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You are Patience. And you are Catwoman. Accept it, child. You've spent a lifetime caged. By accepting who you are - all of who you are... you can be free. And freedom is power.
— Ophelia explaining to Patience about her new found powers.

Catwoman is the alter ego of Patience Phillips a meek graphics designer for Hedare Beauty. One day while attempting to complete a redone ad design she accidentally stumbled upon a secret meeting between Laurel Hedare, wife of Hedare beauty CEO George Hedare and former face of the brand and a scientist working on the latest beauty cream, who are discussing the dangerous side effects the cream causes. Laurel's guards discover her and are ordered to dispose of her, leading to Patience hiding in a conduit tube and being flushed out by the guards to finish her off.

Seemingly dead Patience is revived by a rare Egyptian Mau cat burping in her mouth and as a result develops superhuman abilities as a well as a new confident persona. Determined to find answers as to who killed her and why. She initially suspects George to be behind the cream's development and tries to get Laurel to help her get the information on him, unaware that she is the mastermind. Catwoman is eventually framed by Laurel for the murders of George and the scientist who objected to the continuation of the cream and is arrested by Tom Lone, a policeman Patience had been dating for a short while.

Patience escapes from her cell to confront Laurel and clear her name, managing to defeat her in a grueling fight by knocking her into a window high above the streets. When Laurel sees the creams effects on her own skin she is horrified and falls to her death, despite Patience's best attempts to save her. With her name cleared Patience decides to take on her Catwoman persona full time, to live a life of freedom bound by no laws.

Battle vs Daredevil (2003 Film) (by Wassboss)[]

The sounds of the city rush over Matt Murdoch as he perches on top of an apartment block. They are familiar to him now; the footsteps of people walking by, car horns blaring as they weave through the crowded roads and pulsing beats of music blaring from the rooms below. For the man they call Daredevil these noises are nothing interesting what he is listening out for is cries for help or the sounds of a struggle, anything that might require his intervention. It is not long before he hears what he is looking for, the shrill piercing screech of an alarm system being tripped. Homing in on the location of the noise he rushes across the rooftops, dropping down to street level gradually as he does. He finds the building the alarm is coming from, mere moments before the alarm stops blaring.

The constant sounds of the streets help create the picture of the surrounding area and he realises he is at one of the nearby museums. He remembers Foggy talking about how an exhibit of rare Egyptian jewellery had recently arrived with the unveiling of them for the public happening tomorrow. Taking out his billy club, Daredevil looks for a way into the museum.

Catwoman hurriedly searches through all the exhibits, knowing her time frame for stealing them has been cut massively short after tripping the alarm system. Her eyes are drawn to the other rare exhibits as she passes them but her heart is set on the necklace and rings, she saw pictured in the news article. She finally finds them, centre of the Egyptian history portion of the museum, glistening in the moonlight. She cuts a small round hole in the glass with her claws, carefully reaching in and taking the jewellery which, she stuffs into a small bag looped over her shoulder. Ready to leave she finds herself face to face with Daredevil.

“Looks like somebody couldn’t wait for the unveiling?” he says sarcastically.

“I couldn’t help having something so purrrfect,” Catwoman says.

“You know I can’t let you have those right?”

“Oh, that’s a shame because I’m going to be taking them anyway.” Catwoman unfurls her whip and lashes out with it but Daredevil is quick to dodge it. Undeterred she swings it around for another slash but again this is easily dodged. Getting annoyed now she lashes out for a third time and this time she connects, wrapping the whip around Matt’s forearm. This was his plan all along though and he grabs onto the whip with his hand and gives it a sharp tug, pulling Catwoman forwards and off balance. He then flips into the air, driving a kick downwards as he descends and connecting with his opponent, slamming her face first onto the floor.

Catwoman rolls into a crouch, snarling at Daredevil before launching herself at him. She tackles him to the floor, swiping viciously at him with her claws. Grimacing as they cut into his skin, Daredevil moves his feet up between them and shoves her away. She launches herself at him again but this time he is prepared and manages to stay on his feet, holding her off. She kicks him in the stomach and spins under his follow up punch and tries to sweep his legs out from underneath him. He jumps over the sweep and strikes out with his billy club, rapping it against Catwoman’s head. She hisses in pain and goes for another kick but this is blocked with the club. The next several kicks and punches are also blocked by the club and when he sees his opportunity he strikes, jabbing it into her stomach to make her hunch over before driving a kick of his own into her face. Catwoman is sent crashing into one of the display cabinets, shattering the glass. “You’ll need to do better than that in order to beat me in a fight,” Matt says mockingly.

“Okay then. Lemme try the remix,” Catwoman says sassily. Snatching up some of the broken glass she whirls around and flings it at Daredevil. The shards cut deep into his face and he cries out in pain, his hands going to his face to pick the pieces out. Catwoman uses this opportunity to make a break for it, hobbling away with the jewellery. Ignoring the vent, she uses to sneak in she instead goes to the nearest door, busting it down with a kick and stepping out into the night. Looking around the largely empty carpark she picks out one of the cars and goes over to it. Smashing the driver side window, she opens the door from the inside and gets to work on hotwiring the car. She smiles as the engine revs and as she sits up in the seat, she sees Daredevil stepping through the doorway. She slams her foot down on the acceleration and Daredevil flips his billy club up into his hand.

The sound waves from the engine give Matt a clear picture of the area and when he throws the club the accuracy is spot on and it smashes through the windscreen, smacking Catwoman on the head and causing her to swerve the car into the wall. As she stumbles out in a daze, Daredevil moves in to finish her off. She tries to throw a punch but her vision is still rocking from the crash and she misses completely. Daredevil grabs her arm and wrenches it violently, the snapping of the bone amplified by his hearing. Patience screams in agony and clutches at her broken arm but the pain is short lived as Matt drives his foot into her face, knocking her unconscious. His keen ears pick up the sound of police sirens approaching and he takes out his grapple gun, swinging off into the city to stop his next crime.

Winner: Daredevil

Expert's Opinion[]

While both were strong on the physical side of things Daredevil massively outclassed Catwoman in both experience and calibre of opponents faced. Catwoman’s only real experience was against hired thugs and one brief fight against another superhuman, which was nothing on the years of fighting criminals Daredevil had as well as having bested assassins like Bullseye and superhumans like the Kingpin.

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