Two days ago, I didn't believe in the existence of talking animals... of dwarves or... or centaurs. Yet here you are, in strengths and numbers that we Telmarines could never have imagined. Whether this horn is magic or not, it brought us together... and together, we have a chance to take back what is ours!
— Prince Caspian

Caspian was born the Crown Prince of the Narnian realm around 2290 NY. When Caspian was a small child, his father was murdered, and his mother died shortly after. Afterwards, he was raised as the nephew ("adopted son") and heir to his uncle Miraz, the "Lord Protector" of Narnia. As a prince, Caspian was raised under the care of his nurse, who spent many hours playing games with him and telling him tales of the Old Days of Narnia. These stories sparked a deep longing in Caspian for those Old Days, but he felt sure they would never come back.

As soon as his schooling began, he was also taught nonacademic but princely pursuits such as horseriding, archery, swordplay, and music. A few nights later, Cornelius roused Caspian and took him to a secret tower for an astronomy lesson. While there, Cornelius led Caspian to guess that the old man was in fact a part-dwarf. His existence proved the truth of the old tales. From then on, Caspian and Cornelius would go often to the tower, and Cornelius would tell Caspian in secret much more about Old Narnia and it's history. During this time, he begged Caspian in the future to be a better king than those before him, and to be fair to all. These meetings were of course kept an absolute secret from any others, and they strengthened the friendship between the prince and the professor.

In 2303, when Caspian was around fifteen, his uncle Miraz's wife gave birth to a son. On the night of the birth, Caspian was roused by his professor and dressed in traveling clothes before being led to the tower again. There, Cornelius told him of the birth and for the first time confirmed the danger Caspian was in. Miraz had murdered Caspian's father for the throne. Now, with an heir of his own, Miraz would willfully murder Caspian so that his son would carry his line. Cornelius urged the prince to flee that very night, giving him advice, money, and the magic horn of Queen Susan. Caspian fled alone into the woods, where he was caught in the midst of a storm and hit by a tree, throwing him from his horse. When he woke, he was in an unfamiliar home being tended to by three strangers.

His rescuers were Old Narnians, Trufflehunter the badger, Trumpkin the red dwarf, and Nikabrik the black dwarf. When he announced his own identity, they disagreed about what to do with him, but eventually agreed to take him as their own king if their fellow Old Narnians agreed to it. After meeting with many Old Narnians, a deal was struck. Caspian would be the Narnian's king and leader and give them their freedom if they would fight for him and give him back his kingdom. All, it was agreed, would be loyal to Aslan.

Disregarded Battles

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Battle vs. Eragon (by The Deadliest Warrior)

Prince Caspian is alone in an abondoned Telmarine camp, attacking the straw practice dummies with his pike and longsword. Nearby, resting against a tent flap, lay his crossbow and mace. As he slashes the targets to pieces, an arrow suddenly zips past him and embeds itself into the dummy. Wheeling round, Caspian flinches as another arrow zooms up and bounces off of his armor. Across the field, Eragon Brommson is scowling at him, longbow in hand. While the dragon rider aims, Caspian dives to the ground, grabs his crossbow, and fires from the knee. The bolt misses Eragon by a few inches. As the prince is reloading his crossbow, Eragon abandons the bow, grabs his quarter staff and sword, Brisingr, and charges his defenseless opponent. Caspian stands up and fires another shot but Eragon blasts the incoming missile with his magic, taking the bolt up in a column of flame and reducing it to ash in mid-flight.

Caspian stares, shocked, and Eragon whacks him down the head with the staff and slams the butt of the staff into Caspian's stomach. Prince Caspian comes back to his senses and thrusts the pike forward. It goes straight into Eragon's leg. Eragon growls and whips out Brisingr, slashing the pike clean through its wooden body.

As the dragon rider's sword bursts into flame, Caspian takes his mace and longsword out. With a quick but heavy blow, he bludgeons Eragon's leg, knocking the boy down. Caspian raises his longsword for the finishing blow, but Eragon quickly recovers and stabs the Narnian deep in his chest, the firey blade penetrating plate armor and coming out the other side of Caspian's back. Caspian drops his weapon, hands still over head, and slides forward, impaling himself even further on the sword.

Eragon pushes the dead prince off of him, pulls out Brisingr, and shouts in victory. Inside his head, a female voice, his dragon, Saphira, whispers, "Well done, Eragon."


Expert's Opinion

The experts believed that Eragon's magical weapons and abilities really overcompensated for Caspian's slight technological advantage, which gave the dragon rider his winning Edge.

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