard 3 Jones 4]

Blackbeard ran a crew member through [Blackbeard 3 Jones 3] and fled into the captain's cabin. Jones Beheaded another Zombie but another one ran him through, Jones gasped and grabbed the blade the Zombie smiled, All of a sudden Jones whirled around grasped the zombie's neck with his claw and snapped it with a single twist. [Blackbeard 1 Jones 3]

Jones stormed into the cabin when blackbeard jumps out and shoots Jones in the chest. Jones simply smiles and advances on Blackbeard. Blackbeard thrusts the sword of Triton into the chest but missed the heart. Jones tore the sword out and cast it away. Then Jones stabbed Blackbeard right above the heart. Gasping for breath but still aliveBlackbeard stares at Jones in disbelieve.

Jones spoke "Tell me Edward Teach, do ye fear death?" Jones left the cabin his crew Chanted "part of the ship" "Part of the crew" then the screen goes black following blackbeard's screams [Blackbeard 0 Jones 3]


Expert's Opinion[]

Jones won the battle over Blackbeard because of his almost immortatily and abilities. Not to mention his ship is almost unstoppable, a crushing defeat for Black beard.

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