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Little pig, little pig. No more escape.
— Chris Walker
An ex-millitary policeman who served in Afghanistan and ex-Murkoff security guard who murdered three patients and the doctor at a therapy facility, Chris Walker was the first patient at Mount Massive Asylum in 2011 with his childhood stuffed toy, little pig, after being apprehended by the Pauls, Murkoff's agents. The Morphogenic Engine gave him even more strength and durability then he had before but it didn't change his mental state.

He was still obsessed with security protocol, only this time he had a goal. Contain the Walrider before it reaches the town by killing anyone who could be a host. He also is fond of collecting heads and tore off his nose and forehead skin for night vision and enhanced senses.

Chris Walker pursued Miles Upshur throughout the asylum but could never kill him. When he was about to, the Walrider, killed him first by forcing him through an air vent.

Battle vs. Leatherface (by Pygmy Hippo 2)[]

Mount Massive Asylum, Colorado

Prison Block

12:00 AM

"Get those bitches, Bubba! Dog will hunt! Dog will hunt!" Chop-Top was busy smashing a poor inmate's head in with a claw hammer while Leatherface ran down some other inmates and sliced one in half with his chainsaw. Unfortunately the process took time and a larger Variant with a 2×4 with nails in it took the opportunity to whack his head with it.

As he cried out in pain, the Variant kept smacking Leatherface with it but failed to notice he had finished with his previous victim. With a victorious yell, he thrusted his chainsaw upwards and through the Variant's chest, shredding his heart and shattering his ribs. He continued to havk away at the body until his brother called him over. "Hey, you think the guy wearing white's a security guard? He's running for the phone room, run his ass down Bubba!"

Leatherface had a different plan though and dropped his chainsaw, pulling out his mallet-sized sledgehammer instead and going down a side path. Chop-Top didn’t care so long as the guy was slaughtered and he's perfectly fine with staying here to see that all of their victims were dead. He heard a loud crash and looked up to see a massive man with chains on his arms and legs who looked like he had torn his own face off already.

Chris Walker growled at the puny man in front of him after he dropped down from the second floor. Containment was going well and he had plenty of trophies but he still knew a threat to the public when he saw one. "Think you're tough shit, huh? Well, I've been in Nam, fatass!" In two powerful strides, he was within grabbing distance of Chop-Top and grabbed the man's wrist when he swung the claw hammer at him.

Chris broke the man's bone with a simple squeeze and as the man howled in pain, dropping his weapon, he picked him up by the throat with the other hand and lifted him up. "Little pig." But he was interrupted in his torso rip by Chop-Top stabbing him in the throat with his switchblade, that proved to only delay the inevitable and piss the big man off. Walker instead decided to throw the annoying Sawyer through the nearby window which unluckily for Chop-Top led to the outside and he screamed in terror as he fell down the mountain to the forest below.


"I've got to call for help. I've got to, I don't care what Murkoff says! Is that a pig?" The security guard had horrifying flashbacks of the most infamous inmate chasing after hin and killing his friends, keeping their heads as trophies, as he said that. But it did seem like there was a pig in the phone room, at least it sounded like it, he didn’t have a gun but hey, he lost the big guy, there couldn't be another physically imposing Variant-

Leatherface stepped in front of him as he opened the door, not only proving him wrong but also smacking his face with the mallet-sized sledgehammer. The man toppled over and convulsed until Bubba finished the job with a second swing. He liked the man's face so he kneeled next to the corpse and pulled out his electric knife but put it back as he heard a scream pierce the air.

His brother's scream.

Leatherface ran back as fast as he could and found Chris turning to look at him, he yelled at the man who simply roared back at him. The slasher was intimidated for the first time in this asylum and regretted dropping his chainsaw earlier as the big man towered over him before closing his hands into fists. "Big hog." Walker and Bubba swung at each other and managed to send each other stumbling back before running at each other.

Leatherface hoped to get in another swing of his mallet-sized sledgehammer but Chris grabbed his wrist and attempted to punch him only for his foe to hold back his hand. The two were locked in a contest of strength where neither were willing to give up and both were shocked that someone as strong as them lurked in the asylum as well. But Walker was slightly stronger and pushed Bubba to his knees before kicking him in the chest with his boot.

Chris stomped over to the smaller man and went to grab him but yelled out in pain as the electric knife cut his hand. Leatherface followed this up by taking a swing at his leg with his mallet-sized sledgehammer but was horrified to see the big man not even give out a cry of pain at that. Walker picked up Bubba by the throat and chokeslammed him on a nearby table, the wood breaking from the heavy blow and the Texan's weight.

Leatherface squealed like a pig as he realized he dropped his weapons and Chris grabbed him by his leg before slamming him on the concrete floor. Dazed from the beating, the slasher couldn't prevent the Variant from grabbing his arm again and judo throwing him over his shoulder, headfirst into the floor. Walker punched himself in the face twice as he roared in victory before going for the final grab, he would slam Bubba into the nearby pillar and then rip his torso off, keeping his head as a trophy...

Buzz, buzz, buzz!

Leatherface had other plans and finally retrieved his chainsaw, doing an uppercut with it that sliced through Chris' torso, the cut wasn't too deep but it still caused him to fall over and it bled heavily. The slasher swung the chainsaw downwards, the Variant first blocking it with his chain but it bounced off and cut into his forearm. Walker yelled in agony but gathered the strength to punch Bubba in the gut as hard as he could, the smaller man keeling over and trying not to throw up.

Both were heavily wounded and Chris strided over to a broken walk but Leatherface caught him first and hacked his leg with the chainsaw. Luckily a snare trap caught his ankle before too much damage could be done and he was dragged away yelling, only barely keeping himself on the ground by a lucky swing. Walker gritted his teeth limped over to the iron pole sticking out of the broken wall and ripped it out before roaring at the top of his lungs. Bubba got up and let out a mighty yell in response as he charged, both pointing theur weapons at each other but something unexpected happened.

Shunk! Bzz...

The iron pole punctured the chainsaw's gas tank and Leatherface groaned in horror as it failed to start up again. "You're out of options. I'll make this quick." The Variant swung the other end of the iron pole at the slasher, knocking him over once more, but the man desperately grabbed his electric knife. Walker stabbed him through the back and barely dodged Bubba throwing the electric knife at him.

Chris reached down and ripped Leatherface's head off before he could stop him and roared in victory. He inspected the head and noticed something odd, what he thought was the man's face was actually a human flesh mask. "Two-for-one?" Never mind that, he had work to do, there were still many more hosts before containment was successful and he staggered off in search of them.

"We have to contain it."

Winner:Chris Walker

Expert's Opinion[]

Chris Walker is victorious in this battle of overweight Texan killers due to his better short range weapon and taking Physicality and Experience. While Leatherface had edges in his mid range weapon, special weapons, and Tactics, he couldn't overcome his foe's far superior strength and durability. He also had only fought a trained and armed opponent once and lost despite his foe using his signature weapon.

Rematch Information[]

The original battle had only one vote with edges from an anon and the fight was much shorter. The weapons were inaccurate as Chris Walker never used a wooden spear and Leatherface was a composite of multiple movies as opposed to this rematch's original timeline. There was only one X-Factor for each warrior and Bubba's superhuman strength was not brought up.

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Battle vs Leo Kasper (by Killermoves)[]

Drip… drip… drip… echoed the sound of a leak throughout Arkham Asylum. Lifeless and abandoned, its atmosphere was complimented by the nauseating smell of soap and bodily fluids. Blood ran through the tiled floors from both butchered personnel and patients. Body parts and brain matter were also smeared and scattered all throughout the floor and the walls. Groaning from the dying and hushed sobbing from survivors hiding in the nooks and crannies can be heard as well. Together with a lack of illumination, this place can be described as Satan’s basement.

Such sight was not uncommon in Arkham Asylum, as it is one of the nastiest hellholes this world had to offer. It housed some of the vilest and most evil people that has ever walked the Earth. From eccentric pedophiles, cannibalistic reptiles, mad scientists, and insane psychopaths, this place was once their home. But tonight was different. Very much different. For new guests had just arrived in this place, and had turned the whole thing into their personal playground.

Thud… thud… thud… disturbed a heavy set of footsteps, belonging not to a man, but from a behemoth. A large presence walked throughout the Asylum, its build almost filling up the hallways. It was a large scarred lump of tough steel-like flesh, all hairless and bleeding, with limbs and a face. Said face had the eyes of the beast himself, and a smile worthy of the lord of Hell. “Come out, come out, wherever you are little piggy,” the large man known as Chris Walker teased. “Oink for me will you? Give me a cute little oink. I’m not gonna hurt you. I just wanna give you one big crunchy hug.”

Suddenly another much smaller presence, darted out near him. It carried a samurai sword which it used to slice through the lower legs of the large man. Blood then gushed out of his soleus, but the latter didn’t even scream or grunted. It just turned around and faced its attacker. “There you are little piggy…”

“Why don’t you just die, you big fat dumb waste of flesh…” the smaller man, an assassin known as Leo Kasper, said.

The large man just grinned at him, and then started to slowly come forward with his arms outstretched. Leo easily backed away with his superior speed, darting again into the darkness. “Come and chase me fat boy!”

Chris then trudged through the hallways in pursuit. His gait easily avoidable as Leo gained distance. The big brute has always been weak against stealthy bastards, especially those who knew how to hide in the dark. Leo seems to cause more difficulties, as he is not like the harmless frail journalists Chris used to chase. This new prey of his knew how to fight back.

A person bumped into Chris Walker in the darkness, but the man was unfazed. The poor bastard who bumped him drop into the ground like he or she had smashed face first into a concrete wall. “Ooooh…” the person said, who turned out to be a woman in a funny clown costume. “Watch we’re you goin’ Mistah? Don’t you know there’s a killa’ on the loo – oh shit!!”

Chris Walker smiled as he picked up the young woman by the leg, and raised her up like a ragdoll in front of his face. “Please Mistah! Please!!!!!” the young woman screamed. “I’d do anything. Please don’t kill me! I’ll tell you where Puddin’s keeping all our money! I’ll give you Bruce Wayne’s nudes! I’ll even give you a discount on my OnlyFans account!!!!”

But the man didn’t even changed his creepy face. Poor little girl’s miserable attempts were for naught, as the man grabbed both her legs and started ripping her vertically, stuff flowing out of her like a punctured meat bag. “AAAAAAHGHHHH! PLEASE!!! I’M SORRY, YOU CAN JOIN MY ONLYFANS ACCOUNT FOR FREE! PLEASE!!! OH GOD… TELL MY SIMPS I… I… BLEAGHHH…”

Chris Walker now walked Arkham, with a new weapon in his hands. He’s gonna use the corpse of this woman as a club when he finally gets to play with his little piggy. “Oh what delight!” he remarked. Along the way he also picked new toys, since he’s gonna need more than brute strength to take out this prey.

Leo Kasper was getting a bit tired with all this running around. Damn bastard just won’t die. If only I had a… oh what you look at that. The assassin spotted an old policeman sitting on the hallways, with his legs missing and blood flowing from his mouth. The white-haired old man looked at him, removing his glasses, and asked for help. “Call someone. Call the PD. Tell them this is the Commissioner and he’s asking for back-up. Tell my daughter also that I –“

“This is the only help I can get you old man,” Leo said as he chopped the Commissioner’s head with his katana. He also picked up the man’s Desert Eagle holstered in his pocket, since he might not be needing it anymore. As he walked, he also spotted a glass case, with a crowbar inside and a note saying “Property of Joker! DO NOT FUCKING TOUCH!” Leo smirked and smashed the case, grabbing the crowbar. Let’s see how that bastard would fare with these.

As the two predators prowled the third floor of the Asylum, they kept their weapons ready. Chris had stopped walking, and was now patiently waiting for his prey to arrive. What’s the point of chasing a piggy when you can wait for your food to come to you? Leo on the other hand, wanted nothing more than to finish this. He’s gonna shoot that bastard in the head so many times that he’s gonna have an eternal headache when he goes down to Hell.

In his delight, the assassin didn’t have to wait long, for his target was right in the hallways smiling and waiting for him. He crouched down and started walking, hugging the darkness, with his katana and gun ready. That large dumbass won’t even know what hit him.

But then his leg got caught by a snare and he was suddenly hoisted up. The assassin screamed in rage as he dangled from the ceiling. As he saw Chis Walker walking towards him, he panicked and tried to get out of this trap. “Batter up!” Chris Walker said as Leo was almost free from the snare. As the assassin dropped, it was too late as Chris used the torn corpse of that clown girl like a bat and swung Leo like a ball. The force was so powerful that Leo flew across the hallway, before crashing on the wall painfully. Dazed, he looked up but his vision was blurry, and it was too late as a spear was driven right through his shoulder.

“GAAAAAAGHHH!” Leo screamed in pain as Chris screwed the spear tightly. In retaliation, Leo aimed his pistol and fired two shots at Chris’s head. The brute didn’t drop down, but he was still stunned as he backed away with brain dropping from his head. Leo took this opportunity to remove the spear off of him. He then got up and started shooting Chris repeatedly, changing mag after mag just to put this bastard down. “Diiiiieeeee!” Leo yelled as his bullets penetrated and pushed Chris farther and farther away. Chris tried to fight back by tossing the other half of the corpse he was holding, but Leo easily dodged it.

As a large window was now behind Chris Walker, Leo dropped his now empty gun and took his crowbar. “Batter up…” Leo said as he smashed the crowbar at Chris’s knees. Before the brute fell down, Leo followed up with another another swing, this time hitting the bastard in the temple, and finally make him fall off the window. His whole body fell into the cliffs, making quite the splatter, before falling off into the ocean.

Leo then raised his hands in triumph and yelled in victory.

Expert's Opinion[]

Leo Kasper won due to his better weapons and overall superior assassin training. While Chris Walker was a trained soldier and a very powerful brute with superhuman strength and durability, experts believed that Kasper was simply too smart that he can think of a way to dispose of Walker with his weapons, training and the environment itself.

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Battles here were deemed to be unfair or otherwise not in accordance with wiki standards, and have been removed from the statuses of the warriors and displayed below.

Battle vs. Leatherface (by Pygmy Hippo 2)[]

Leatherface is walking through the halls of Mount Massive Asylum with his chainsaw. He hears screaming and sees a security guard getting his torso ripped off. Chris Walker's latest victim was in the library so he didn't need to walk far to put his trophy, the guard's head, on a shelf. Unfortunately, he hears the sound of a chainsaw starting up and yelling. He throws the torso at Leatherface.

The attack only knocks down Leatherface but Chris Walker has already run up to him and grabs the chainsaw and throws it behind a shelf. He grunts in pain and backs up as a hammer hits him. Leatherface is back up on his feet and goes for another hit to the arm. Chris Walker gets hit but it doesn't do much damage and he punches Leatherface in the face hard enough for him to drop the hammer.

The dazed Leatherface stumbles backwards but sees Chris Walker rushing towards him. The cannibal thinks quickly and dodges the soldier's charge as he runs into a meat hook. Chris Walker pulls the blade out of his shoulder and turns around to see Leatherface has his chainsaw again. Chris Walker just barely dodges the berserk swings before Leatherface triggers one of his snare traps.

Chris Walker looks for a weapon and finds his wooden spear. Leatherface uses his chainsaw to cut through the rope and drops to the floor but gets back up just in time to get the spear through his gut. Leatherface ignores this wound and slashes right through the spear before cutting Chris across the chest.

It isn't a deep cut but Chris Walker is now thoroughly enraged. He grabs onto the chainsaw and the two maniacs go through the door in their struggle. Walker gets his leg trapped in Leatherface's bear trap and yells in pain but trows Leatherface through the wall. Said wall was the only thing preventing people from falling to the first floor.

Leatherface yells as he falls and he lamds with a crack. Chris Walker frees his leg and looks down at his opponent. A blood puddle is forming as he walks away. He didn't get a trophy but he still has to contain the Walrider.

Winner:Chris Walker

Expert's Opinion[]

Chris Walker was stronger, more durable, and better trained. Most of his weapons beat or were almost as good as Leatherface's whose only advantage was the chainsaw.

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Battle used a composite version of Leatherface and gave Chris Walker a wooden spear, a weapon he never used.

Battle vs. Rena Ryūgū (By Pygmy Hippo 2)[]

"Are you sure this is a good idea?"

"Jason will wake up after the bloodshed ensues."

"And then what? He kills the victor and we have to subdue him? An animatronic rabbit and a faceless man against that...freak!"

"I will deal with him, Afton. We don't need him alive, we just need to free Krueger from his brain. Then our plans can be set into motion."

Camp Crystal Lake, New Jersey, 12:00 AM

The abandoned camp was filled with noise as someone rummaged through a cabin but it wasn't the resident slasher. A girl in a chef's outfit looked through old drawers hoping to find something to explain why she wound up here. The last thing she saw was a tall man dragging her away to here. The place was called Camp Crystal Lake but what significance did it have? Rena Ryuguu picked her nata up and went to find another cabin.

Little did she know that another visitor was approaching quickly. The blood-stained soldier lumbered through the fog, his chains the only sound he was making until he noticed that the cabin's lights were on. A yellow rabbit had let him out, told him that some evil was here for him to contain. "We have to contain it." Chris Walker picked up his pace and slammed against the door.

Rena yelped as the whole structure shook. She went into the bathroom and locked it even though the sound of the door breaking didn't help her paranoia. "Who's there?" She whimpered the words before hearing heavy stomps marching to her location. "I'm coming. You won't have to kill yourself." The door splintered but held up to the first blow.

The next revealed Chris' massive form who was then forced back by some furious swipes of a nata. His own blood spilled onto him and the ground but he eventually blocked a strike with the chains on his wrist and picked up the girl before throwing her out a window. "Feisty little pig." Walker ran up to the window before going through it.

The glass barely bothered him but his target's dissapearance did. Ryuguu put her arm back in its socket before pulling some glass out. "If I can't take him in a head-on fight..." She looked around and saw her improvised firebomb as well as a metal pipe. Taking both, she climbed onto some old planks, noting that some were weak.

"Hey, over here!" The inmate looked up at the maniac and immediately got up on the planks, only to fall through them and fall deep into the forest. Rena nimbly moved down and searched for Chris but couldn't find him. "Not going to die before I contain every last one of you freaks." She turned and swung at him, knocking his head to the side but he simply broke the metal pipe.

Ryuguu ran until she accidentally triggered a snare trap leaving her dangling. "No more escape." She immediately pulled out her nata again and sliced it off her but found herself looking at Walker's boots. The soldier stomped down but she rolled over and slashed his leg. He growled in pain and sent her backwards with a single punch.

She quickly recovered however and fled to another cabin. "You're not leaving this place." Chris pulled out an iron pole and stomped off to the cabin. Rena made sure to lock all of the doors before setting her timer to fifteen seconds. She left her hat on top of a chair, hoping the weak distraction would be enough.

A body flung through the window hitting the chair before Walker burst through the door and stabbed the hat. "What the-" He smelled gasoline and started to rush out before being sent flying by the explosion. He rolled around on the beach to put the flames out before getting smashed by a baseball bat. "It's not enough my friends get killed, is it? Now I have to put down another monster? Die! Die! Di-" A pole pierced Ryuguu's stomach, causing her to drop the bat. As she toppeled backwards, he stood up and reached down to make sure she was dead.

Before he could rip her head off, she hacked into his arm. Rena tried to pull it out but it was stuck in his bulk. He angrily picked her up and ripped her torso off. Chris fell over and gasped for air. The fight took a lot out of him. "Wait.." Chris Walker could barely make out a new figure in the darkness. One wearing a hockey mask and wielding a machete.

Winner:Chris Walker

Expert's Opinion[]

Chris Walker had a better mid and long range weapon along with being stronger and tougher. Rena Ryuguu's better short and special weapons along with her speed and surprising degree of experience made her a difficult opponent. However in the end, Chris didn't need a weapon to kill unlike Rena and his training made up for his weaker experience. He was also unlikely to be tricked due to his true sight.

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Battle used a composite version of Rena Ryugu from multiple timelines.