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— Casey Jones' battlecry

Arnold Bernid "Casey" Jones is a vigilante, master martial artist and an ally of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. In combat, Casey wears a hockey mask for protection along with various sports equipment.

When Jones was young, his father, Herb, owned a shop. A group of Purple Dragon members, lead by Hun, burned the shop down, killed his father and took his mother and sister hostage. The badly beaten Casey refused to lay down and take Hun's blows. He attacked Hun with a knife, stabbing him in the neck. Enraged, Hun had beaten him to within an inch of his life. It seemed that the beating he took from Hun as a teenager resulted in several mental and emotional disorders, explaining his often violent and erratic behavior. New York City, where Jones is from, was overrun by criminals. Enticed by examples from TV, Casey decided to do something about the crime in the streets. After equipping himself with a hockey mask and various sports clubs, he began his vigilante campaign.

He started his career with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles when he ran into Raphael beating up a pair of muggers. When Raphael let them go, he proceeded to "finish them off" but was stopped by Raphael. The two clashed but eventually helped each other take down additional muggers that appeared after their fight. Later, he comes to the aid of the Turtles, Splinter and April O'Neil when they are attacked by the resurrected Shredder at April's home. The seven escape, and retreat to a farmhouse in Northampton, Massachusetts that once belonged to Casey's grandmother.

Casey officially became a part of the Turtles' family around this point, and the farmhouse acts as a second home to them all for some time. At first, he and April are not really close, but eventually ended up in a relationship

Battle vs. Jason Voorhees (by Elgb333)[]


New York, 1:30 AM

The nightlights blinked as the people of Manhattan sleep soundly in the silent night. With the Shredder gone and the Foot Clan he controlled in disarray, peace had finally come to this once violent neighbourhood. The people only had the vigilantes to thank for.

But there were always the sort of men that wanted to return to the Dark Ages.

Seven men cloaked in dark blue tight suits and red sashes stealthily approached a small bank in the middle of the night. Their ninja suits, red eyes and arms, indicate that they were the super powered members of the dangerous Foot Clan. One ninja booted his small laptop and pressed a bunch of codes to wirelessly hack the bank's security system. All the lights and cameras then shut down simultaneously and the locks were opened. It was obvious that this night wasn’t going to be pretty.

Now clouded and invisible, the ninjas entered the door of the bank. They were greeted by darkness and a small ray of light from the flashlight of a young security guard, who made a rookie mistake of confronting them than calling for back-up. One bloodthirsty ninja quickly decapitated him with a quick slash before he could fire his gun.

“Location is secured, ready to breach the vault,” the squad leader said, as they finally reached the big metal door and placed the explosives. As one ninja was ready to punch the detonator, someone suddenly grabbed his hand, lifted him up in the air, and slammed his back on a knee, fracturing his spine. The ninja yelled in pain and the others turned their heads. In front of them was a hulking vigilante hidden in the dark, his hockey mask glistening in the night.

“You punks made a big mistake showin' your face ‘round ere,” the vigilante said. “This is Casey Jones’ territory, and Casey Jones’ don’t like it when ninjas come making trouble in his territory,” he said.

“Attack!” the leader said as they all rushed Casey together. The vigilante just made a loud sigh, before throwing the ninja he was holding at the squad, knocking three of them like bowling pins. Casey then grabbed his hockey stick and hit one ninja in the face, knocking him out. Another ninja wall-jumped and lunged at him with a wakizashi, but Casey spun his body and slammed the stick in his neck, putting the ninja out of action. The leader crept at Casey’s back and attacked him with a katana, but Casey just disarmed him with his hockey stick. The unarmed leader ninja then made a karate stance, but Casey just laughed and hit the ninja in the side, breaking three ribs.

“Ya know, for a buncha superninjas, you guys are really super weak,” Casey said, as he tripped one attacking ninja with his stick, before slamming the blade into his chest. One ninja threw a bunch of shurikens at him, but Casey used his hockey stick to return them back to the owner. “Gooongala!” Casey yelled as he jumped in the air and quickly put out the remaining foot clan ninjas with a well performed set of attacks. The ninjas were indeed fast in their assault, but Casey was faster.

All ninjas laid on the ground, injured and moaning in pain. Casey then purposely tripped the alarm to get the police in the location.

“Yo Donnie, all them ninja boys you said are taken care of. Didn’t even break a sweat. No need for the Turtles to be ‘ere. Just go back to sleep all of ya', and tell April I’m comin’ home,” Casey said on his mini-communicator strapped to his ear. It was another wonderful night for the chivalrous vigilante. He always did his best to make a performance to the Turtles and his beloved April.

“Gonna get some midnight snacks foist before going back home,” Casey thought. Even with the hooligans making trouble, the night still remained peaceful for the sleeping community; the kind of peace Casey had been searching all his violent life. He took his mask off and savoured the night.

But as he was just leaving, he heard a loud horrible scream. The call for help came from two city blocks to the left, and it was an urgent one as well. He ran to where the sound came from and saw something he wished he didn't see. In front of him was a badly injured teenage lady, her abdomen slit open, while dragging herself in the road with blood dripping all over. “Heeeelp!!” she yelled, trying to get someone's attention.

Casey then came into her aid and caught her as she almost kissed the pavement. “Jesus lady! What the hell happened to ya?” Casey said in panic. The girl was in a bloody mess, with tears and spit flowing from her face, and half her blonde scalp torn. To make matters worse, her right arm was missing; ripped savagely from its socket.

Whoever did this was enough to piss Casey off. Grabbing a needle of morphine from, Casey injected it into the lady. He then patched her wound with his first aid. It wouldn't hold for long if the lady didn't get medical attention. “Damn it, I gotta get you to a hospital,” Casey said as he picked her up in his arms.

But the young lady just pushed him aside and looked him straight in the face. “Please sir, it's too late for me. That monster... that monster! God please...” she said with pain.

“Monster? Who did this?” Casey asked furiously.

“I don’t know. But he had a mask too, just like you. We—were driving in the highway when he came. He just--- God he just flipped the car off the road and attacked us. He had a big blade... He killed Tom, and Charlie, and Tammy...”

Suddenly, the head of the teen was penetrated with a small spear, killing her. Casey gasped as he dropped her dead body to the ground. Casey then saw a large hulking mass slumbering towards him, carrying a speargun. That man... no... monster... also wore a hockey mask which glinted in the moonlight.

With tears flowing from his eyes, hot rage filling his blood, Casey yelled in rage. But Jason just looked at him with odd curiosity. It seemed that Jason's chase ended up with him being in Manhattan again. Jason's curiosity however, disappeared the moment he took notice of the man's ripped denim jacket, dirty shirt, and sweaty pants. He reminded him of those young shits that used to invade his lake. The kind of dirty people who spread their filth and almost got him killed numerous times. They also killed his mother too.

"These scums, Jason," the voice of his mother, Pamela Voorhees, spoke in his mind. "They need to die, Jason. They need to perish. They let you drown! Clean this world off of these creatures, Jason. Do it! Do it for mommy!"

Jason reloaded his spear gun as Casey watched. The moment he let out a shot, Casey easily dodged it. The fight was on and this was what Casey eagerly wanted. A hard violent revenge for the recently deceased girl. "Goongola!"

Before Jason could reload, Casey dashed towards him with blinding speed. "Hurry up, my dear boy! Hurry up!" Pamela said as Jason desperately tried to reload. But he got disarmed before he could aim, and took a mighty full swing from a bat to his chin. Casey followed it up grabbing another bat and pounding both of them on Jason Voorhees. Unfortunately, this proved ineffective as Jason blocked Casey's strike before breaking both wooden bats with his grip. Jason then drew his machete and slashed, hitting Casey in the face. The vigilante managed to survive the attack through the thickness of his mask, and soon he retaliated by taking out his heavy gold club and smashing it right at Jason's temple.

Casey's face was filled with dread the moment his bat snap in two; it's head flying to the left. Jason then kicked him with so much power that he was flung away, falling and smashing on the asphalt before crashing into a parked car, bending its door.

"Hrrrrrr..." Casey moaned as he tried to get up. His gut was on fire, indicating that he probably had internal damage. As Jason began walking to where he was, Casey finally made a run for it. He ran as fast as he could, knowing he could not possibly survive going fist-to-fist with this monster. "Gotta get to my place... Gotta get something that could kill this bastard."

Jason observed the man flee, and as he was about to pursue, he heard sirens coming from behind. A blue police car appeared, almost crashing on a post. It opened to reveal two blue-uniformed cops -- a male and a female, who drew their service handguns the moment he saw him and the dead corpse near him. "Holy shit... Hun! What are we going to do?" the female cop said to her partner.

"Keep that gun pointed and I'll call for back-up," the male cop replied.

Jason then began approaching the two. The female cop yelled loudly at Jason to stay put but the serial killer continued to get closer and closer. "I said freeeeeze!!!!" The female cop said as she finally fired her gun. The other cop soon followed but Jason just kept coming and coming. It was too late as Jason grabbed the male cop's head, lifted him up, and smashed his face on the hood of the car, killing him.

"Noooooo!" the female cop screamed as she continued firing. But Jason raised his machete and decapitated her head cleanly. It then rolled away into the gutter. Jason, however, could sense that they were not alone tonight. He slumbered towards the back seat and saw a sleeping little boy, wearing a little hoodie. The boy woke up and yawned, before sitting up to find his parents were not inside the car anymore.

"Mommy? Daddy?" the boy called out. He then looked at Jason outside his window, and asked, "Hey mister. Have you seen my mom and dad?"

On the other side of the city, Casey continued to run. Even as his body felt severe pain, he just kept running. Soon, he stopped at a little storage house isolated in a large junk yard. He easily smashed the padlock with his remaining golf club and went in. The place was dark, humid, and choking, but such characteristics were common for storage houses.

"Where is it?" Casey said as he went in and searched.

As he looked around, a hand suddenly grabbed his neck. It was Jason, who for some reason, not only managed to keep up with Casey, but ambushed him as well. Casey could feel Jason's superhuman strength constricting his neck, with enough force which Casey estimated to be strong enough to decapitate someone with a grip. But the vigilante would not go down this easily. He wrapped Jason with his legs and with a twist, broke his neck. Casey fell to the ground as Jason grabbed his head and twisted it back into place. He then drew his machete and swung but Casey dodged his strike, before grabbing his hand and flinging Jason to the wall with a shoulder throw.

"Get up, Jason! You stupid boy! He's just a man! Kill him!"

As Jason started to get back to his feet, Casey Jones was gone. What was left in the warehouse, right in front of Jason, was a box filled with elongated yellow objects. Jason turned to the door and began slowly walking outside to look for Casey. But he was too slow, as the box ignited and exploded, engulfing the whole warehouse and its neighboring junkyard in flames. Jason's body ruptured and burned from that explosion while Casey managed to get out just in time.

Although his ears where ringing, Casey through the skin of his teeth, killed that monster. He then raised his fists to the air and yelled in celebration, "Goooooongooooolaaaaaaa!"

Expert's Opinion[]

Although Jason is stronger and more durable, Casey had enough experience and tools fighting superhuman beings that gave him the edge. The vigilante proved to be faster and smarter too which helped him earn the victory.

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