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As Daredevil, I get to save the world. As a lawyer... maybe I can fix it. I need them both. That's what I realized. The warrior and the lawyer. It doesn't work if I only have one.
— Daredevil

Matt Murdock was only 12 years old when he was diagnosed with permanent blindness after saving a blind man from a swerving truck with radioactive material. However, at the same time Matt was also gifted with an extraordinary ability. After strolling down the street one day he realized all of his other senses had been heightened into extraordinary levels, letting him see a world that nobody else could describe. As he grew older, Matt graduated into law school and started to train in martial arts with a fellow blind man named Stick. On the day before his law school graduation Murdock's father, boxer Jonathan "Battling Jack" Murdock, was beaten to death by the order of a crime lord known only as the "The Fixer", after failing to lose a fixed-match. After the death of his father, Matt opened up a law practice with his long-time Franklin "Foggy" Nelson to help innocent people in the court of law, all after the while masquerading as Daredevil, "The Man Without Fear". As Daredevil, Matt utilizes his fighting skills and heightened senses to fight off criminal scums in the streets of New York.

Battle vs. Crying Freeman (by MrPacheco101)[]


Saigon, Vietnam

A blistering sun floats dead center in the clear blue, afternon skies above the busy streets of the Vietnam capitol of Saigon. The intensity of the sun's presence is felt as the murky puddles of rainwater left all over the the concrete establishment ,from a morning storm, is quickly dissapaited by the heat of its luminous rays.


Expert's Opinion[]


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Battle vs. Question (Vic Sage) (by Killermoves)[]

It was midnight in Los Angeles, and even as the night sky was dark, the city remained awake and breathing with life. Large skyscrapers towered over the neon bright streets below, and all kinds of nocturnal people walked and drove all around. And in the midst of the crowd, the deviants of the city peddled their businesses. The drug pushers, illegal prostitutes, thugs, and gangsters also roamed the city. In fact, they practically own the streets, as the night belonged to them and no one was brave enough to disturb them.

But one scum of the city was not that lucky tonight.

The man ran as fast as he could in the streets, bumping other people off with no care or discretion. His face was wrecked with panic, sweat was pouring all over him, and he was screaming frantically for someone to help him. As he ran for his life, he tried his best to keep track of his pursuer. But he wasn’t looking over his shoulder or at his back as he ran; he was actually looking above. The man that was chasing him wasn’t even in the street, the scum knew to look out for him in the rooftops. The scum felt like he was a rabbit being chased by a hawk flying in the sky. For the man who was chasing him was no man at all, it was the Devil himself.

As he ran, the scum saw an alley that he thought might save him. He made the turn and quickly disappeared from the street. He continued running through the alley, hoping and praying that the sudden turn gave his pursuer the slip. But he came to a dead end when he faced a large metal fence. He tried to climb it but he was unathletic, and he kept slipping and falling back to the ground.

And then his fear finally caught up with him. Said fear fell from the sky and appeared right in front of him. The man was dressed in a tight red suit, with red voids as eyes, and large horns sticking on his head. It was the Devil who came for his soul.


The vigilante known as the Daredevil slowly approached the scum. His blank eyes were fixated on him and it seemed like darkness engulfed every inch where he walked. And as he got closer, the scum could only look surprised and confused before trying to crawl away from Daredevil. But the red vigilante caught up with him; grabbing him by the throat and lifting him up above his head with superhuman strength.

“I’m not gonna repeat myself…” Daredevil growled with a harsh and sinister tone. “I want to know where the drugs are. Where they are kept. And who your boss is…”

But Daredevil noticed something different during the interrogation. The scum wasn’t scared as they usually were when he’s asking them questions; he was more confused and actually slightly pissed. “Who the fuck are you? And how many of you costumed freaks are out there?” the scum finally spoke.

Freaks? Daredevil asked to himself. And why is this guy not scared of me. Haven’t I been chasing him for several minutes on the street?

The scum then pointed towards something behind Daredevil’s back, and when Matt Murdock glanced over his shoulder, he saw another man standing in there with smoke emanating from him. Daredevil was slightly startled after noticing that the man didn’t have a face. It was some faceless guy wearing a suit, tie, and a fedora. He was the Devil that was chasing this scum, and the person that the latter was actually afraid of, not Daredevil. And as the faceless figure approached Daredevil, Matt kept vigilant since the guy’s lack of facial features made it difficult to discern his intentions.

“I was chasing that piece of shit first, you overgrown Elmo,” The Question said. “Hand him over because whatever he knows is vital for this investigation I’m making.”

“Go fix your face first cause your missing a few things, freak,” replied Daredevil.

“You both can go fuck yourselves!” the scum suddenly interrupted. Daredevil saw a slow grin rising up on the scum’s face as he shifted his eyes back to the streets. When Daredevil himself looked back, he saw gangsters and thugs flooding into the alley. Daredevil and the Question prepared themselves as they were surrounded by criminals from all sides.

“Ya’ll are fucked. YOU HEAR ME?! FUCKED!” the scum laughed before Daredevil knocked him out with a headbutt. Facing the mob of criminals all around them, the vigilantes knew that they had to set aside whatever distrust they have and work together.

“Hope you can fight well in those tights,” The Question said. “You shouldn't have left your house with your wife’s red gimp suit still on.”

“Says the guy dressed like Al Capone,” Daredevil retorted back.

And with that sentence, Daredevil and the Question finally ran towards the crowd. Daredevil easily leapt through the mob, gracefully jumping over their heads and landing behind them in grace. He threw his cane at a wall and let it bounce everywhere in the alley, hitting five guys at once. One thug tried to punch him with a hook, but Daredevil easily leaned away and dodged it, before sending that thug flying with a butterfly kick. Another tried to tackle him but Daredevil caught him in his arms, lifted him on top of his head, and threw him right back at his friends, taking out another five thugs.

The Question didn’t have the same grace as Daredevil’s, but his raw strength and brute force were effective nonetheless. He easily punched a guy right in the jaw, making him fly several feet away. Another tried to swing at him with a baseball bat, but he sent him flying too with a sidekick. The Question then grabbed a broken wooden chair just lying there and used it to subsequently bludgeon two other hapless gangsters in the head.

But the Question failed to notice one thug who suddenly whipped out a pistol and aimed at him. As he pulled the trigger, Daredevil managed to use his cable to yank the unwitting Question out of the way. He then threw his billy club right at the gunman’s face, knocking him out.

“You’re welcome by the way,” Daredevil bragged.

But unbeknownst to Daredevil, the Question did see another thug sneaking behind them, ready to plunge a knife right through Daredevil's liver. But the faceless vigilante threw his hat at the thug’s face, stunning him so Daredevil could turn around and punch him in the face. “You were saying?” Question replied with a snark.

With their backs facing each other, they continued to fight the remaining thugs. The Question managed to grab a guy by his jacket and swung him towards Daredevil’s front kick. Daredevil too bicycle kicked a guy in the face which made him stumble towards the Question who then judo threw him to the ground. Their combined might was too much for the mob, and soon the criminals retreated.

Daredevil dusted his suit off and was going to thank the Question, but the guy was still not finished with his work. The Question started interrogating the scum again, and this time the latter wasn’t having any of the good cop treatment.

“Where are the drugs?!” The Question yelled before kneeing the guy in the balls. The guy screamed in agony as the Question continued to yell at him.

“Easy there fella!” Daredevil could only say as he watched the Question beat the scum to a bloody pulp. The latter have had enough and quickly divulged everything he knew.

“Good…” The Question said as he threw the guy like a ragdoll to a wall. To Matt’s horror, the scum’s body smashed the wall so hard that it broke his spine. It didn’t kill him but Daredevil could see how that throw gave the guy permanent bone damage. He was not going to be able to walk again. He's lucky that the throw knocked him unconscious, because the pain in his back would have been unbearable.

‘What the fuck is wrong with you!!!!” Daredevil said as he grabbed the Question by the shoulder.

The Question shrugged his hand off of him and replied, “He’s a criminal. He chose this path in his life and so he should know the consequences that he’s gotten himself into.”

“We don’t do this!” Matt said in disgust. “They are criminals yes, but this isn’t solving anyone's problems. We should be helping these people not…”

But the Question interrupted him, saying, “There are only two people in this world. The people who chose to live in peace and be good to one another. And these scums who chose to commit crime and cause chaos. I do not pity him. He chose to live in violence and as such he is treated with violence.”

Daredevil saw that this guy had a twisted sense of philosophy. Better yet, Matt knew that the Question was pretty much clinically insane and should not be working as a vigilante. But Vic Sage knew what he believed in, and for him, this soft high-and-mighty leather man should get the hell out of his way.

There was no stopping it, both these guys lost the respect they had for each other during the fighting. Another fight was inevitable.


Having had enough talking, Daredevil finally acted by pushing the Question to a wall with a palm strike. He then threw his billy club at his face in the hopes of finishing this early, but the Question dodged it and retaliated by sweep kicking Daredevil’s ankles. Daredevil just casually leaped in the air and landed his foot right on the Question’s head.

The faceless vigilante fell on his knees from that strike, and Daredevil stood above him saying, “Give up! And I will get you the help you obviously needed.”

“Help this…” The Question said as he clicked a button on his belt that released a thick smoke that surrounded him. Although Daredevil could not be blinded by smoke, it did surprise him for a second, just enough for the Question to uppercut him in the jaw. The faceless vigilante then high-tailed away from there; easily climbing a pipe hanging on the wall leading to the rooftops.

Daredevil watched the Question go, and he called for 911 to pick the broken and wounded criminal lying motionless at his feet. He then vowed to him that he’d get this psycho off the streets.

The Question, who moments ago was chasing a criminal, was now being pursued himself. Daredevil, on the other hand, quickly gained on the Question. It took him only a second to climb to the top of the building with his billy club. He leaped to the air and landed in front of Vic Sage, completely stopping him in his tracks. Daredevil wanted to give this guy another chance to surrender but he knew he wasn’t going to take it. And so he gave the Question another punch to the face which made him fall off the edge of the building.

The Question managed to grab a flag pole before he got splattered unto the pavement, and swung himself back to the roof. He tried to give Daredevil another sidekick, but the man with no fear was too fast, quickly dodging and countering with a spinning roundhouse. The Question was getting his ass kicked by this clown on a cold and damp rooftop, but he didn’t let it bother him.

Instead, the Question started putting his mind into focus, using a mental technique to dull the pain away. Daredevil tried to give the Question another roundhouse kick, but the latter caught it and he threw Daredevil unto another building.

Matt landed with a loud thud on the concrete roof, but quickly got back to his feet in one move. He focused his senses back to where the Question was at but he seemed to have disappeared. The buildings were all interconnected, with rooftops seemingly bridged together. There were some buildings which were low enough to jump on, like the one he just fell into. And there were those who were high and towering that one could climb above for higher ground. Daredevil scanned the environment and tried to look for the Question in this urban jungle. With the use of his radar senses, he detected the movement of a silhouette wearing an ugly fedora. He knew where the Question was hiding in the shadows.

“I know where you are so there’s no use in hiding,” Daredevil said. “You think darkness is your friend but I have grown all my childhood in darkness! What you are doing is child's play for me!"

And then, Daredevil sensed a broken lamp heading his way that the Question threw at him, but he easily caught it with his hand. He saw the Question scurrying around like a rat in the darkness, and with no second though Daredevil threw the lamp back at him. The Question was caught off guard as the lamp smashed right into his head with superhuman force; only the pseudoderm mask stopping it from possibly killing him. But it was too late for him to react as Daredevil followed it up by running to his location and giving him with another flying sidekick. And while the Question managed to roll out of the way, the sudden attack surprised him and resulted in him losing his balance and falling through a sunroof. Daredevil saw the Question disappeared into the hole and he quickly followed suit.

Daredevil landed on a seemingly large room that contained guns. It seemed that the place that they were fighting on was actually a military-grade firearm store. He then saw Vic appearing in front of him now armed to the teeth with pistols and machine guns.

“Hasta la vista,” the Question said as he blasted at Daredevil with a pistol on his left hand and a submachine gun on his right. Daredevil saw the bullets fly towards him, and he knew that while it was possible, it wouldn't be that easy to dodge them all. Gracefully and beautifully, he flipped in the air, bounced off the walls, somersaulted into tables, and rolled on the ground, desperately trying to dodge all of the Question’s bullets. The Question continued to pump lead after lead after lead, but Daredevil was just too agile.

Finally, the guns were empty, and the Question dropped them all to the ground in defeat. Daredevil finally got his boots on the ground and gave a sigh of relief. He felt proud of dodging most of the bullets at such close quarters and he reflected that this feat was a new record for him. Some bullets did hit him but his armor prevented any gnarly wounds.

Daredevil now faced the seemingly defeated Question and smiled. “You finally give up?” he asked.

“G-Go to hell,” The Question said in exhaustion.

“So be it,” Daredevil said before launching himself in the air again and attempted to ax kick the Question. It was time to finally wrap up this fight once and for all. Daredevil still couldn't believe he ended up fighting his fellow superhero tonight, but from what he had learned during the War Against The Superhero Registration Act, no costumed man could really be trusted.

However, to his surprise, his kick only went through the Question like he was kicking air. He turned around and saw the Question standing there unfazed.

“What’s the matter? You tired or something?” The Question teased. Daredevil replied by sending another sidekick but again his attack just went through the Question. The figure of the vigilante soon evaporated, and Daredevil looked around anxiously as the faceless man somehow vanished into thin air.

He used both his sonar and radar senses, desperately trying to track down Vic Sage, but again to no avail. Matt then felt a punch thrown at him from out of nowhere, knocking him down. He turned around but no one was there. He felt yet another kick land on his spine, but as he spun back to retaliate, he saw no one yet again. Daredevil, known throughout his life as the man without fear, was feeling a bit anxious at the moment.

And then, the Question’s disembodied voice was heard echoing throughout the room. “Your armor is pretty tough; I give you that. I guess I’m going to be needing more than just fists and guns…”

“WHERE ARE YOU!!!” Daredevil yelled at his seemingly invisible enemy.

“It’s a little trick I learned way back,” The Question’s voice said. “Observing your actions, you’re fighting style, and how you mentioned that ‘you lived your whole childhood in darkness’ and I knew I wasn’t going to beat you, at least not the good old fashion way anyways. You’re stronger and faster, but what really bothered me is your metahuman senses. I know you're blind but it felt like you have eyes all around you, and I just can’t hit you whatsoever. I knew I had to do something, so I turned to a little bit of magic.”

“Magic?” Daredevil thought, and that one thought was enough to force him to retreat. He knew that with the Question’s disappearance and magic being mentioned, he couldn't possibly prolong this fight any longer. He couldn't possible win this even fairly. He had to get away, get back to his allies, and find another way to track down and take out this bastard.

But the Question wasn’t having any of that. It took him a lot of time and effort to pull off this plan. All he needed was to get away from Daredevil long enough, buy him just a few couple of seconds to use his powers, and separate his soul from his body. It was his astral form that was fighting Daredevil now; the only way he knew that could defeat this metahuman. As the Daredevil scrambled to escape the room by jumping through the window, the Question knew he had to finish this now since he wouldn't be having another chance.

Like a ghost, he swooped in and grabbed Daredevil by the throat. Daredevil tried to get off and get away, but it was no use since he was fighting an enemy that he basically couldn't see or sense. Daredevil struggled against his invisible foe as the latter choke the life out of him. As Vic Sage’s grip tightened, Daredevil started to lose consciousness, before his mind finally went black. The Question then picked Daredevil up and chucked him off the rooftop, and the vigilante crashed fatally on the street below to the horrors of the pedestrians.

The Question then tipped his hat silently on his defeated opponent, and walked away into the night.

Expert's Opinion[]

It was a close fight, and I had to use a tie-breaker. But in the end, while Daredevil was stronger, faster and had better weapons and armor, he was no much against the Question’s mystical powers and intellect. It was only a matter of time before the Question learns Daredevil’s weakness with his detective skills and use his urban shamanistic powers to finish him off. Again, Daredevil has better physicality no doubt, but the Question was no slouch either and this bought him just enough time to use his powers unto Daredevil.

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