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Those clankers have tough armor!
— Commander Cody

The BX-series Commando Droids are a highly improved variation of the B1 Battle Droid equipped for stealth and undercover operations for the Separatist cause. They can be extremely silent and stealthy if they need to be. They are designed to be faster, smarter and be more independent than their B1 counterparts. They carry a small yet effective variety of weapons including: Vibroblades, E5 Blaster Rifles, and Sniper Rifles. They are skilled in melee combat, incredibly durable, and are more agile than a regular B1 droid.

Battle vs. Jackal (Halo) (by Deathblade 100[]


BX Droids:RedRedRedRedRed

A small unit of Kig-Yar pirates skulks around the outskirts of a village. A smouldering ship sits in a crater near the centre. As the Kig-Yar approach, a red blaster bolt cuts down one of the pirates.Blue As the Kig-Yar scatter, five BX-series Droid Commandos approach the village in order to secure it; one carrying a heavy sniper rifle. One of the remaining Kig-Yar opens fire with its Type 51 Carbine, damaging one of the Droids and decapitating another.Red

As the Kig-Yar sniper sights up another shot, a barrage of blaster fire forces the other Jackals to activate their Point-Defence Gauntlets. Two of the BX Droids activate their shields before coming under fire from Type 33 Guided Munition Launcher or Needler fire; the purply shards ricocheting from the shields. The BX-commando captain grabs a Vibrosword and, outflanking one of the Jackals, impales the luckless creature.Blue The Kig-Yar captain activates its Energy Cutlass and plunges the crystalline blade through one of the BX shields; the blade shredding the droid behind the shield.Red The Jackal sniper fires another shot, killing the Droid sniper before it could set up its weapon.Red As the sniper began to rejoin the battle, a barrage of E-5 Blaster fire fatally wounded the pirate.Blue

The Kig-Yar captain ducked behind its shield as a barrage of blaster bolts struck it; the plasma field weakening severely with every shot it absorbed. A volley of Needler needles damaged the BX captain before the luckless Kig-Yar fell to a Vibrosword slash.Blue The Kig-Yar captain's shield flickered down under the volley of E-5 blaster bolts. The last Jackal grabs hold of a Needler, firing at the shield of the second last BX droid in vain, before two blaster bolts fired from the shielded BX-Droid ended the pirate's life.Blue

The BX captain activated a hologram to the command ship and announced "Mission Accomplished".

Expert's Opinion:[]

While the Kig-Yar weren't slouches in combat, they were hopeless outgunned by the BX-series Droids and heavily outmatched when it came to hand-to-hand combat despite the Kig-Yar's more effective melee weapon. What really swung the battle in the favour of the BK-series was the droids' better energy shields; which weren't as likely to fail under concentrated fire like the Kig-Yar's were.

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