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For not by numbers of men, not by measure of body, but by valor of soul is war to be decided.
Belisarius, general of the Byzantine Army

The Byzantine soldiers, or Eastern Roman soldiers, are soldiers of the Byzantine Army. A direct continuation of the Roman army, the Eastern Roman army maintained a similar level of discipline, strategic prowess, and organization. They were among the most effective in Europe for much of the Middle Ages.

As the legionary system slowly faded away in the 7th century, calvary began to play a more important role than infantry. Soldiers were lightly armored when compared to their Roman counterparts, they were more organized.

The Byzantine army suffered greatly under the rule of the Angelos dynasty, known to be the worst Byzantine dynasty to ever occupy the throne. Because of their lavish spendings on fancy buildings, gifts to the church or even their own lifestyles and appointed their favorites to high ranking positions they weren't qualified for. Taking advantage of this, several neighboring states took advantage of this and annexed several Byzantine cities.

With the fall of Constantinople at the hands of the growing Ottoman Empire, the Byzantine Empire, along with its army, finally fell.