The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), or Canadian Forces (CF), was formed in 1967 when the earlier Canadian Army, Royal Canadian Navy, and Royal Canadian Air Force were combined into one military force. Since 1967, the CAF have made a significant contribution to UN Peacekeeping Forces in war torn regions of the world including Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East. Canadian land, naval, and air have also been involved in NATO military operations including the 1991 Gulf War, the 1999 operations in Kosovo, 2001 invasion of Afghanistan, and most recently, the 2011 NATO actions in Libya.

Battle vs. Singapore Army (by KevlarNinja)

RedRedRedRedRedCanadian Armed Forces

BlueBlueBlueBlueBlueSingapore Army

In the Singapore rainforest, a small army base with five soldiers inside stand guard. Meanwhile, just outside the base, a squad of five Canadian soldiers are planning on takeing the base by force. One CAF troop aims his C14 Timberwolf and spots a guard in a watchtower. The sniper hits the guard in the temple.

BlueBlueBlueBlueSingapore Army

The CAF soldiers rush towared the base. The remaining guard in the other watchtower shoots the Canadian sniper with his Steyr SSG 69.

RedRedRedRedCanadian Armed Forces

A second Canadian soldier blows up the watchtower and the gaurd with his M72 LAW.

BlueBlueBlueSingapore Army

One Canadian soldier places a C6 GPMG and opens fire. The remaining Singapore soldiers duck for cover. One soldier kills the canuck with his FN P90.

RedRedRedCanadian Armed Forces

The Canadian leader shoots the FN P90 soldier with his Colt Canada C7.

BlueBlueSingapore Army

The Singaporean soldiers run for cover inside there weapons warehouse. One soldier shoots a Canadian soldier with his SAR-21.

RedRedCanadian Armed Forces

The CAF soldiers fallow the Singaorean soldiers inside. One of the CAF soldiers shoots the SAR-21 soldier in the back with his Browning Hi-Power pistol.

BlueSingapore Army

The CAF soldier turns a corner and is shot by the Singaporean leader with his Sig-Sauer pistol.

RedCanadian Armed Forces

The Singaporean leader tries to do the same the CAF leader, but runs out off ammo! The CAF leader shoots with his own Hi-Power, but the Singaporean leader ducks for cover. He looks in some crates for ammo, but finds something much better..... The CAF leader catches up with the Singaporean leader, who is holding a MATADOR. The CAF leader drops his gun in shock before being blown to kingdom come.

Canadian Armed Forces:

Victorious, the Singaporean leader shouts "Majulah Singapura!" (Onward, Singapore!).

Winner: Singapore Army 

Expert's Opinion

The Singapore Army was better equipped at the ranges that mattered most. Canada had not faces any real military threats in the world, while Singapore has been under pressure around the clock. Experience, training, and better weapons got the Singapore Army its victory.

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