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Ah, this is the life. Wind in your hair and a big weapon in your hands!
— Captain Ash

Captain Ash is a supporting character in the TimeSplitters video game sieres. He is a flamboyant adventurer and British Army veteran, known for his prim and proper demeanor. During his adventures, Ash has assisted Sergeant Cortez, a marine from the future, in his fight against the hostile alien race known as the Time Splitters who are bent on destroying humanity by altering history. He is often accompanied by his lover and ally the Jungle Queen.

Little is known about Ash's past, but it is likely that he served in the Boer War as an infantryman before becoming a pilot in the Royal Flying Corps. Though he no longer serves in the British Army, his exploits have often caused him to work closely with them.

After years of adventuring, Ash eventually grew tired and settled down in the Scottish highlands alongside the Jungle Queen.