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...(The name) depicted a fighting alliance against street gangs—nothing more, nothing less.
— Stanley Williams

The Crips are a group of African-American gangs that originated from Southcentral, Los Angeles. As the largest and most well-known African-American gang, their membership is currently 30,000-35,000 by 2008. Although used to compose of blacks, in recent years they have started to incorporate other ethnicities such as Whites, Tongan and Hispanics. The Crips had a huge influence in gang culture itself by introducing traditions like hand signs, colors and “Hood” language, stuff that other gangs around the world also adopted.

The gang was born during the decline of the Civil Rights movements. As the Black Panther Party dissolved due to external and internal fighting, there became a need for a group who will protect African-American communities. Raymond Washington, inspired by the BPP, created a gang who was initially called “Cribs” since it was composed of very young black kids. In time, the name evolved into the “Crips”. The gang initially began with noble intentions, as Washington drove away white gangs who’s been terrorizing the black community with fellow OG Barefoot Pookie. According to Raymond Cook, they even made themselves into Robin Hood figures by stealing from rich neighborhoods and sharing it with their community. The arrival of Tookie Williams however, turned the Crips into a violent criminal gang who beat, murdered, raped and sold narcotics.

A group of other black gangs banded together to fight the influence of the Crips. Calling themselves the Bloods, their legendary war with the Crips would last for decades. It was at this time that the Crips started to arm themselves with guns and cars. In what could be considered as a milestone in gang history, a group of Crips drove into the house of Bloods leader T. Rodgers and opened fire, killing one Blood and wounding several. It became known as the first drive-by shooting in history. Throughout the years that followed, the Crips would be hardboiled in several gang wars with other African-American gangs and Latino gangs who has also started to muscle in. Several confrontations with the police also occurred which led to the deaths of policemen like Stephan Gene Gray and Brian Mulkeen. At one point in 1989, they even had a shootout with a group of United States Army Rangers who was said to be relaxing and off-duty, but in actuality were doing recon on the gang.

The Crips’ terror climaxed during the L.A. Uprising, as police brutality became publicly known after the beating of black man Rodney King by a group of four LA cops. Crips led by Kershaun Scott fought rival gangs and the police in Beverly Hills. At one point, the gang even drove away several policemen in a fight in Florence and Normandie streets. After the Rodney King riots, gang warfare started to simmer down. The Crips and the Bloods made an uneasy truce, and at this time many gang members left the criminal life. These gangsters had a huge influence in the hip-hop subculture, inventing the dance called the "Crip Walk", as well as music from Crips-turned-musicians like Snoop Dog, Ice-T and Afroman. 

Battle vs. Lord's Resistance Army (by TheBlackHistorian)[]

Crips: 1 x5

LRA: 0 x5

Although experts believed that the Mafia was richer and more influential, they seldom participate in a gunfight. The Crips, although disorganized, were more experienced and gunhappy when it comes to firefights. In the end, the Crips' experience in shootouts proved to be the winning factor in this battle.

In a modern African suburb, 5 American Crips were selling crack on the Africans, who has never seen the drug before. They were planing to establish their brand of coke in mother Africa, and hopefully be able to establish a set there. Unbeknownst to them, 5 LRA militiaman were sneaking to their positions. They were tasked by the great Joseph Kony to kill these yanks and take their drugs so they can use them for their own (i.e. for selling, brainwashing and raping kids). One LRA aimed his AK-47 and hit one Crip in the head.(1)

The Crips turned around and grabbed their Mac-10s. They soon opened fire, killing the LRA member in a hail of bullets.(0) As they backed away deeper into the suburbs, the LRA members charged at them yelling, "Kony! Kony!". One LRA scored a bulleye with his Uzi on the back of a Crip.(1) Enraged, one Crip grabbed his Ruger and fired, hitting one of the LRA members in the face.(0)

Taking refuge inside a house, the Crips barricaded themselves and continued open firing on the LRA members. One LRA was hit in the chest with rifle rounds.(0) The two remaining LRA members opened fire with their M1911s, taking out one Crip, resulting in him falling out of a window.(1) One of the Crips bursted out of another window and emptied his whole Glock magazine on a hapless LRA member.(0) But the last LRA retaliated by decaptiating his ehad off with a machete.(1)

Only one LRA and Crip remained. The latter tried to fire his Ruger but it was out of bullets. As the LRA charged at him with a machete, the Crip grabbed his baseball bat and parried his strike. He then cleanly bashed the balls of the LRA member, making him fall down yelling and grasping his groin. He then started to mercilessly beat the LRA member until he was dead.

The Crip raised his baseball bat and yelled, "Crips don't die! We multiply!"

Expert's Opinion[]

The Crips won because of their ruthlessness and better weapons compared to the conscripted youths of the LRA.

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Battle vs. American Mafia (by TheBlackHistorian)[]

5 Mafia hitmen were outside of a pizza parlor. They were tasked by their padrino to guard this store becaue it was actually a front to their gambling business. Suddenly, a lowrider passed by carrying 5 Crips members. The Crips inside started to fire their Mac-10s at the Mafiamen, killing one instantly.(1)

One of the Mafiamen started to fire at the car with his tommy gun, riddling the rider with bullets.(0) The car then crashed and the Crips inside then started to get out of their vehicles. A mafiaman rushed to one of the disoriented Crips and blew him away with both barrels of his lupara.(0) A Crip then bashed his head with a baseball bat, cracking his skull.(1) Before the Crip can turn around, a Mafiaman got near to him and stabbed him in the neck with a switchblade.(0)

One of the enraged Crips member then poured all of the contents of his Mac-10 on that Mafiaman, killing him.(1) Another Italian gangster cut him in half with a tommy gun burst.(0) The last remaining Crip shot him in the head with a glock pistol.(1) He then turned around and saw the last remaining Mafiaman charging towards him. Before he can pull the trigger, the Mafiaman tackled him to the street. He then drew his switchblade and tried to jam it at the face of the Crip. But the black man managed to catch his wrist, before headbutting him. He then threw the Mafiaman off of him and made a dash to his gun.

The Italian managed to grab him by his hoodie but it was too late. The Crip now had his pistol in his hands and opened fire several times on the chest of the Mafiaman, killing him. The Crip then yelled in victory.

Expert's Opinion[]

Although experts believed that the Mafia was richer and more influential, they seldom participate in a gunfight and more comfortable in silent assassinations. The Crips, although disorganized, were more experienced and gunhappy when it comes to firefights. In the end, since both were given no preparations and this will be nothing more than a street fight, the Crips' experience in a face-to-face shootouts proved to be the winning factor.

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