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Battles here were deemed to be unfair or otherwise not in accordance with wiki standards, and have been removed from the statuses of the warriors and displayed below.

Battle vs. Richard Ramirez (by Octavius232)[]

David Koresh: RedRedRedRedRed

Richard Ramirez:BlueBlueBlueBlueBlue

The battle begins when Koresh and 4 other men break into someone's house. Richard and 4 men break into the same house and find Koresh in the house. The two open fire on eachother on of Koresh's men shoots one of Ramirez's men in the head. Blue One of Richard's men plants a Propane bomb under a couch. One of Koresh's men runs in front of it blowing him up.Red Richard runs out of the house and waits in the back yard. Koresh notices the back door is open and instructs one of his men to go out there. The man goes out there to see Richard smilling at him and charges at him with a butcher knife and stabs him repeatedly.Red Back in the house, one of Koresh's men throws a grenade the four men run but one isn't fast enough and is blown up by the grenade. The house is soon on fire so the combatants run out. Koresh finds the dead body of his comrade stabbed by Richard, the guy has a Pentagram carved in his chest. Koresh and 2 men run after Ramirez's men Koresh shoots one with his AR-15. Blue One of Ramirez's men shoots one of Koresh's men with his Shotgun. Red Koresh runs into his car and gets out TAC-50 and shoots one of Ramirez's men in the chest. Blue One of Koresh's men runs at Richard only to be shot with his .44 Magnum. Red Koresh takes his aim at one of Ramirez's men shooting one of Ramirez's men. Blue Ramirez runs as Koresh gets out of the car and starts shooting at him with his AR-15. Koresh misses but corners Ramirez in a dead end. "Now buddy, how do you wanna die?" Koresh says taking out his KA-BAR and tries to slit Richard's throat. Richard kicks him in the gut and gets out his Butcher Knife. The start fighting with their knives. David stabs Richard in the stomach missing organs but bringing him down. Then Koresh says "Now, where were we?" and slits his throat then stabbing him in his exposed windpipe. Blue And he whispers "This message is beyond anything you've ever dreamed before. But is the truth, or the Bible is a lie."

Winner: David Koresh

Expert's Opinion[]

Why Koresh won. Koresh won because of his weaponry. If Ramirez had military weapons he would have won.

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The battle has been disregarded because Richard Ramirez were disqualified.

Battle vs. Shoko Asahara (by SPARTAN119)[]

Koresh: Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue

Asahara: Darkred Darkred Darkred Darkred Darkred

Koresh and five Branch Davidians walk into the Aum Shinrikyo compound at Kamikuishiki, near Mt. Fuji, in order to eliminate a "false prophet" leading the cult. Koresh and the five cultists burst into a small building, weapons at the ready. One of them trips over a wire and activates a sarin gas bomb. The small structure fills with the nerve gas, killing one of the Davidians. Blue

The other four Davidians get out of the trap in time, only for one of them to be cut down by a burst of fire from an AK-74. Blue One of the Davidians raises his AR15 and shoots the Aum Shinrikyo cultist who fired the shot. Darkred

The Branch Davidians move toward the building the remaining Aum cultists are firing from. A Davidian tosses an M26 practice grenade modified with live explosive charge into the building. The grenade explodes and kills two Aum Shinrikyo cultists. Darkred Darkred

The three Davidians enter the building, only for one of them to be cut down by an AK74 burst fired by Asahara himself. Asahara could not aim well with his one good eye, simply by spraying bullets at the door, he cut down one of Koresh's men. Blue

An Aum cultist armed with a Makarov fired his weapon, killing another of Koresh's men.Blue

Koresh returned fire with his Colt M1911 and killed the Aum Shinrikyo cultist Darkred

Asahara tries to fire at Koresh, but is out of ammunition. Asahara instead draws his Soviet machete and slashes at Koresh, but misjudges his swing because of his poor vision.

Koresh attacks with his KA-BAR and stabs Asahara repeatedly killing him. Darkred

"There can be only one true voice of God!", Koresh yells.

WINNER: David Koresh

Expert's Opinion[]


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The battle has been disregarded because Shoko Asahara was disqualified.