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You can all go to hell; I will go to Texas.
— Davy Crockett

Davy Crockett was born in the late 1780's in Tennessee, and got his first military experience in the Creek War under General Andrew Jackson. Because of his popularity and connection to Jackson, Crockett was able to secure positions in the Tennessee legislature and in Congress, but later fell out of Jackson's favor and moved to Texas, where he became involved in the Texas Revolution against Mexico. He defended the Alamo against Mexican soldiers led by General Antonio López de Santa Anna, and was killed fighting there on March 6, 1836. He has become the stuff of American legend, and is now an icon of the American people and their free spirit.

Battle vs. Vasil Levski (by Elgb333 and MilenHD)[]

Trekking in the middle of the frontier, Vasil Levski and 4 of his Bulgarian patriots are trying to find a safe refuge to recoup. They came across a thick forest overridden with trees and bushes, but these tough Bulgarians pushed through it like nothing.

Unbeknownst to them however, the legendary Davy Crockett and 4 other Texan patriots spotted them creeping through the forest. Like Vasil, Davy and his men were also taking refuge in the same forest. Not wanting to give away their positions, and thinking that these men were there hunting them, Davy now decided to fight. With his men in tow, they sneak closer into the unwitting expendable Bulgarians. Making a semi-circle with the oncoming Bulgarians in front of them, Davy and his men aimed their rifles and fired. Vasil and his men were surprised by the sudden attack, and they all fall to the ground panicking. One unlucky Bulgarian was instantly hit in the face.Darkred

Grabbing his twin blunderbuss pistols, Vasil opened fire as he ordered his men to fall back. As Davy and his men were reloading, Vasil kills one Texan with his pistols.Blue Vasil and the Bulgarians then quickly dash away, but Davy and his men gave chase. With the Bulgarians in front of them, Davy circles around with a shotgun on hand, before surprising one fleeing Bulgarian and kills him with buckshot to the chest.Darkred With the rest of fleeing Bulgarians almost out of their reach, the tenacious Davy orders his men to pursue them nonetheless.

The Bulgarians on the other hand, managed to elude the chasing Texans. The forest was quiet yet again, and there was no sign of the Bulgarians. The Texans cursed at their bad luck for loosing the Bulgarians when they almost have them. The calm Davy who was an experienced tracker, finds the trail where the Bulgarians fled while his men were bickering. He soon finds out that the Bulgarians did manage to escape the jungle and into the outside plains and so he orders his men to continue the chase. Not wanting to let the Bulgarians escape just yet, the excited Texans followed Davy.

As the Texans came out of the jungle and into the open plains, the tracks Davy was following soon ended. Suddenly, Vasil Levski and his men, who were lying in wait, stood up and opened fire with their weapons. The tide of the battle changed, and soon it was the Texans who were now ambushed. Davy took one rifle round to the shoulder and falls to the ground. One Texan was hit in the groin with a rifle round and he falls to the ground with a loud cry.Blue The Texans tried to return fire, but their rifles lacked the range to hit the Bulgarians. While the Bulgarians, with their more advanced rifles, easily potshot the Texans like game.

Vasil then orders his men to charge, and the Bulgarians swarmed in yelling. One unfortunate Texan was speared through the gut and pinned on the ground crying.Blue With all the carnage that was happening, the wounded Davy crawled away from the battle back into the trees. Vasil, in bloodlust, disembowls one Texan in the gut, and as the crying Texan fell to the ground clutching his opened belly, Vasil beheads him from the neck.Blue

With all the Texans dead, Vasil and his remaining Bulgarian regrouped. Thinking that the battle was over and with Vasil comforting his soldiers, Davy was lying in wait with a rifle and an ax in hand. Davy stood up as the Bulgarians were busy cheering, and he threw his ax towards them. The surprised Bulgarians managed to dodge the ax, and it landed right in the center of the group. Davy soon followed up with a rifle shot, and while the round didn't hit the Bulgarians, it did hit the ax head which split the bullet in two, and the two fragments managed to mortally hit two of Vasil's remaining Bulgarians.DarkredDarkred

Putting a bayonet on his rifle, Davy decided to finally finish this once and for all. He charges towards the awestrucked Vasil and thrusts his bayonet. Vasil was speared in the shoulder with the bayonet, and he slumps to the ground with Davy on top of him. Davy then raises his rifle yet again and tries to stab Vasil in the chest, but Vasil manages to use his sword and slice off Davy's leg. Davy fell to the ground yelling and cursing in pain. One-legged and defenceless, Davy can only look up to Vasil as the Buglarian raises his saber and chops of his head.Blue

Vasil, tired and wounded, yells in victory.

Winner: Vasil Levski

Expert's Opinion[]

Experts believe that Vasil won because he was carrying the better and more advanced percussion firearms against Davy's inferior flintlock firearms. He was also carrying the better melee weapon and strategy to seal him the win.

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Battles here were deemed to be unfair or otherwise not in accordance with wiki standards, and have been removed from the statuses of the warriors and displayed below.

Battle vs. Blackbeard (by The Deadliest Warrior)[]

Davy Crockett: Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue

Blackbeard: Red Red Red Red Red Blackbeard and four of his pirate henchmen have docked their ship, Queen Anne's Revenge, and head ashore to a building that has been horribly pounded by cannon shells - The Alamo. The pirates step inside, unaware that Davy Crockett and four Texian defenders are watching them. One of the Texians steps out with a revolver and fires at the pirates, killing one. Red Blackbeard's men fire back with their muskets, but only one of the three guns that fired actually shoots because the other two jammed. The one musket that did fire still kills the Texian, however. Blue Blackbeard's men see Crockett and his men split up and run and the pirates give chase.

One of Crockett's men ducks in a side room and two of Blackbeard's pirates rush by. The Texian steps out and throws his only weapon, a Bowie Knife, and it hits one of the pirates square in the back, killing him. Red The other pirate spins round and advances mercilessly on the defenseless Texian, and stabs him clean through with his cutlass. Blue

Meanwhile, Crockett and one Texian are fleeing from Blackbeard's two remaining thugs. Crockett's man spins around and tries to pistol whip the pirates, but they sidestep it and crack the man's skull open with a hatchet. Blue They look up to see Davy aiming at them with his rifle, Ol' Betsy, and they dive aside as he fires and wounds one in the stomach before running again.

Blackbeard is following the last Texian soldier, and laughs to himself as the man ducks in a small room. He lights a match and sets his hair and the fuse of a grenade on fire, and throws the grenade in the room. He lets out a blood-curdling war cry, and grins with satisfaction as he hears the Texian scream in terror right before the grenade explodes. Blue

Crockett has made it outside and quickly sets a TNT bomb in a room inside the building thorugh the window. He yells oudly to attract attention, and Blackbeard's two pirate thugs run in, and fire their blunderbusses at Davy. One hits his arm and he falls, but before the pirates can do anything else the TNT explodes, killing one pirate and sending the other crashing to the floor. Red Crockett gets up and fires at the barely-conscious pirate with his shotgun, ending the pirate's life. Red

Crockett ducks back under the windowsill, Ol' Betsy in hand and shotgun nearby on the ground. He can hear Blackbeard angrily clomping outside as he continues searching for Davy. Crockett grins and steadies his grip on Ol' Betsy, and fires just as Blackbeard turns the corner. The pirate falls, wounded, and curses, but Davy get on top of his body and fires again in the pirate captain's face. RedDavy Crockett gets up, and whispers, "Remember the Alamo, always..." before he staggers away quietly, clutching his wounded arm and mourning for the loss of his comrades.

Expert's Opinion[]

The experts said that the reason why Crockett prevailed over Blackbeard is that he was better trained, had more reliable weapons, and was more battle-ready than the vicious pirate.

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The battle was declared unfair for Blackbeard due to Davy Crockett's more advanced firearms and invalid for giving Crockett a shotgun despite the fact that the US Army only started using shotguns 20 years after his death.