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We Spaniards know a sickness of the heart that only gold can cure.
— Hernan Cortes

Conquistador is the term widely used to refer to the Spanish soldiers, explorers, and adventurers who brought much of the Americas under the control of Spain in the 15th through the 19th centuries following Europe's discovery of the New World by Christopher Columbus in 1492. The leaders of the conquest of the Aztec Empire were Hernán Cortés and Pedro de Alvarado. Francisco Pizarro led the conquest of the Incan Empire.

The Conquistadors in the Americas were more a volunteer militia than an actual organized military. They had to supply their own materials, weapons and horses. Some were supported by a government, such as Hernan Cortes' by Spain.

Battle vs. Mongol Warrior (by Samurai234)[]

In a Mongolian campsite, a Mongol is sitting near a tent, sharping his scmitar with a rock. Suddenly, he hears what appears to be the sound of a horse galloping. He looks up but sees nothing. Unaware to him, the sound was actually from a Conquistador riding on his horse. The Conquistador loads a bolt on his crossbow and fires. The bolt misses the Mongol, but startles him. The Mongol looks and sees the Conquistador preparing to fire another bolt. The Mongol quickly mounts on his horse and rides at the Conquistador, bow and arrow in hand. The Mongol fires an arrow that hits the Conquistador in the leg. The Conquistador angrily pulls the arrow out of his leg and load his arquebus and fires. He misses the Mongol, but the sound of the gun startles the Mongolian horse. The Conquistador mounts on his horse and charges at the Mongol, lance in hand. The Mongol charges at him, lasso in hand. The Mongol tries to get the lasso around the Conquistador's neck, but the Conquistador grabs the lasso and yanks the mongol off his horse. The Mongol retreats back to camp, withn the Conquistador not far behind. The Mongol approachs his tent and grabs his lance. The Mongol bursts out from the tent and uses the lance's hook to pull the Conquistador off his horse. The Mongol tries to finish the Conquistador off, but the lance ends up gettting stuck in the ground, so he unsheaths his Scmitar while the Conquistador unsheaths his sword. The two warrior each swing thier weapons, each trying to edge until The Mongol kicks the Conquistador to the ground. Acting fast, however, the Conquistador quickly points his sword up, causing the Mongol to impale himself on the sword as he rushed in to finish him off. The Conquistador kicks the dead mongol off him, raises his sword in the air, and yells "¡Viva los Conquistadores!".

Expert's Opinion[]

The experts thought the reason why the Conquistador won was because even though the mongol had the most effective weapon in this fight, his horseback archery, the Conquistador had the better weapons(actually having a gunpowder weapon), and bettter armor.

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Battle vs. Ming Soldier (by KevlarNinja)[]

Ming Warrior: 12345

Conquistador: 12345

In a South American jungle, a group of Conquistadors on horseback are looking for Aztec riches. Meanwhile, some Ming Warriors, who have sailed there from China, are looking to expand the empire. They see the Conquistadors and the leader tells them to attack. Two Mings get there Matchlock Muskets and fire, hitting one Conquistador in the arm and a second in the neck.

Conquistador: 1234

The Conquistador leader yells in Spanish "Return fire!" One Conquistador fires his Arquebus, killing the Ming that injured his fellow soldier.

Ming Warrior: 1234

The Mings run away to find some shelter as the Conquistadors follow. The remaining Matchlock Ming is falling behind because of all his weapons, so he throws his Musket away and fires a few rounds from his Repeating Crossbow at a Conquistador. Most of them bounce off his chest armor, but one hit's him in the leg. He stops to pull it out and then laughs mockingly at the Ming. The Injured Conquistador tries to kill the Ming with his lance and he does, impaling the Ming, but beacause of his arm, the lance is a little to the left.

Ming Warrior: 123

The Ming leader says at there fort, at a lost Aztec city, "We must defend the fort from those barbarians!" "Yes sir!" answer the other two Mings. They run up to the top of a nearby temple, except for one who stands guard at the temple steps. The Conquistadors come to the city. They get off there horses. The Injured Conquistador runs up to the Ming guard, who is armed with a Nangseon spear. The guard hits the Conquistador on the chest with the branched side of his spear, but his attacker's armor breaks the branches. Luckly for the Ming, one of branches breaks off and hit's the Conquistador in the face. The Ming finishes the job by stabing him in the neck with his spear tip.

Conquistador: 123

The Conquistador with the bad leg fires his crossbow, hitting the guard in the head.

Ming Warrior: 12

The Conquistador laughs, but then stops and drops dead from the poison from the Repeating Crossbow bolt.

Conquistador: 12

Still in surprise from what just happend, the Conquistadors run towards the temple. They run up the steps and one pulls out his Sabre, yelling a battle cry. He blindsides a Ming, stabbing him in the chest.

Ming Warrior: 1

The Ming leader cuts of his leg below the knee with his Dao and the Conquistador falls to his death down the temple steps.

Conquistador: 1

The Ming turns around and the Conquistador and Ming start to duel. The Ming tries to downward chop his opponent, but he dodges it and the Ming brakes his Dao on a rock altar. The Conquistador chops off the Ming's head.

Ming Warrior:

The Conquistador holds his sabre up in the air and shouts in Spanish "For Spain!"

Expert's Opinion[]

The Conquistadors won this fight because of their superior weaponry and armor that was able to stop the weapons of the Ming Warriors, and because of their combat on mounted warfare.

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Battle vs. Caribbean Pirate (by Wassboss)[]

Pirate: BrownBrownBrownBrownBrown

Conquistador: GreenGreenGreenGreenGreen

A pirate ship docks off the coast of South America. Out of the ship come 5 pirates ready to explore this new land. 2 of them have Blunderbuss’s and the other three have of them have flintlock pistols. They all are armed with cutlasses. They look around and slowly make their way inland.

From the top of a hill 5 conquistador’s watch the pirates. Two of them are on horseback, but the other three are on foot. The lead conquistador points at the pirates and the three on foot pull out their arquebus’s and aim at the pirates. The leader instructs them to fire and they do so but they only hit one pirate. Brown

The pirates look up and see the conquistadors on top of the hill. The horsemen charge down the hill with their footmen close behind. The pirates ready their guns and wait for the conquistador’s too reach them. The first horseman charges at them but one of the pirates fires their blunderbuss hitting the conquistador square in the chest. Green

The leader charges down on his horse and impales the blunderbuss pirate with his lance. Brown

The other three conquistadors reach the bottom of the hill and one fires his crossbow hitting the other blunderbuss wielding pirate right between the eyes. Brown

The pirate leader pulls out a flintlock and fires at the horseman but only succeeds in hitting the horse. The horse collapses and the lead conquistador has no choice but to put it out of its misery. The pirate leader pulls out another flintlock and fires at the crossbow wielder hitting him in the neck. Green

The other two conquistadors pull out there sword and charge at the pirates. The pirate leader pulls out a boarding axe and throws it hitting one of the conquistador’s in the head.Green

The pirate leader smirks and turns around and finds himself with a sword too his face. The conquistador leader stabs it forward, the sword going through the pirates head and coming out the other side. Brown

Meanwhile the other pirate pulls out his cutlass and starts to duel with the other conquistador. However the sabre shatters and the pirate slices the conquistadors head clean off. Green

He turns to see how his captain is getting on and sees his body, crumpled in a heap on the floor. He shouts in surprise and the lead conquistador almost cuts his hand off. The pirate comes to his senses and dodges another strike from the conquistador. They duel for a bit until the cutlass is knocked out of the pirates hands.

The conquistador hits the pirate with the hilt of the sword knocking him down. The pirate falls to his knees and the conquistador points the tip of his sword at the pirates head smiling. The pirate however picks up some sand and throws it at the conquistador, getting him in the eye, blurring his vision.

The pirate then gets up and pulls out another flintlock. He levels it at the conquistadors head and fires killing him. Green The pirate yells in victory and walks back to the ship.

Expert's Opinion[]

The pirates won because their weapons were much better and because they did not fight fairly.

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Battle vs. Joseon Army (by Kazanshin)[]

The Joseon Dynasty rules unchallenged in Korea during this period of the early 16th century. Nobody would ever suspect a Japanese invasion, how delusional. However, there was one thing that bothered the Koreans: a group of European missionaries, who came to spread their “word of God". The local monks were already expressing their discontent on their presence. With the expanding influence of Christianity, there could only be one meaning: a religious invasion. The emperor responded with power. He ordered a group of five warriors to assassinate the Westerners. No religious uproar would be tolerated.

The five conquistadors escort a group of missionaries. They walk near a Neo-Confucianism temple, which they intend to dethrone as the leading religion of the area. However, they aren't aware of the group of eyes watching them. The conquistadors follow their captain, chatting with each other, unsuspecting of anything. Suddenly, a loud, sharp sound. Instinctively, the captain tackles one of the missionaries to the ground. A bullet of cold lead grazes his steel helmet.

“¡Todos, a tus armas! (Everyone, to your weapons!)”

Joseon: 5

Conquistadors : 5

The conquistadors draw their weapons while the missionaries run away. Two draw their arquebus, one grabs his halberd, another grabs his espada ropera, as the captain takes out his crossbow. Soon, they see their enemies. A group of five Korean soldiers, armed with swords, polearms and muskets.

“¡A la carga! (Charge!)”

“돌격! (Charge!)

The two sides fire their muskets. The Joseons miss their shots, but so do the conquistadors. The Spanish captain fires his crossbow, hitting a Korean in the shoulder. The injured warrior yells in pain and holds his wound. The fighters who charged meet between the two sides and engage. The sword armed conquistador thrusts at his opponent, who deflects the attack with his Geom sword. The Joseon swings his sword sideways, but the conquistador manages to block the swing with his espada, then kick the Asian away. The Joseon thrusts with his sword, but the Spaniard moves away, then swings his own sword, but is blocked by the Korean’s shield. The Joseon bashes the Spanish in the face with the shield, then attempts to stab, but the Conquistador kicks again, saving his life. The Conquistador then thrust violently before the Joseon can recover, stabbing through his chest and killing him.

Joseon: 4

The other Spanish, with his halberd, engages two Joseon warriors at the same time. One of the two swings down his hyeopdo, but the Conquistador parries the attack with his weapon. The other warrior, with his Jedok Geom out, charges at the Spaniard, but is repelled by the superior reach of the halberd. The Conquistador swings his halberd wildly, making the two Koreans jump back. The Conquistador thrusts his weapon at one of the Joseon warriors, who steps aside and swings his hyeopdo. The polearm hits the Conquistador in the head, dazing him with pain and damaging the helmet, but unable to deal lethal damage.The other Joseon tries to slash at the European with his sword, but is shot in the head by one of the arquebus armed Conquistador.

Joseon: 3

The sword armed Conquistador rushes to aid his ally and swings his espada at the Korean, who blocks with his hyeopdo. The Korean thrusts once again, but is again dodged. The dazed Spanish recovers and faces the Joseon. But this time, one of the Korean musketeers fires, hitting the halberd armed Conquistador through the neck.

Conquistadors: 4

The Conquistador captain fires his crossbow once again, impaling the first injured Joseon through the head.

Joseon: 2

The sword armed Conquistador swings down his sword but is blocked by the hyeopdo's pole. He then uses his free hand to punch the Joseon warrior in the face, then throw a wild sideways swing at the dazed Asian, decapitating him.

Joseon: 1

The sword armed Conquistador regroups with his friends as the remaining Korean musketeer charges angrily at the opponents, then throws his grenade at them. The captain and the musketman manage to roll away, but the Conquistador swordsman gets his legs blown up, while the other is completely obliterated.

Conquistador: 2

“¡Cuidar de él! ¡Lo mataré yo mismo! (Take care of him (wounded)! I’ll kill him myself!)”

The captain shouts as he throws his crossbow aside and draws his Espada Ropera and grabs his shield. The Joseon Warrior does the same, throwing his musket aside and drawing his Jedok Geom and his shield.

Quickly the two runs at each other, with their shields bashing into each other. The captain swings down his espada, which is blocked by the geom. The Joseon kicks the captain in the shield, knocking him away. The captain recovers fast enough to block a slash from the Korean. He then swings his shield sideways, hitting his enemy in the ribs. He then takes the brief opening in the Joseon’s defense to swing his espada down, hitting him in the shoulder and draws some blood, but unable to deal any major damage. The angered Joseon stabs down his geom faster than the captain can bring his espada back and hits him in the chest, but equally unable to stab through the armor. The Joseon then brings his sword downwards, slashing at the captain’s thigh. The captain grunts in pain, but kicks his foe back once more. The two swing their swords again, locking them into each-other. The captain brings his sword down, slashing the Joseon in the hand and forcing his to let go off the sword. The captain then bashes the Joseon in his face with the espada’s hilt and slashes at his other hand, disarming him of his shield. The korean warrior reaches out to grab another grenade, but the captain stabs him in the lower jaw, with the tip of the espada coming out of the top of the Joseon helmet.

Joseon: 0

The conquistador captain returns to his friends, and the missionaries come back to help the wounded conquistadors. Later, the Spanish Empire hears of the assassination attempt, and give their answer. A huge fleet of European galleons bombard Korea’s coastal cities and villages, and the Spanish forces debark. Soon, the Emperor submits and is forced to abandon a part of their land to the Spanish, who then use this new land to monopolize trade with the Japanese, outmatching their Portuguese rivals.

Expert's Opinion[]

While both sides were highly trained, fierce warriors, only one brought down an entire empire single-handedly. The conquistadors had the advantage in armor, long range weaponry, and most importantly the halberd, which was much more versatile and destructive than the hyeopdo. To put the nail in the coffin, the Joseon would be lucky to even have half the battle experience of the Conquistadors, who fought on multiple continents and faced multiple foes, while the Joseon Warrior only fought the Manchurians and the Samurai, with the latter battle lost until they got help from the Ming .

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Battle vs. Janissary (by Detective Loki)[]

Conquistadores : GreyGreyGreyGreyGrey

Janissaries: GreenGreenGreenGreenGreen

In the sweltering heat of a distant land, five Conquistadores, clad in heavy armor, march into an open plain, their eyes ablaze with the fire of conquest. Across the field, five Ottoman Janissaries, disciplined and fierce, enter the clearing as well. Catching sight of the Conquistadores, the Janissaries prepared their muskets for a volley of fire. The leader of the Conquistadores spots this and orders his troops to prepare their weapons as well. However, the Ottomans strike first. In the first volley of fire, one shot makes its mark as a musket ball punches through a Spaniard's skull, his morion clattering uselessly to the ground as he drops backwardsGrey.

The four remaining explorers manage to get their shots off in response. Three of the replies whiff but the last punches through the plated mail of a Janissary. He stumbles backwards with a hole in his chest and slumps onto log near the edge of the battlefieldGreen. The Conquistadores drop their muskets and begin a charge at the Turks, blades gleaming in the sunlight as they close the distance.

The Ottomans make a brief advance towards the approaching Spanish and then raise their shields. Blades meet blades as the two forces meet in combat for the very first time. One of the Conquistadores crosses his espada ropera with a Turkish yataghan. Believing he sees an opening, the man overextends on a thrust that is easily brushed aside by the Janissary's shield. The Janissary slices down with the yataghan, cutting open the explorer's calf. Falling to one knee, the man is helpless as the Turk finishes him off with a blow to the throatGrey. Elsewhere, a Spaniard with an alabarda successfully hooks his adversary's shield away. With the polearm's reach, he uses the pike end to pierce the Janissary's chainmail directly underneath the sternum. With his heart ruptured, another Janissary drops to the grass as the pike is retractedGreen.

One of the Ottomans quickly breaks away to light the fuse on a primitive hand grenade. As he tosses it, all but one of the Conquistadores disperses. The remaining man is thrown to the ground as the device explodes. Disoriented on his back, he notices far too late as one of the Janissaries brings a berdiche down upon his midsection, nearly bisecting him at the waist. Screaming in panic, he is quickly silenced as the Ottoman brings the axe down again on his faceGrey. The two remaining Conquistadores approach the three Janissaries, one with two hands on his alabarda, the other with one on his buckler shield and one on his espada ropera. The three Ottomans approach, two with berdiches drawn and one with yataghan at the ready.

The alabarda-wielding Conquistador engages the two Janissaries with their axes drawn. The first Turk has his axe pinned to the ground by the alabarda and is incapacitated as the pike end is implanted in his thigh. The other Ottoman tries to bring his berdiche down onto the Conquistador but has his blow deflected by the breastplate into the grass. The Spaniard responds by bringing the head of the alabarda down through the Janissary's collarboneGreen. The wounded Janissary is finished off as the explorer comes back to slam the axe head down into his faceGreen.

The seemingly-eternal clash of sword and shield ends for the Conquistador and the Janissary as the other surviving explorer finds an opening and a thrust from the espada ropera goes clean through the Ottoman's throat. The final Janissary coughs blood as the blade is retracted. He drops to his knees and face first to the dirtGreen. The skirmish over, the remaining Conquistadores assess their losses as they try to determine how much of their former coworkers' equipment can be brought with them on the horses as they continue to explore this new world.

Winner: Conquistadors

Expert's Opinion[]

Despite superior training and combat experience, the Janissaries had weapons disadvantages at close and mid range and an armor disadvantage at all ranges. The Ottoman was the more well-drilled soldier, but the small nature of the engagement better suited the adaptable and well-equipped Spaniards.

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