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[Crazy Horse] was the bravest man I ever saw. He rode closest to the soldiers, yelling to his warriors. All the soldiers were shooting at him, but he was never hit.
— Water Man

Tȟašúŋke Witkó (Lakota for "His-Horse-Is-Crazy"), born Čháŋ Óhaŋ (Among the Trees), popularly known as Crazy Horse, was a Lakota Sioux warrior and leader of the Oglala band. He played a significant role in the resistance against the encroachment of Native American lands by the United States government.

Crazy Horse was born around 1840 in present-day South Dakota, in what was then the Lakota territory. He grew up in a time of great upheaval as American settlers expanded westward, encroaching on Lakota lands. In his late teens, he became a prominent warrior, distinguishing himself in battles against rival tribes and later in conflicts with United States forces.

He became known for his remarkable skills in battle, combining tactical brilliance with unmatched bravery. Crazy Horse fought in several significant engagements, including the Fetterman Fight in 1866 and the Battle of the Rosebud in 1876. However, his most renowned feat came during the Battle of Little Bighorn in 1876. Alongside other Lakota, Cheyenne, and Arapaho warriors, Crazy Horse played a pivotal role in the defeat of Lieutenant Colonel George Custer's Seventh Cavalry. His strategic leadership and fearless fighting tactics contributed to one of the most significant Native American victories in the history of the American West.

Throughout his life, Crazy Horse was deeply committed to preserving the traditional Lakota way of life. He resisted the United States government's efforts to force Native American tribes onto reservations and fought to protect their lands and freedom. Crazy Horse advocated for unity among the various Plains tribes, believing that a collective effort was crucial for their survival.

In September 1877, Crazy Horse surrendered to United States authorities at Fort Robinson, Nebraska, in the hopes of securing better conditions for his people. Tragically, just a few weeks later, he was fatally stabbed during a confrontation at the fort. The details surrounding his death remain unclear and subject to historical debate.

Battle vs. Antonio López de Santa Anna (by The Deadliest Warrior)[]

Chief Crazy Horse: Green Green Green Green

General Santa Anna: Blue Blue Blue Blue

General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna and three of his soldiers are standing on a grassy hill overlooking a wide-open plain, with Chief Crazy Horse and three of his Sioux warriors on their horses below. Santa Anna has the soldiers bring up a cannon and they load it and prepare it for a shot. Crazy Horse looks up, sees the Mexican soldiers aiming the cannon, and shouts for his men to attack just as the cannon fires. It misses all of the Native American warriors but strikes one's horse, downing it.

As the three Native Americans charge up the hill on horseback, with a fourth running behind on foot, Santa Anna orders the cannon to be reloaded again, and he himself takes aim with a flintlock pistol. As he fires the pistol the Sioux warrior running on foot tumbles and falls in the grass. Green Crazy Horse and his men pull out their bows and just as the Mexican soldiers finish priming the cannon, they are attacked by a barrage of arrows flying at them. They duck behind the cannon for cover, and one is hit in the throat and crumples to the ground, dead. Blue

Santa Anna and his men rush down the hill with the Sioux horsemen hot in pursuit. They reach the Mexican command tent and rush inside, grabbing their muskets. Just as they finish loading up the guns, the Sioux warriors rush in, dismounted, and attack with their knives. One Mexican is slashed across his neck and drops like a stone. Blue Santa Anna draws his sabre and ducks outside, unnoticed. The last Mexican soldier fires with his musket, killing one Sioux warrior and wounding another. Green

Chief Crazy Horse pulls out his feathered spear and drives it straight through the last Mexican, and he coughs up blood before the spear is pulled out of his body, and he falls. Blue The two Sioux warrios begin to celebrate their victory, but General Santa Anna rushes back in the tent, sabre in hand, and kills the last Sioux warrior. Green The Sioux Chief takes out his war axe and Santa Anna runs back out of the tent. Crazy Horse exits and finds himself surrounded by tents, all identical, in this Mexican camp. He ducks in one tent, but finds no Santa Anna. As he turns to leave, the Mexican general is right there, flintlock pistol and sabre in his hands. Crazy Horse acts quickly and hacks at Santa Anna's leg, causing the general to fall. The Chief then takes out his knife and stabs the general in the chest, killing him. Blue As Santa Anna's body rolls over, Chief Crazy Horse gives a yelll of victory, then runs back out of the camp to where his horse is waiting, mounts it, and rides off into the distance.

Expert's Opinion[]

The experts credited Crazy Horse's horseback archery skills to his victory, because even though Santa Anna had guns, it was very hard to hit a mounted Native American warrior who is also shooting arrows at you at the same time.

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Battle vs. Ned Kelly (by MovieStuff65)[]

Crazy Horse: 12345 Ned Kelly: 12345

Ned Kelly and four members of the Kelly Gang are running on a field. About a mile away, Chief Crazy Horse and four Lakota Indians are watching them. "When we leave to meet them, release a volley of arrows and follow us." the chief says to his second-in-command. "Yes sir." When Kelly is one-hundred yards away, Crazy Horse gives a war shout and leads the second mounted warrior to battle. The other three reply with more whoops and shoot their bows. An arrow strikes an exposed area in a gang members armor, right on his neck.

Crazy Horse: 12345

Ned Kelly: 1234

Ned Kelly quickly aims his Colt Revolving Rifle and shoots the other mounted warrior.

Crazy Horse: 1234

Ned Kelly: 1234

The rest of Crazy Horse's tribe catches up and they kill a gang member with their 1860 Henry rifles.

Crazy Horse: 1234

Ned Kelly: 123

The rest of the Kelly gang retreat into the Australian bush pursued by the Lakota tribe. While Crazy Horse and another Lakota go to the right, the other two go to the left. The sun moves to the west a little, meaning time has past. The two on the left are exploring when a shot rings out and a warrior falls.

Crazy Horse: 123

Ned Kelly: 123

The gang member and Ned himself continue to shoot the surprised Lakota with their Spence rifles. Meanwhile, Crazy horse and the other Lakota are looking around. Suddenly, a gang member sneaks up behind the Lakota and hits him on the head with his Beaumount Adams and shoots him.

Crazy Horse: 12

Ned Kelly: 123

But the gang member doesn't see Crazy Horse and the chief smashes his head with the Lakota Club.

Crazy Horse: 12

Ned Kelly: 12

Ned Kelly and his last gang member continue the fight when Crazy Horse sneaks up behind them. He aims his 1873 Colt and kills the last gang member.

Crazy Horse: 12

Ned Kelly: 1

Kelly aims his Colt Rifle one last time and kills the Lakota tribesman. He then draws his Dirk Dagger.

Crazy Horse: 1

Ned Kelly: 1

The two men face off, neither really gaining an edge. Finally, Crazy Horse runs forward and makes several attempts to hit Kelly with his club, with Kelly dodging each one. The club finally hits and it makes a loud BANG! against Kelly's head. Crazy Horse smiles, but then realizes that, not only did his club break, but Ned is still alive. He quickly makes a futile attempt to stab him with the stick, but Kelly grabs the fatigued Lakota chief's arm and disembowels him with his Dirk.

Crazy Horse:

Ned Kelly: 1

Kelly takes off the heavy helmet and yells loudly in victory.

Winner: Ned Kelly

Expert's Opinion[]

Though I am disappointed that Crazy Horse lost, Ned Kelly's weapons where just faster and more reliable than Crazy Horse's. Because of his lower fatigue rate, Kelly was also able to keep fighting and win against the fierce Lakota chief.

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Battle vs. Jesse James (by Goddess of Despair)[]

A shot is fired into a ceiling; it is quickly followed by “Everybody get down!” The civilians in the bank panic and after a second shot hits the ceiling everyone quiets down and are crouched down on the floor. “Where is the money?” asked one robber, the banker responded “Over there let me get it.” The robber releases the man and one of the civilians stood up and said “Jesse? Jesse James?” Jesse turned and saw his brother and responded “Frank I wondered where you went.” Frank approached Jesse who offered him a revolver and some ammunition. The banker returned with the money and Jesse pistol whipped him and kneeled down before taking the money he heard a shot. Jesse stood up and looked around the bank; his gang was unharmed, same with the civilians. Jesse asked the civilians “What was that?” one responded “Crazy Horse.” James laughed and asked again, to be answered the same way. The civilian said “He is some Indian who won’t let us settle.” Another gunshot was heard. James decided that Crazy didn’t deserve to live. “Cole.” Said James as Cole approached him ready to hear Jesse. “You take two guys and keep the civilians here we will handle this Crazy Horse.” Cole nodded and signaled his brother. Jesse set out to face Crazy Horse. “I heard a loud sound and turned to see an Indian blast her in her head I went to attack him but was shot myself when suddenly that same Indian received a shot to his own head, his corpse fell off the horse he was on.”-Eyewitness of the fighting between Jesse James and Crazy Horse. Jesse James-7 Crazy Horse-6

Crazy Horse turned to see the James gang ready for battle. Crazy yelled loudly into the air, and his hidden warriors fired upon the outlaws, one shot hits a member’s leg another hits the man left to James in the throat. Jesse James-6 Crazy Horse-6

The gang retreated closer to the bank and the injured gang member (who was being carried by James himself) was laid down against a fence as a Indian rushed towards James. The Indian performed a vertical slash with his club James side stepped and smashed the back of the Indians head. A member of his gang shot the Indian in the head to ensure the kill. Jesse James-6 Crazy Horse-5

Crazy Horse sent 2 of his men to flank James and the other two followed him. James’ gang was near the bank, James signaled the men next to 2 men next to him to enter the bank. The injured man peeked around the corner of the house near the bank the gang was hiding next to. Suddenly a round hits his shoulder, he crashed down to the ground instantly blood spreading onto the ground next to him. Jesse James-5 Crazy Horse-5

Jesse heard footsteps and dropped his Winchester and as two Indians came into view he drew is revolver, the first shot hit an Indian in the face, before the second shot could be fired, a round hit one of his gang members in the middle of his chest. Jesse’s second shot hit the second Indian in the leg. The Indian fell to the ground, smashing his face into the ground. James shot one more round into the Indians head and reloaded. Jesse James-4 Crazy Horse-3

James signaled motioned for Frank to dash for the bank as Jesse covered. Frank nodded and sprinted at full speed for the bank and came under fire from Crazy Horse. His rifle is shot and hits the ground, unfortunately as Cole’s brother was leaving the bank. Frank drew his pistol and fired at Crazy Horse’s men and hit one in the lower chest as Jesse hit the same Indian in the shoulder. Jesse James-3 Crazy Horse-2

James sprinted for the bank as shots flew past his body but none hit him. Inside the bank Frank had the civilians into the back of the bank. James approached Cole and said “I’m sorry about...” A shot slams into Cole as he fell back into the wall. Jesse turned and blasted the Indian’s chest. Jesse James-2 Crazy Horse-1

James looked at Cole for a second and looked up to see a shot hit Frank in his leg. Frank fell over and roared in pain. Jesse acted on instinct and his pistol, a perfect shot to hit Crazy Horse’s head. The trigger was pulled but instead of a bang he heard a click. Crazy Horse grinned and drew his club and charged at James who used his pistol as a hammer and knocked the club out Crazy Horse’s hand but then received a punch to the face. Jesse stumbled backwards and drew his knife, Crazy Horse drew his tomahawk. Crazy Horse swung for James’ legs but James dodged and kicked Crazy Horse in the back. Crazy Horse slashed back at Jesse who dodged again and his axe smashed into the wall. Crazy Horse readied himself to perform a final attack, as Jesse closed in for the kill. Crazy Horse went for a horizontal slash but James ducked and stabbed Crazy Horse’s lower stomach. Jesse dragged the blade from right to left and Crazy Horse’s guts splattered onto the floor. Jesse James ran to his brother and asked the civilians “Anyone a doctor?” Jesse James-2 Crazy Horse-X


Expert's Opinion[]

Jesse James dominated in range due to having much more accurate long ranged weapons, as well as more combat experience that won him the day.

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Battle vs. Yesugei (Conqueror) (by Wassboss)[]

Yesugei: BrownBrownBrownBrown

Crazy Horse: GreenGreenGreenGreen

There is light breeze and the sun shines down on an open plain in the American wilderness as Crazy Horse strolls through the tall grass. Behind him is a much younger man, who watches him intently while as they walk. Crazy Horse stops without warning and lowers himself to the ground, reaching for something. The young man stoops down to join him and watches as Crazy Horse sticks his finger into a fresh pile of dung, raising it to his nose.

“A horse has been here recently” he says and wipes his finger on the grass.

“How long ago?” the man replies.

“Not long, maybe a hour or two”

“Is it a wild one?”

“I cannot tell from this alone” Crazy Horse says “but judging from its spread I can tell the beast was moving while it relieved itself.” He pauses. “This would suggest that there was a rider, horses tend to stop when defecating.”

“You are very wise” the young man says in awe and Crazy Horse smiles.

“Not wise, just experienced, one day you will be able to read the world like I can Swooping Eagle”. His light mood suddenly disappears and he drops flat on the ground, with Swooping Eagle mimicking his movement.

“What is it?” he asks and Crazy Horse puts his finger to his lips before pointing them towards the setting sun. Swooping Eagle inches his head over the grass line and spots a group of four riders off in the distance. “Who are they?” he whispers.

“I do not know my brother; I have not seen them before”

“Perhaps they are new settlers out hunting?” Swooping Eagle replies but Crazy Horse shakes his head.

“Settlers don’t carry swords” he whispers. Swooping Eagle sneaks another look at the men and notices that each one has a sword dangling from a scabbard on the side of their hips. “We must return to the others” he continues and slowly begins to crawl towards a wooded area about 100 feet away. Swooping Eagle follows him and as soon as they are covered by the thicker brush Crazy Horses gets to his feet and jogs towards a small clearing where two men sit with a group of horses. They straighten up as Crazy Horse enters the clearing and he nods to them. Sleeping Bison; a tall, heavyset man with his hair shaved tightly against his head. Leaping Cougar; a tiny man with nasty scar across his face from a mountain lion attack when he was only a young boy. They immediately sense something is wrong and get to their feet as Crazy Horse mounts his steed.

“Today we go to war brothers” he says solemnly and the others all mount up as well and they trot off back towards the open plain....

Meanwhile Yesugei shows his teeth is appreciation as his Eagle plunges into the ground and lifts back into the air with a deer in its talons.  It returns to its master and drops the deer at the feet of his horse. Around him his bondsmen watch on; Eeluk, Basan and Unegen, all of them handpicked for their loyalty and bravery by the Khan of the Wolves.

“Did you see that,” he says “He plucked that’s deer’s life from it like it was nothing.”

“It is amazing my lord,” Eeluk says and Yesugei looks on his first bondsman with a look of happiness. A tartar horde had forced the Wolves to seek new pastures over a newly appeared land bridge and the gers of tribe sit only a few miles south.

“Maybe one day we could find an eagle for you too Eeluk.” As he says this they hear a strange whooping noise and as they turn in the direction of the noise they see four men burst out of the woodlands and charge towards them. They immediately spring into action, drawing their bows as the initial barrage comes in from their Native American counterparts. Most of the arrows miss but one strikes Eeluk in the chest but his armour just about manages to stop it from doing too much damage. He grunts in annoyance before raising his own bow in retaliation, firing off a volley with the others as he spurs his horse into motion. The Natives duck down under the projectiles and rise again with another volley of their own but are met with similar results. As the two thunder towards each other Yesugei raises his bow again, feeling the strain on his fingers as he holds the string back, waiting for the perfect moment as his horse gets into it’s stride. As his horse’s feet all leave the ground in one bound he releases his grip and the arrow shoots forward, burying itself into one of the native’s chestGreen.

Crazy Horse hisses under his breath and as the gap closes even further he notices the leather armour of the Mongols and beckons to the other two men to all pick the same target. He fires another arrow which strikes Unegen square in the chest and makes him rock in the saddle. The other two loose their arrows a heartbeat later and they both hit home. Unegen chokes up blood and his head droops as his horse slows to a stop with his riders body slumped down over it’s neckBrown.

The two continue to barrel down towards each other and more arrows arch and dip across the plains before Crazy Horse runs out of arrows. Reaching for his Winchester, he grasps at thin air and curses himself for leaving it behind. He instead takes out his spear and digs his heels into his horse’s side to get a spurt of speed. He thrusts his spear at Eeluk but the Mongol swerves out of the way at the last moment, the head only grazing his ribs. He continues into Yesugei himself who lets out a shrill whistle. Crazy Horse furrows his brow in confusion before he senses something behind him and turns just in time to spot an eagle diving down from the sky. He manoeuvres his horse out of the way as the bird whooshes past him before regaining its composure and going for him again. Crazy Horse swipes at it with his hand to keep it away but the creature claws and pecks at him until his arm bleeds profusely. He is so distracted by the eagle that he doesn’t see the arrow coming in until the last second and his horse bucks up and throws him to the ground, an arrow protruding out of its chest.  

The other men continue to fight around him as he gets to his feet and is thankful to see the eagle soar back into the sky, far above the battlefield.  He watches as Swooping Eagle charges into the side of Basan’s horse, thrusting violently at him with his spear. The Mongol tries desperately to get out his sword but Swooping Eagle uses his horse to keep it crushed against his side. Eventually the spear blows crack the leather armour and blood pours out as the young man continues his vicious onslaught until his opponent has fallen from his horse in a puddle of bloodBrown. He lets out a cry of victory but it is cut brutally short as an arrow hits him right in the throat. His expression turns fearful and he reaches down to his neck to feel the warmth of the blood before toppling overGreen.

Crazy Horse howls in anguish at the death of the young man and angrily darts over to his horse which has stopped a little way away and is gnawing at the arrow in its chest. He snaps it out and mounts up ready to avenge his brother’s death. Meanwhile Sleeping Bison is also filled with rage and his eyes turn on the shooter of the arrow; Eeluk who is notching another arrow. He spurns his horse towards the Mongol, who is flustered by the sudden approach and fires his arrow off in a panic and it goes well wide. Sleeping Bison reaches out with his huge hand and grabs Eeluk by the furs of his deel and yanking him off his horse, hoping to dump him on the ground. However Eeluk matches his strength with a strong hold on his arm and he takes him down with him and the two men collapse in a heap on the floor. They untangle themselves and draw their respective weapons, Eeluk his Sword and Sleeping Bison his tomahawk. Eeluk thrusts forward with a powerful jab but Sleeping Bison parries it expertly with his axe and takes a step forward to hack it powerfully into Eeluk’s arm several times. He yells in pain and drops his sword but he quickly recovers and swings a powerful punch which rocks the natives head back, scooping up his sword with his left hand. He flings himself at Sleeping Bison and swings his sword in an arc, gashing his throatGreen.

He hears the thundering of hooves and looks up as Crazy Horse charges towards him and he is knocked off his feet as the horse barrels into him and sends him flying. His arm is no longer bleeding as badly but he has lost so much blood that it is a struggle to get back to his feet and when he does manage it his face is pale and his stance is unsure. He hears the sound of hoof steps again and he can only just about find the energy to look up as a wooden club cracks against his head, crushing his skull in one powerful blowBrown.

Yesugei’s emotions well up as he watches his first bondsman and childhood friend slump to the ground and die and he struggles to keep the cold face as rage begins to push all other emotions aside. He is barely thinking as he lets calls his eagle to attack again and he follows after it on his horse. Crazy Horse remembers the call from the last time and prepares himself as the eagle dives down from the sky. He manages to avoid the initial dive but once again the bird starts to peck and claw at him but this time he’s much more prepared. He waits until the bird goes in with a peck before swinging his Inyankapemni Club right at its wings. The eagle screeches as the club shatters it’s wing and several of its bones with such force that the head of the club even breaks off. Crazy Horse breathes a sigh of relief as the creature tries to fly away but it’s broken wing prevents it from going very far. It is at this moment he notices the sound of approaching hoof steps and he looks up to see Yesugei launch himself from the back of his horse and tackle him to the ground, his rage and grief having clouded any rational judgement. He takes out his Knife and desperately stabs at the Native American who reaches down and throws some dirt into Yesugei’s face, forcing him to rub it away from his eyes and give Crazy Horse the chance to scramble away.

He takes out his tomahawk and faces down his opponent as he regains his senses. Letting out a war cry he swings his tomahawk around to try and intimidate him but Yesugei is not impressed and merely unsheathes his sword. Advancing on his now quite worried opponent he lets go with a barrage of quick blows which requires all the natives’ agility to just to stay out of the reach of the wickedly sharp blade. Thinking quickly he throws the Tomahawk at Yesugei and it hits him square in the chest, going right through his armour but only managing to just about break the surface of his skin. The force behind is enough to knock him off of his feet and this allows Crazy Horse to run to his spear, which he dropped earlier, and he hoists it up over his shoulder. Yesugei’s temper is almost uncontrollable now and he looks down at his armour in disgust and in a moment of madness, cuts the strips holding together to raise bare-chested to meet his opponent.  Crazy Horse thrusts his spear downwards but Yesugei easily avoids the attack and lashes out with his sword, severing the head with one clean blow. He moves quickly, too quickly for Crazy Horse to react to and with one powerful swing he takes the Lakota Rebel’s headGreen.

As his opponents head hits the ground with a plop, Yesugei’s rage dissipates as quickly as it arrives. He looks around and gets another glimpse of his fallen bondsmen and a tear comes to his eyes, quickly wiped away and he moves over to his friend and stands over his body. His eagle is still shrieking from its wounds and he knows it will not survive much longer. “This has been a dark day,” he mutters to himself. “I’m sorry my brother, you died fighting for your khan. Your name will be sung for year to come.” He starts to well up but he quickly blinks away the tears and whistles to his horse which trots over to him. He mounts up and looks over the scene of the battle.

“I will tell the families. We will return to lay you out for the sky spirits”

Winner: Yesugei

Expert's Opinion[]

This was a wash for Yesugei who despite having a 600 year technological disadvantage still managed to bring the metallurgy superior weaponry as well as armour which while not of great quality was still enough to give him a little bit of protection against Crazy Horses stone and bone weaponry.

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Battle vs. Theodore Roosevelt (by MilenHD)[]

Crazy Horse: Yellow Yellow Yellow Yellow Yellow

Roosevelt: Green Green Green Green Green

The fields of the American West were silence, not a single sign of buffalo or mustangs were to be seen, but in the valley of the field Crazy Horse and 4 of his Lakota warriors were preparing their camp for the night, they still haven't hunted and they were ready to search for buffalo or something else. As all of them left their camp to hunt with their guns and weapons, on the small hill Theodore Roosevelt appeared with 4 Rough Riders as they were patrolling the area and the Lakotas noticed them.

Crazy Horse was the first to open fire with his Henry rifle, killing one of the Rough Riders in the head.Green Roosevelt and his Rough Riders began retreating. " Hide in the bushes and wait for my signal !"-Theodore told his men and as he rode his horse to lure the Indians into their trap, as one of the Indians fired his revolver missing Theodore who was galloping away from him, but Crazy Horse was following with his own horse.

As the Lakotas come closer to the trap, Roosevelt shouted-"NOW! OPEN THE FIRE!" and his Rough Riders fired their Krag carbines, killing one of the Lakota Indians.Yellow While Roosevelt fired his Colt 1892 and killed another Indian.Yellow One of the Lakotas fired his own Colt Single Action piercing the shoulder of Theodore with it's round.

As Roosevelt fell from his horse, the Crazy Horse was ready to blow Roosevelt's head with his Henry, but his rifle jammed and one of the Rough Riders attacked him with his Bowie knife trying to stab Crazy Horse, until he didn't got his head hacked by Lakota warrior.Green Than Crazy Horse and his Lakota warriors decide to retreat, than Crazy Horse mounted his horse and holding his revolver in hand he fired a lucky round, which pierced a Rough Riders head, which was reloading his own revolver.Green

Roosevelt mounted his horse and told his Rough Rider to follow him, as the Rough Rider fired his his Krag 4 times, and on the 5th attempt he killed a Lakota warrior.Yellow Theodore charged at at the Lakotas with his last Rough Rider and his last soldier began fighting with the Lakota which was wielding a tomahawk and he was wielding a bowie knife. After split seconds of fighting, the American stabbed the Lakota in the throat.Yellow But after he turned, Crazy Horse swooped the American's head with his club.Green

Crazy Horse and Theodore Roosevelt were standing at each end of the field and as both gave their war cries, they charged at each other. With the first clash Roosevelt cut Crazy Horse's shoulder with his saber. As both charged once again, this time Roosevelt got the lucky shot and sliced Crazy Horse's throat with his saber.Yellow

As Crazy Horse lifeless body fell from his horse, Roosevelt raised his saber and shouted in victory "AMERICA !".

Expert's Opinion[]

While Crazy Horse was superior tactician, Theodore Roosevelt better weapons and healthier troops gave him an easy victory over the Lakota chief.

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Battles here were deemed to be unfair or otherwise not in accordance with wiki standards, and have been removed from the statuses of the warriors and displayed below.

Battle vs. Sun Tzu (by Wassboss)[]

Note each will have 3 men with them

Sun Tzu and his men have landed in America and have set up camp. Sun tzu himself has taken 3 of his men out on a scouting party to look around the surroundings so they have a rough idea for a battle plan, should a battle happen. He knows that there are native’s here, a tribe called the Sioux. Sun Tzu has heard of the leader and knows he will not stand for an invasion but he knows that he must not give up.

Sun Tzu and his men have found themselves on a wide open plain which could stretch for miles on end. Sun Tzu knows if a full on battle is to be held this is where he wants it to be. Suddenly sun tzu hears a whooping sound in the distance. He peers into the distance, the sun obscuring his vision. He can just about make out 4 figures, on horseback, heading right for him and his men. Sun tzu tells his men to split into two groups, him and one man on the left and the other two on the right.

Chief crazy horse charges across the battleground, his men closely behind him. He orders his men to take out there bows and they obey, notching an arrow ready to fire. Sun tzu has also formulated a plan. He tells his men too pull out there repeating crossbow’s and be ready to fire on his mark. He is hoping that when Crazy horse and his men ride past he and his men will be able to riddle them with arrows.

Crazy horse waits till he is 30 feet away from his enemy before telling his men too fire. They all fire almost perfectly insigne. However sun tzu and his men move out of the trajectory of the arrows. Now that Crazy horse is in range he orders his men to fire and they do so managing to kill one of the Sioux and leaving another without a horse. (3-4)

Crazy horse and the other man on horseback circle round and try another charge. This time they are more successful and manage to hit one of Sun tzu’s men in the jugular with an arrow. (3-3)

Meanwhile the Sioux on foot takes out a spear and thrusts it forward, narrowly missing sun tzu’s chest. He draws his sword but another of his men has already engaged the American in a duel. Sun Tzu notices crazy horse and the other horseman are circling round, ready for another charge. He gets an idea and turns to tell one of his men. The both pull out a bow and set the arrow heads on fire. They then fire at the bare ground in front of the two men’s horses. There horse rear up and sun tzu loads up a regular arrow and fires hitting the horseman in the chest, killing him. (2-3)

Seeing that another charge will be futile, crazy horse dismounts his horse and runs to help his man in battle. The man in question has just killed the man he was duelling with, with a quick stab to the chest. (2-2)

Sun tzu sees this and draws his sword. He swings it and slices the spear in two, leaving the Sioux warrior weapon less. He then swings the sword in an overhead swing, decapitating the unfortunate American. (2-1)

Meanwhile Crazy horse takes out his war axe and heads for sun tzu but Sun tzu’s last man steps in the way, Zhua in hand. He swings it at the Sioux chief who ducks under it and hack’s at his legs. The zhua wielder falls to the ground, bleeding profoundly from his legs. Crazy horse brings the axe down on his head and ends his suffering. (1-1)

Crazy horse and Sun Tzu face each other, passion in both their eyes, one fighting for conquest the other to protect his people. They stand for almost an eternity, waiting for the other to attack. Crazy horse makes the first move and swings his axe but sun tzu parries with his sword. Sun tzu slashes Crazy horse’s arm, leaving a shallow cut.

The Sioux Chief is not deterred and tries to strike sun tzu with the axe but sun tzu uses his sword to separate the axe head from the handle. Crazy horse discards the now useless axe and takes out a couple of knives and throws them, hitting the Chinese strategist in both shoulders. Sun tzu drops his sword and falls to his knees, his eyes shut, gritting his teeth.

The Sioux Chief takes this opportunity and pulls out another knife. With a quick thrust the Chinese strategist falls, never to stand again. Chief crazy horse yells in victory and gose to tell his people of his victory.


Expert's Opinion[]

Chief Crazy horse won because he was on horseback making him harder to hit and because his archery took out Sun Tzu before he could get anywhere near him.

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The battle has been disregarded because Sun Tzu has been disqualified as a warrior.