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Right action is better than knowledge; but in order to do what is right, we must know what is right.
— Charlemagne

Charlemagne, also known as Charles the Great, or Charles I, was the King of the Franks from 768, the King of Italy from 774, and the first Roman Emperor in Western Europe since the collapse of the Western Roman Empire three centuries earlier.

The oldest son of Pepin the Short and Bertrada of Laon, Charlemagne became king in 768 following the death of his father. He was initially co-ruler with his brother Carloman I. Carloman's sudden death in 771 under unexplained circumstances left Charlemagne as the undisputed ruler of the Frankish Kingdom. Through his military conquests, he subdued the Saxons and the Bavarians and pushed his frontier into Spain. He expanded his kingdom into an empire that incorporated much of Western and Central Europe.

Charlemagne continued his father's policy towards the papacy and became its protector, removing the Lombards from power in Italy, and leading an incursion into Muslim Spain. He also campaigned against the peoples to his east, forcibly Christianizing them along the way (especially the Saxons), eventually subjecting them to his rule after a protracted war. Charlemagne reached the height of his power in 800 when he was crowned as "Emperor" by Pope Leo III on Christmas Day.

Called the "Father of Europe" (pater Europae), Charlemagne's empire united most of Western Europe for the first time since the Roman Empire. His rule spurred the Carolingian Renaissance, a revival of art, religion, and culture through the medium of the Catholic Church. Through his foreign conquests and internal reforms, Charlemagne encouraged the formation of a common European identity. Both the French and German monarchies considered their kingdoms to be descendants of Charlemagne's empire.

Charlemagne died in 814 after having ruled as Emperor for just over thirteen years. He was laid to rest in his imperial capital of Aachen in today's Germany. His son Louis the Pious succeeded him as Emperor.

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Battle vs. Julius Caesar (by Samurai234)

Julius Caesar: Grey.png Grey.png Grey.png Grey.png Grey.png

Charlemagne: Brown.png Brown.png Brown.png Brown.png Brown.png

In a dense forest area, Charlemagne and four Frank Warriors are walking across a hill, with Charlemagne himself on a horse. Up ahead, Julius Caesar and four Roman soldiers are walking toward the Franks, with Caesar himself also on a horse. The two sides soon meet and lock eyes, waiting for each other to make a move. Charlemagne unsheaths Joyeuse.

"Charge, men!" he yells.

The Franks charge forward, Lanceas, Axes, and swords drawn, ready to attack.

"Men, throw your Javelins!" yells Caesar.

The Roman soldiers throw thier Pilums at the Franks, disabing some thier shields and killing one. Brown.png (5-4) One of the Franks hurls his Fransisca axe at one Roman and hits him in the face. Grey.png (4-4) Caeser grabs his Hasta and charges at that Frank. The Frank tries hurl another axe at him, but Caesar manages to make the first strike and stabs him through the heart. Brown.png (3-4)

Meanwhile, Charlemagne charges at a Roman soldier and slashes at him with Joyeuse, beheading him. Grey.png (3-3) One Roman soldier tries to throw a Pilum at Charlemagne, but another Frank acts quickly and throws his Lancea through his face. Grey.png (2-3) The last Roman Soldier runs up to the Frank with a Dolabra. The Frank grabs a spiked club and knocks the Roman's helmet off. The Roman quickly strikes back though, and hits the Frank in his stomach, killing him. Brown.png (2-2) The last Frank act quickly though, and hurls his last Fransisca at him. Grey.png (1-2)

Caesar quickly gets off his horse and unsheaths Crocea Mors. He runs up to the last Frank and slashes himin the neck. Brown.png (1-1) Charlemagne charges at him with Joyeuse in hand. The two enter a sword fight, with Charlemagne gaining an edge due to his longer sword. Evenually, they enter a lock. Caesar breaks the lock and thrust his Pugio at the Frank king's stomach. However, because of his armor, it doesn't kill. Caesar tries to stab him in the face instead, but Charlemagne grabs him and puts him in a headlock. He puts his Seax next to the Roman's neck.

"Die, Pagan!" He yells. He swipes the blade, and Caesar falls over, dead. Grey.png (0-1)

The Frank King gets on his knees and says a prayer, thanking the lord for the victory.

Winner: Charlemagne

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Rematch vs. Julius Caesar (by Lunathemoon123)


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Battle vs. Saladin (by Goddess of Despair)

In the dark of night, Saladin, the great Sultan of Egypt, sharpens his sword. He has been informed that the famed Sun Tzu had been captured by Suleiman. Clearly, Suleiman is the greatest threat, and thus should be his first target. Meanwhile, Saladin’s soldiers huddled around a fire, telling stories of some of the men they would be facing soon enough.

Charlemagne and his Frankish warriors slowly crept up to the camp. Charlemagne knew he had no real long range weaponry, thus an ambush at night was his best option. Upon seeing Saladin’s Saracen soldiers huddled around a fire, he gave a small smile. Surprise-and by the looks of it-God was on his side.

Charlemagne and another Frank both readied their Francisca axes, throwing them as accurately as they could in the darkness. Both axes hit the same soldier, one in his back and another in his head. The force of the two axes knocked the Saracen warrior into the fire, signaling the beginning of the battle. Red.png

As Saladin’s troops scrambled for weapons, the Frankish warriors charged. One of the Muslim warriors had secured a pike and skewered an oncoming Frank. Green.png

Another Frank sliced part of the pike’s pole with his longsword, removing the point from the weapon. The Saracen soldier quickly dropped the now useless pike and drew his talwar saber. The Frank sliced high, but the Saracen parried and counter slashed, leaving a large wound on the Frank’s cheek. Enraged, the Frankish warrior thrusted his longsword into the Saracen’s chest, penetrating his chainmail. Red.png

The next Saracen rushed forward and decapitated the Frank with a slice of his talwar. The final Frank soldier, with a roar of anger, charged only to succumb to the same fate as his companion. Green.png Green.png

Turning, the Saracen warrior was met with a boar spear strike to the gut. Red.png

Charlemagne released the weapon from his grasp and drew Joyeuse. Saladin emerged from his tent, saber in his right hand, and shield in his left. Charlemagne approached slowly, measuring Saladin’s every movement.

Saladin attacked first, slashing at Charlemagne’s throat. Charlemagne parried the strike and shoved Saladin back. He followed it up with a large overhead chop; however Saladin deflected the blow with his shield. Next, Saladin thrusted his saber into Charlemagne’s chest, however it failed to penetrate his chainmail. Shoving Saladin back a second time, Charlemagne attempted to decapitate the Sultan, however yet again Saladin blocked the strike with his shield. Before Charlemagne could counter, Saladin sliced the Frankish king’s throat, sending him to his knees coughing blood. With one more slice, Saladin removed the king’s head. Green.png

Saladin raised his talwar in the air, allowing the blade to glimmer in the moonlight before sheathing it and examining the battlefield. “Great victory…requires great sacrifice…”

Expert's Opinion

The closest battle so far in the King of Kings tourney. Saladin wielded a better long range weapon, Charlemagne a better mid ranged weapon, and the two were pretty much tied in close range. What allowed Saladin to get the upper hand was his superior battlefield tactics-but just barely. 

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Battle vs. Alexander Nevsky (by MilenHD)

The Battle starts in a snowy forest,Alexander and 4 of his foot soldiers are marching,while in the other part of the forest Charlemagne and 4 of his Frank soldiers are incoming.Seeing that their opponets look unlike anything they fought,one of the Franks threw his axe and hitted 1 of the Russians in the chest.



The Russians countered fast,while shooting their bows,arrows flyied and one of them pierced the skull of a Frankish warrior.



Than both leaders roared,and their soldiers charged at each other.One of the Franks threw his axe,but missed the Russian and he stabbed him with his bear spear in the guts.



In the next momment,a boar spear landed and pierced the leg of the Russian spearman.Roaring from pain he tried to defend himself from the Frank armed with spiked club,only to get his head bashed by the club and as he turned he saw a charging Russian with klevets,he pulled his boar spear and threw it and him,piercing his heart.



But another Russian soldier sneaked and decapitated him with his klevets,only to get his throat sliced by by Charlemagne's Joyeuse.



Than Charlemagne and his last soldier comed together,to find Nevsky and kill him.While searching for him Alexander charged with his sword and killed the last Frankish soldier.Charlemagne turned and saw Nevsky swinging his sword at him missing by few inches.After long back and forth fight,Nevsky stab the Frankish king in the right leg,falling at his knees,now Alexander prepeared to kill Charlemagne,but he stopped.He stopped because,the Frankish sliced his leg in half.The Russian prince falled at the snowy ground and the Frankish king stabbed him in the throat.



Seeing he is dead,Charlemagne raised his fist and roared "For God" in victory.

Expert's Opinion

While Nevsky had the advantage with his bow and the fact that he lived in harsher area,Charlemagne's sword,club and mostly tactics proved too much to Nevsky to handle.While he had defeated many great opponets,Charlemagne was ruler of half continent and his experiance in fighting was much greater.

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Battle vs. Genghis Khan (by Omnicube1)

King Charlemagne in riding in a horse-drawn carriage and is collaborating with his head adviser.

"What do we do with the pagans in the east?" questions Charlemagne.

"They are quite stubborn and have built a defensive wall, preventing our people from traveling through their lands. I say we send in our swift riders and eliminate the threat," his adviser says.

"I will ride with my men to dispel the evil-doers," says Charlemagne with confidence.

"Very good, sir, very good," comments the adviser. A flying arrow lands right into the throat of the adviser. Two more arrows land into the carriage driver. Charlemagne draws his fransisca and frantically makes his way out of his vehicle. He sees a warrior from the far east named Genghis Khan with a Mongolian bow in hand. The Frankish king hurls the fransisca at him but Khan merely steps aside. The Mongolian fires another arrow but it lands onto the wooden siding of the carriage. Charlemagne grabs another fransisca and hurls it, this time it makes a gash on Khan's right thigh. Genghis grabs a nearby Guan Dao, plunged into the ground. He charges down the hill and approaches his enemy. Charlemagne, in turn, grabs his Boar spear, which he was going to use in his hunting trip. He stabs at Khan's head but Genghis moves it away. He slashes and is able to cut across Charlemagnes chest. It leaves a huge tear. Charlemagne pulls off his robe and reveals a scratched piece of plate armor.

"Thought I would die easily, huh?" taunts Charlemagne. He takes the Boar spear and uses it to dislodge the Guan Dao out of Khan's hands. Charlemagne stabs again, but Khan draws his Dao just in time to deflect the blow. He slashes and stabs but Charlemagne is able to parry them easily with his signature sword. The Frank stabs back and is able to pierce Khan's weak leather and iron armor easily. Khan begin's to bleed but makes one last effort. He takes out his iron-flanged mace and Mongolian knife and uses both with deadly precision. He swings his mace and it is able to crush Charlemagne's left arm. With his strong hand, he takes the spiked club that was lying under the seat in his carriage. He swings and the spikes cut across Khan's face. He grabs the wounds in horror and stares at the blood on his hand. Khan, in anger, slashes with his knife but he is so weak he begins to collapse. He lands right into the arms of his foe. Charlemagne, holding Khan up, takes out his seax and stabs Genghis' stomach several times until guts begin to hang out.

"God has no mercy for you pagan!" he whispers into the dying man's ear.

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The battle was declared unfair for Charlemange because of Genghis Khan's superior metallurgy and invalid because Genghis Khan was given a dao and a guandao and Charlemagne a club, weapons they never used.

Battle vs. Aragorn (by Death'sapprentice77)

Aragorn is continuing his trek through the forest, fully healed and rested from his fight with the hero of time. He doesn't get far when he spots an armored figure on a horse. The armor clad man who is none other than Charlemange offers the ranger a challenge in a duel to the death. Aragorn accepts and with that Charlemagne charges forward on his horse Lancea pointed forward. Aragorn rolls out of the way, seeing that he is at a disadvantage, he decides to even the odds by firing a flaming arrow at the brush near Charlmange's horse. In reaction the horse reels back, Charlemange falls off and the horse runs off. Charlemange stands up and throws his lancea at Aragorn who dodges it and retaliates with an arrow that bounces off Charlemange's helmet. The two warriors draw they're swords and charge each other. Both of them trade off slashes and jabs neither getting a hit. Charlemange attempts to bash Aragorn with his shield but the ranger dodges the blow and hits Charlemange in the head with the hilt of his sword causing the king's helmet to fall off. Giving him no chance to retaliate Aragorn lands a kick in Charlemange's mid section causing him to fall over. Aragorn steps on his shield and attempts to finish him off but the king rolls out of the way and draws his weiderpraxe and slashes at Aragorn who gets a small cut on his arm. The ranger draws his dagger and the two begin slashing at each other Charlemagne's slashes are dodged by Aragorn and Aragorn's are unable to hit their mark because of the armor. Aragorn locates Charlemange's one unarmored spot, his head, and slashes across his cheek. Charlemange reels back screaming in pain and Aragorn runs to retrieve Anduril and Charlegmange, his lancea. The king jabs at Aragorn who ducks under the spear and tackles Charlemange. Aragorn steps back up and keeps his foot on Charlemange's chest and plunges Anduril into the King's throat killing him. Aragorn resheathes his sword and continues on his trek

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The battle has been declared invalid because Charlemange was given a lancae, a weapon he never used, and unfair for Charlemange due to Aragorn's superhuman skill and superior metallurgy.