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Battles here were deemed to be unfair or otherwise not in accordance with wiki standards, and have been removed from the statuses of the warriors and displayed below.

Battle vs. Rajput (by Wassboss)[]

A Rajput warrior is patrolling the Indian-Pakistan border. There have been several attacks on this part, from a new enemy who often attacks on horseback. This Rajput is renounced for his amazing weapon’s training. He is ready for any foe, whether they are on horseback or not. He hears something on the ridge above him and makes his way up.

At the top of the ridge is a Comanche Chief eating some buffalo. He is scouting ahead for his tribe, if it is safe his family will make the journey to the valley below. He is so engrossed with his food, he hardly notices the Rajput who has just appeared at the ridge edge. The Rajput takes out a Chakram and eyes up the Comanche. He believes this warrior to be a threat and throws his Chakram him.

The disc however misses the Comanche and lodges itself in the rock wall behind. The Comanche jumps up and face this strange new warrior. The Rajput throws another chakram but the Comanche dodges it and runs to get his bow. The Rajput sees what he is doing and throws another chakram but it flies harmlessly over the Comanche’s head.

The Comanche picks up his bow and notches and arrow. He then fires at the Indian warrior but he blocks with his shield. The Comanche fires several more arrows in quick succession but all of them ether miss or get stuck in his shield. The Rajput pulls out 2 chakram’s and throws them, both of them scraping the Comanche’s left arm. The Comanche runs over to his horse and jumps on it, pulling out his war lance at the same time.

The Rajput throws another chakram but the horses fast pace means all he slices through is the air. The Comanche charges at the Rajput and thrusts his lance forward, missing the Rajput by a few inches. The Rajput, having run out of chakrams, takes out his Khanda and waits for the Comanche to charge and him again.

Just as the Rajput expects the Comanche comes charging back, lance held in front of him, a look of pure determination on his face. The Rajput waits for the Comanche to get within range and swings his sword, almost taking him off his horse. The Comanche rides off again, but this time the Rajput gives chase. The Comanche rides round the side of a large rock face and dismounts. He takes out his war hawk and waits for the Rajput to come round the corner.

The Rajput runs up to the rock face but senses something is not right. He sheathes his Khanda and takes out his Aara. He creeps closer to the rock face, inches away from where the Comanche is standing. The Rajput sees the Comanche’s foot sticking out from behind the rock face and, using the Aara like a whip, smacks his foot as hard as he can, causing the Comanche to cry out in pain.

The Rajput swings the Aara in a circle and lashes it forward, striking his leg, and leaving a nasty cut. The Comanche lunges forward and swings the war hawk and hitting the rajput’s arm. The Rajput drops his Aara and the Comanche sees his chance. He swings his war hawk in a hacking motion, forcing the Rajput to step back to avoid the rapid blows.

The Rajput unsheathes his Khanda and swings it in a downward chop slicing through the wooden handle of the war hawk. The Comanche tosses it away and pulls out his scalping knife. He dodges a swing from the Khanda and, lunging forward stabs the knife into the Rajput’s chest.

However the Rajput’s armour stops it from making it through. The Rajput thrust his sword forward but the Comanche dodges and kicks the Rajput in the face stunning him. With a fluid movement the Comanche yanks the word out of the Rajput’s hand and throws it down the cliff face. The Comanche thinking the Rajput is now defenceless, goes crazy with his knife but none of the blows make it through his opponents armour.

The Comanche doesn’t give up though and goes for a very powerful thrust with the knife. But once he is in range the Rajput thrusts forward, with his previously unseen Katar, and stabs the Comanche in the stomach. The Comanche falls to the ground dying and looks up to see the Rajput standing above him, ready to end the battle. With a quick punch downwards the Comanche’s life is ended.

Winner Rajput

Expert's Opinion[]

The Rajput won because his armour protected him from the arrows and once he could get the Comanche of his horse he could easily subdue him.

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The battle was declared invalid because the Celts were given a lancea, a weapon they never used.

Battle vs. Celtic Warrior (by MilenHD)[]

On a plain with few lonely trees, the Celtic warrior raises his lancea and gives a loud war cry and his charioteer starts driving their chariot, not away the Comanche rides his horse and fires few arrows at the Celtic chariot, only hitting the wooden surface, as both warriors got close to each other, the Celt thrusting his lancea, piercing the Comanche's leg and as both warriors turned for another charge at each other, the Comanche fired two arrows after each.

The first pierced the charioteer's eye killing him and with the second he pierced, the Celt's shoulder knocking him and stopping the chariot. The Celt pulled his sling and hurled few stones at the Comanche missing all of them. The Comanche dismounted his horse and charged with his war lance at the Celt, who grabbed his shield and stopped the blow of the lance and as both tried to stab each other, the Celt had the advantage, because having his spear longer and the Comanche leg was wounded. Then the Comanche retreated to his horse to get his shield, but the Celt threw his lancea at him and he missed. The Comanche equipped his buffalo hide shield and charged with his lance in other hand. The Celt pulled his longsword from his sheath and charged at the Comanche. As both warriors clashed, the Comanche's shield was teared in two by the longsword.

The Comanche was thrusting his lance few times, all the blows were blocked by the Celt's shield and the Celt swung his sword and sliced the lance in two. The Comanche pulled his war hawk and he managed to hook the Celt's shield with the first blow, then he smacked into's Celt's shoulder getting stuck, due to the leather armor, while the Celt groaned in pain.

The Comanche tried to scalp the Celt with his knife, but the Celt acted very fast and smashed the Indian's legs with his burda and as he got up, he stabbed the Comanche in the abdomen with his longsword. Then he removed the war hawk from his shoulder and raised his burda and shouted in victory.

Expert's Opinion[]

The Comanche's primitive weapons were unable to match the Celt's superior melee weapons, gigantic shield and leather tunic. Also the Celt was stronger than the Comanche, and yeah he lost in long range and the horse was more mobile than the chariot, but the factors are factors.

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The battle was declared invalid because the Celt's lancea as depicted in this battle was not historically accurate.

Battle vs. Jacobites (by KevlarNinja)[]

In a Scottish field, a Highlander stands with a decapitated English soldier at his feet. From the distance , he hears someone shouting. He looks and sees a Comanche, who sees the highlander as an invader, shouting a war cry. The Highlander throws a Ball and Chain, but it barely comes close to hitting the mounted warrior. The Comanche fires an arrow and hits the Highlander in the side. The Highlander pulls out the arrow, snaps the arrow over his knee, and laughs at the Comanche with contempt.

The Comanche tries to stab the Highlander a few times with his war lance, but the rebel dodges it every time. He then pulls out his bloodly Claymore and chops the spear in half. The Comanche throws the rest of the spear at the Highlander, knocking his Targe and Drik out of his hands. The Comanche warrior then jumps off his horse.

The Comanche pulls out his War Hawk and hits the Highlander in the gut. The Highlander pulls out his War Hammer and hits his foe's ankle. The Comanche falls down and the Highlander tries to hit him with the sharp end of the war hammer, but the Comanche kicks him in the gut, makeing the rebel stumble back, so the Comanche can get back on his feet.He pulls out his Scalping Knife and the Highlander picks up his Targe and Drik. The Highlander tries to kill the Comanche with the spike on his Targe, but the Comanche steps out of the way and trips him, makeing him fall to the ground, yet agian, and getting the Targe stuck in the ground. The Comanche holds the Highlander in a chokehold and tries to scalp the Highlander, but he stabs the Comanche in the chest with his Drik, killing him. The Highlander gets back up and shouts in victory. He then goes back home to brag about how he killed two attackers in a row.


Expert's Opinion[]

The superior armour and harder-hitting close ranged weapons of the highlander allowed him to triumph over his Native American foe.

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The battle was declared invalid because the Jacobites were given a ball and chain, a weapon they never used.

Battle vs. Māori Warrior (by MilenHD)[]

On a lone island with forest and plains nearby,a lone Comanche was walking until he had a strange feeling that he is not alone and is been watched by somebody.As he turned and prepeared his bow,he began sneaking until he saw a big tattooed man performing the war dance "Ka Mate" and that was non other than the Maori.The Comanche taught he is not doing it against him and showed himself to the Maori,but the Maori grabbed his hoeroa and threw it and the Comanche and the hoeroa didn't even landed close to him.

Seeing he is violent at him the Comanche fired an arrow at the Maori,but the Polynesian ducked it and charged at the Comanche with his taiaha,but the Comanche fired few arrows in succession,most of them were dodged,but the last one pierced his shoulder and forced the Maori to retreat in the woods and the Native American followed him.As they have gone deeper in the woods,the Comanche looked around for the Polynesian,but he attacked him from behind,slamming his taiaha at the Comanche's back and knocked him at the ground,but the Comanche grabbed his lance and started attempting to pierce the Maori,but the Maori managed to block it with his taiaha.They dueled for about 3 minutes with the Comanche piercing the Maori's leg,but the cannibal managed to break the lance in half,and slammed his taiaha at the Comanche's head brutally wounding him.But the Comanche still had a fighting spirit and defended himself with his war hawk.

As wounded he was the Comanche managed to pull away the taiaha with his war hawk and slammed his war hawk and brutally pierced the shoulder of the Maori,but the Maori punched the Comanche near the ribcage and forced him to back away,as the Maori pulled both of his clubs(mere & leiomano) he started swinging them at the Comanche,only scratching the cloth of the Comanche and as he continued to swing his clubs.

As the Comanche taught that he would die,he grabbed his scalping knife in his left hand and pierced the Maori's stomach.As the big Polynesian grabbed his wound he left his mere on the ground.As opportunity,the Comanche smacked his war hawk at the Maori's neck killing him.As his opponent was dead the Comanche scalped the Maori,raised his bloody trophy and made his iconic war cry.

Expert's Opinion[]

While the Maori had the better weapons and physicality,the Comanche's superior training and the fact that the bow was the twin hooks of this fight gave him the victory over the Polynesian brute.

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The battle was declared invalid because the Maori had been given a leiomano (or shark tooth club), a weapon they never used.