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We must all do whatever it takes to ensure our future as a species.
— CDC Director George Barkley

The Center for Disease Control or CDC is a national public health institute in the United States of America. Its main goal is to protect public health and safety through the control and prevention of disease, injury, and disability in the US and internationally. With the zombie threat spreading over the globe, the United States government was forced to create combat units for the CDC to combat the spread and protect the uninfected citizens. CDC agents wear bright yellow hazmat suits and gas masks.

According to former CDC assistant director George Barkley, his facility in Virginia was destroyed following the destruction of Earth. However, it was still able to operate for a short time after the missiles hit, and discovered that Element 115, the element that cuased the zombie virus, was contaminating the air and atmosphere. As such, after presumably escaping the ruins with a group of CDC personnel, Barkley was forced to euthanise fourteen members of his own team, as they displayed symptoms of the infection.

Battle vs. Umbrella Corporation (by Goddess of Despair)[]

CDC Blue Blue Blue Blue Umbrella Red Red Red Red

4 Umbrella corp agents approach Ground Zero: Nuketown. The leader of the squad opens up his phone and dials a number. “Mr. Wesker we have arrived at the location…yes sir, understood.”

The Umbrella leader puts away his phone and turns to his men. “We need a sample from the infected.” He says before advancing into a blue house. The building was completely filthy, blood and corpses on the floor and green goo dripping from the roof.

Suddenly, a lone zombie leaps into the building through a hole in the roof! He was no match for the Umbrella agents who littered him with bullets. Hearing the commotion in the blue house, a CDC agent hurls a Monkey Bomb through the window. Several more zombies leap through the hole in the roof in pursuit of the Monkey. The Umbrella agents hurry out of the room, aside from one who is caught in between two zombies. Red

Reading a flashbang, the Umbrella leader throws it at the CDC agent, who is taking aim with a M8A1. The CDC agent is blinded and pelted with gunfire. Blue

Another CDC agent sprays his AK74U, killing one Umbrella Corp agent and empting his magazine. Red

The CDC agent ducks as bullets whizzed above him. The Umbrella leader continues to suppress him, as his comrade entered the yellow house. A CDC agent fires a his M1911 into a zombie, turning to fire at the Umbrella agent. One round hit him in the shoulder, making him nearly drop his MP5.

Pulling the trigger again, the CDC agent was shocked to hear the infamous click of an empty pistol. He searched for a magazine, but the Umbrella agent recovered and fired a burst of bullets into his chest. Blue

The CDC agent at the window popped out of cover as the Umbrella leader reloaded, hitting him in the head with a burst of his M8A1. Red

Smiling at his work, he turned to lay eyes upon the final Umbrella agent who happily fired his MP5 into the CDC agent. Blue

The Umbrella agent turned and stood on the yellow house’s back porch. The final CDC agent turned from a strange machine, wielding two M1911s that seemed heavily modified. As the Umbrella agent took aim the CDC agent let loose, firing several explosive rounds at the enemy who was annihilated by the explosions. Red

“I think I’ll call you two Mustang and Sally” the CDC agent said to himself.

Expert's Opinion[]

CDC won this battle due to their weapons' reliability. Although Umbrella Corp's M4A1 was a more effective long range weapon, it alone was not able to fair as well at close range where CDC excelled.

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