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Oh, I wasn't wrong. The dome's here to protect. It's just not here to protect us.
— Julia Shumway

Chester's Mill is a small town located inside the United States that was trapped inside of a forcefield meant to protect an alien egg of a species called the Kinship that came to Earth inside of a meteorite. The meteorite was found by a small group of teenagers, one of whom was taken over by the Kinship that was sent to Earth thus triggering the dome. Unable to leave the town or receive supplies from the outside, the residents of Chester's Mill were left to fight among themselves as supplies started to dwindle.

Eventually, the Kinship manages to infect a large population of the town, leaving only a handful of residents to form a resistance against them. The two groups were forced to work together in order to escape as the dome began to turn to stone due to the egg's destruction. Shortly after their escape the United States military captures all of the infected (except for their leader Dawn who manages to escape) were captured while the resistance was allowed to leave.

Battle vs. The Walking Dead Survivors (TV Series) (by HanSolo69)[]

No battle written.

Winner: The Walking Dead Survivors (TV Series)

Expert's Opinion[]

I will not be writing a battle for this one. However, the Walking Dead Survivors had the combination of superior weaponry and superior X-Factors, which won the day over the Chesters Mill Resisents.

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