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Battle vs. Eragon (by The Deadliest Warrior)[]

Prince Caspian is alone in an abondoned Telmarine camp, attacking the straw practice dummies with his pike and longsword. Nearby, resting against a tent flap, lay his crossbow and mace. As he slashes the targets to pieces, an arrow suddenly zips past him and embeds itself into the dummy. Wheeling round, Caspian flinches as another arrow zooms up and bounces off of his armor. Across the field, Eragon Brommson is scowling at him, longbow in hand. While the dragon rider aims, Caspian dives to the ground, grabs his crossbow, and fires from the knee. The bolt misses Eragon by a few inches. As the prince is reloading his crossbow, Eragon abandons the bow, grabs his quarter staff and sword, Brisingr, and charges his defenseless opponent. Caspian stands up and fires another shot but Eragon blasts the incoming missile with his magic, taking the bolt up in a column of flame and reducing it to ash in mid-flight.

Caspian stares, shocked, and Eragon whacks him down the head with the staff and slams the butt of the staff into Caspian's stomach. Prince Caspian comes back to his senses and thrusts the pike forward. It goes straight into Eragon's leg. Eragon growls and whips out Brisingr, slashing the pike clean through its wooden body.

As the dragon rider's sword bursts into flame, Caspian takes his mace and longsword out. With a quick but heavy blow, he bludgeons Eragon's leg, knocking the boy down. Caspian raises his longsword for the finishing blow, but Eragon quickly recovers and stabs the Narnian deep in his chest, the firey blade penetrating plate armor and coming out the other side of Caspian's back. Caspian drops his weapon, hands still over head, and slides forward, impaling himself even further on the sword.

Eragon pushes the dead prince off of him, pulls out Brisingr, and shouts in victory. Inside his head, a female voice, his dragon, Saphira, whispers, "Well done, Eragon."


Expert's Opinion[]

The experts believed that Eragon's magical weapons and abilities really overcompensated for Caspian's slight technological advantage, which gave the dragon rider his winning Edge.

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