What was the unspeakable secret of the sea?
— Creture from the Haunted Sea tagline

The Creature from the Haunted Sea is a mythical creature that roams the waters between the United States and Cuba. It usually preys on humans.

During the Cuban Revolution, Gambler and racketeer Renzo Capetto planned to use the monster as an excuse for the death of a group of Cuban loyalist he was pretending to help in order to steal Cuba's national treasury, thinking the creature to be just a myth. When the creature actually did attack, Capetto sunk his ship and escaped to a nearby island, hoping to retrieve the treasure later. When he did, Capetto and his crew were picked off by the monster, except for Mary-Belle Monahan, the only female member of Capetto's gang, and Sparks Moran, a secret agent who had infiltrated the group.

Battle vs. Ro-Man (by CuchulainSetanta)

On a small island near Cuba, Ro-Man arrives on his ship, having been sent by the Great One to search for human survivors. Meanwhile, the Creature From the Haunted Sea surfaces nearby, alerted by the sound of the ship landing. Seeing Ro-Man, it decides the android could be a potential meal, and charges out of the sea.

Ro-Man turns just in time to be slashed across the chest by the Creature's claws. Recoiling, Ro-Man retaliates with a punch, knocking the Creature to the ground. Ro-Man tries to stomp on the Creature's head, but the monster dodges, Leaping back up, the Creature bites down on Ro-Man's arm, but is unable to penetrate too deep.

Ro-Man punches the Creature again, causing it to let go. The Creature retreats back toward the waves, but Ro-Man has had enough. Before the Creature gets back to the water and its advantage, Ro-Man runs up from behind and grabs the Creature by the throat. Pulling it down, Ro-Man strangles the Creature to death. He then radios back to headquarters with a message: "Great One, you're not going to believe what just happened..."

Winner: Ro-Man

Expert's Opinoin

This has been a recurring trend in my battles recently, hasn't it? Again, the warrior able to think on his own prevailed over the savage monster.

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