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Life is cruel. Why should the afterlife be any different? I offer you a choice: join my crew and postpone the judgment. A hundred years before the mast...will ye serve?
— Davy Jones

The Scottish pirate Davy Jones fell in love with the goddess of the sea, Calypso. To gain her love, Jones agreed to captain the Flying Dutchman and ferry the souls of those who died at sea into the next life. Once 10 years had passed, Jones was allowed to return to shore for one day to be with his love. However, when that day came, Jones was grieved to learn Calypso wasn't there to meet him, too caught up in her own duties. Forsaking his task, Jones carved out his own heart, unable to bear the torment it had given him. His body warped into a monstrous creature, Jones now sails the oceans in search of dying souls, which he pressgangs into service on the Dutchman to share in his torment.

Battle vs. Blackbeard (Pirates of the Caribbean) (by Richard Starkey)[]

The Queen Anne's Revenge was sailing on open waters when The Flying Dutchman Rose from the Ocean. Using voodoo powers he caused the ship's ropes to attack the crew.This had no effect because the dutchman's crew simply cut down the ropes in mid-air.

Sneering Blackbeard signaled his crew to fire. Surprisingly, the dutchman's crew didn't even fight back.The dutchman began to sink and the Revenge spout fire, sinking the dutchman.

The sneer on blackbeard's face faded as the dutchman rose from the sea cannons blaring.Then blackbeard saw Jones summoning the Kraken.

The beast began ripping the revenge apart, Blackbeard yelled "Abandon Ship!". Blackbeard and his four zombies were swimming when the kraken's tentacle slammed down killing one of them.[Blackbeard 4 Jones 5]

When Blackbeard's crew arrived on the dutchman One Jones' crew stabbed a zombie, but to no prevail the zombie beheaded him[Blackbeard 4 Jones 4] when Jones walked up behind him and beheaded him.[Blackbeard 3 Jones 4]

Blackbeard ran a crew member through [Blackbeard 3 Jones 3] and fled into the captain's cabin. Jones Beheaded another Zombie but another one ran him through, Jones gasped and grabbed the blade the Zombie smiled, All of a sudden Jones whirled around grasped the zombie's neck with his claw and snapped it with a single twist. [Blackbeard 1 Jones 3]

Jones stormed into the cabin when blackbeard jumps out and shoots Jones in the chest. Jones simply smiles and advances on Blackbeard. Blackbeard thrusts the sword of Triton into the chest but missed the heart. Jones tore the sword out and cast it away. Then Jones stabbed Blackbeard right above the heart. Gasping for breath but still aliveBlackbeard stares at Jones in disbelieve.

Jones spoke "Tell me Edward Teach, do ye fear death?" Jones left the cabin his crew Chanted "part of the ship" "Part of the crew" then the screen goes black following blackbeard's screams [Blackbeard 0 Jones 3]


Expert's Opinion[]

Jones won the battle over Blackbeard because of his almost immortatily and abilities. Not to mention his ship is almost unstoppable, a crushing defeat for Black beard.

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Battles here were deemed to be unfair or otherwise not in accordance with wiki standards, and have been removed from the statuses of the warriors and displayed below.

Battle vs. Cluny the Scourge (by Wassboss)[]

Cluny the scrouge is walking along a beach searching for a chest of treasure he heard about a while ago. He stumbles on a square object sticking out of the ground. Excited he bends down and starts to dig it up. Meanwhile davey Jones, who is also looking for the treasure, sees cluny in the distance hunched over a chest scooping out handfuls of money and putting it in a small bag. Davey fuming with rage loads up his chain shot and fires at cluny. Hearing something he looks up at the long line of chain flying towards him at a tremendous pace. He ducks out of the way just in time and the chains flies over his head.

Davey jones laughs and starts to load another chain into the cannon. Cluny however is not willing to give up that easily and pulls out his sling, puts in an iron church railing and charges at davey jones. When he is in range he hurls the railing at davy jones hitting him in the waist. Fortunately he is narrowly saved from injury by his sword which defects the church railing off it. Davy jones is shocked at the power and accuracy of the tiny projectile which gives cluny enough time to pull out his spear and thrust it a davy. However luck is on davey’s side and the spear only scrapes against his crab claw.

Coming too his senses davey jones pulls out a boarding axe and swings it a cluny narrowly missing his head by a few inches. He then brings it down in a downward slice and cuts the spear in half. Cluny looks at his spear and growls and unsheathes his long sword. Davy discards his boarding axe and pulls out his own sword. They then begin too duel both of them blocking each other’s blows. “No rat is going to take my treasure” say davey jones gritting his teeth. “Who are you calling rat squid face” says cluny “you will never get this treasure off me. “oh yeah” says davey “watch me” he then parries cluny’s strike and quick as lightning knocks the sword out of cluny’s hand.

“Dammit” says cluny and ducks too avoid a blow from davy. Davy seeing his chance thrust forward with the sword but cluny dodges it. He then jumps up and swings his tail cutting off two of davey jones’s tentacles with the spiked end. Davey jones looks down and cluny quickly bites down on his sword hand. Davey screams in pain and drops the sword. He then punches cluny in the face with his claw making him lose his grip. Cluny steps back and swings his tail around again. This time however davey jones is ready he clamps down on the end of cluny’s tail severing it from the rest of his body. Cluny screams in agony but it is cut short as davey jones slams his claw into cluny’s throat and lifts him up in the air and holding him there until his body gose limp. He then drops cluny’s lifeless body on the floor, picks up the bag with the treasure in it then walking back to his ship.


Expert's Opinion[]

Davey jones won because he was a better fight than cluny the scrouge.

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The battle was declared unfair for Cluny because of Davy Jones' superhuman physicality.

Battle vs. Gandalf (by CuchulainSetanta)[]

On the way to the Undying Lands, the ship carrying Gandalf, Frodo, Bilbo, and Elrond encounters an unnatural storm. Gandalf, sensing something is wrong, sends the others below. His fears prove to be well founded, as another, larger ship rises out of the sea. On the deck of the Flying Dutchman, Davy Jones sees Gandalf and sneers menacingly. He pulls out Norrington's small sword, holds it aloft, and gives a battle cry.

Seeing Jones' show of force, Gandalf readies Glamdring and his staff, leaping over to the enemy ship. As Gandalf lands on the deck, Jones picks up some nearby chain-shot and throws it at the wizard. Using his staff, Gandalf deflects the chain-shot, and he charges the Lord of the Sea. Jones charges as well, and the two begin exchanging blows with their weapons. Gandalf, with two weapons in hand, soon gains the upper hand, and stabs Jones in the chest with Glamdring. Jones cries out in pain, but then, to Gandalf's surprise, begins to laugh. He slams Gandalf away with his crab claw before pulling the sword out and tossing it aside.

Jones pulls out his claymore and rushes Gandalf again. Gandalf, caught off guard, struggles to block the massive claymore with just his staff. He gathers his magic energy and blasts Jones with a lightning bolt, but again, the Flying Dutchman's captain just laughs it off. Gandalf begins to worry he may not survive this battle, when he senses another energy source on board the ship.

Dodging Jones attacks, Gandalf rushes to where he senses the dark energy, finding it in the form of a strange chest. Gathering his final energy reserves, he focuses it into a powerful shockwave, just as Jones readies to strike the wizard down. The shockwave rips the chest apart, revealing a still-beating heart inside, which is set aflame. Jones grips his chest in pain, before falling to the deck, dead. Checking to make sure his foe is truly down this time, Gandalf raises his staff, a beacon of light shining from its top.


Expert's Opinon[]

As an immortal, Davy Jones already had a large advantage going in. However, Gandalf's supporters pointed out the wizard had a lot more magical skill than Jones, a factor that ultimately brought him to victory.

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The battle has been declared invalid for nerfing Gandalf's magic powers.