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Heroes always die due to unreasonable orders.
— Cú Chulainn

Cú Chulainn is a Servant from the Fate franchise, first appearing in the visual novel Fate/stay night. He enjoys fighting worthy opponents and the thrill of combat, though also posses a strong sense of justice. He is loosely based off the Irish hero of the same name.

He was born Sétanta and was the son of the god Lugh and Deichtine, the younger sister of King Conchobar mac Nessa. When Sétanta was forced to kill the guard dog of a blacksmith named Chulainn, he offered to take its place. Chulainn rejected the offer, stating that he should train to become the guard dog of all of Ulster instead, earning him the nickname of Cú Chulainn, meaning Chulainn's hound.

Cú Chulainn would train under Scátach and grew up into a strong and formidable warrior. He would battle many foes who were legendary fighters in their own right and earned the respect of the Morrigan, the Goddess of Death. Cú Chulainn would eventually meet his demise while defending Ulster from the neigbouring Connacht after its queen, Medb, tricked him into breaking his vow of never eating a dog.

Having accomplished great deeds in life, Cú Chulainn's essence ascended to the Throne of Heroes and became a Heroic Spirit. He was summoned during the Fifth Fuyuki Holy Grail War to fight as a Servant for Bazett Fraga McRemitz, though Kirei Kotomine killed her shortly after the summoning was complete and usurped the contract she had with Cú Chulainn. Although he died in the conflict, Cú Chulainn was ressurected when Rin Tohsaka accidently fused all possible results to the Fourth Fuyuki Grail War into one timeline and became the Servant of Kirei’s daughter, Caren Hortensia. When Angra Mainyu attacked, Cú Chulainn remained neutral in the final battle, out of respect to Bazett, who was also resurrected and aligned herself with the Avenger. He would also be summoned by the Ritsuka Fujimaru to aid them in the Grand Orders and the Rin Tohsaka of another timeline to act as her Servant in the Moon Cell Holy Grail War.

Battle vs. Diarmuid Ua Duibhne (Fate) (by Leolab)[]


Expert's Opinion[]


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Battle vs. Hugo Coghlan (by Killermoves)[]

In a small anime style school during the dead of night, Lancer stood there waiting for his target. Suddenly, out of nowhere a giant man fell from the sky!!!

"Mors you Arsehole!" the giant Hugo yelled. "I told you that plane was just a prototype!"

"What's this?" Lancer asked. "Who're you and what're you doing here?"

Hugo stood up and said, "I'm Chu Chulain, a hero, but I moslty come by the name of Hugo Coghlan. I'm sorry to have bothe..."

But before he can finish, he saw Lancer drawing his spear and struck a battle prose. "What are you talking about fat man! I AM Chu Chulain. The hero in my native Ireland! Why do you use that name?! You better get out of here before I blast all your fats from your skeleton you sick piggy!"

"Fatman?! Why you..." Hugo said while gritting his teeth. "You say you're from bloody Ireland? You don't sound even Irish you imposter. You sound more like a Japanese. And what's with you blue hair? What are you some kind of... an anime character or somethin'? You look stupid!"

Lancer charged with rage, and strike Hugo multiple times with his Lance. But Hugo was unfazed and punched Lancer that shot him through the school building! But Lancer was not goign to give up, oh no! He charged yet again and used his Soarking Spear attack. Hugo manage to dodge some but most that makes contact didn't even made a dent on him.

Hugo grabs a bus and throws it at Lancer. The Servant easily dodged it and started to use his speed to encricle Hugo from the air. "My attacks aren't doing nothing! Guess I have to use it now."

And then, Lancer used his Piercing Death attack which launched his spear towards Hugo. Hugo was surpsied that the lance actually penetrated him and his heart, and he knew it was a fatal attack. "Gotcha fatty!" Lancer said.

"Not yet lad!" Hugo said before pulling Gae Bolg, and to the surprise and horror of Lancer, broke it in two!

"NOOOOO!!!" Lancer said, as he watched Hugo approach him slwoly with murderous eyes. "How are you still alive?"

"I'm half god ya c--nt!" Hugo said before grabbing Lancer as he tried to escape and twisiting his body mercilessly with his bare hands.

Expert's Opinion[]

Hugo won because his godlike durability was enough to tank whatever Lancer threw at him.

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