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Montana, 1880. My name is Colton White. My father and I hunt game for the riverboats coming up the Missouri. It's not a bad living, if you can stand getting kicked awake every dawn.
— Colton White

Colton "Cole" White was raised by a mountain man named Ned White, who made a living by hunting and selling furs and the like. One day, in 1880, Ned took Colton on a trip. However, the riverboat they use gets attacked by Renegades. The two work to save the passengers, but the boat becomes seriously damaged. Ned gives Colton a special item, and informs him that he wasn't Colton's father, and throws him overboard, to save his life.

Colton eventually learns the truth - Ned was not his real father the Apache tribe he belonged too had all been murdered by a man named Thomas Magruder, who sought Quivira, the City of Gold, and now runs the territory with an iron fist. Colton soon works with a group of resistance fighters lead by Clay Allison, and a tribe of Apache warriors lead by Chief Many Wounds, who, along with Colton, had survived the massacre and had given Colton to Ned to raise. After many battles, Colton eventually locates Magruder in the City of Gold, and avenges his family.

Battle vs. Jack Marston (by Richard Starkey)[]

Jack was walking out of an abandoned mine, when he saw an arrow hit the entrance he squinted at the arrow and noticed the dynamite. Jack Rolled out of the way just in time.

He glanced up to see cole running after him Tomahawk in hand. Jack swiftly shot the weapon out of his hand with his Mauser.Cole Unshouldered Ned's Rifle and shot jack in the knee.

Jack dropped his Mauser and grasped his injury trying to limp away. He glanced back seeing Cole throwing his molotav, Jack dodged and through dynamite back at cole. Cole ducked, drew both peacemakers and charged.

Jack started to draw his explosive rifle but cole shot the rifle out of his hands. Jack quickly drew his winchester and shot Cole in the abdomen. Both collided and fell in a heap.They scrambled upright and cole put his peacemaker to jack's head.

Cole gave a smile of victory, but the smile soon faded as he glanced down to see jack's knife in his stomach. Cole fell to his knees blood dripped from his mouth as Jack grabbed cole's peacemaker and pressed it against cole's forhead and said "My pa did this to me" Then pulled the trigger.


Expert's Opinion[]

While Colton had the edges in weapons, Jack had training from one of the single most skilled cowboys from the West, in addition to having Dead Eye.

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