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Liberty or death!
— Bulgarian Rebels motto

The Bulgarian rebels were the core fighters for Bulgarian independence during the Ottoman rule and preservers of Bulgarian culture and tradition.

In 1393, the Ottomans captured Tarnovo, the capital of the Second Bulgarian Empire. In 1396, the Vidin Tsardom fell after the defeat of a Christian crusade at the Battle of Nicopolis. In the period that followed, armed bands of Turks plagued the area. Thousands of peasants fled from the countryside either to local towns, the wilderness, or other nations. The decline of Ottoman authorities also allowed a gradual revival of Bulgarian culture, which became a key component in the ideology of national liberation.

In 1869, an organized struggle for political liberation from the Ottoman Empire emerged in the form of the Bulgarian Revolutionary Central Committee and the Internal Revolutionary Organization led by liberal revolutionaries such as Vasil Levski, Hristo Botev, and Lyuben Karavelov.

In 1877, Russian general Iosif Gurko liberated Veliko Tarnovo, ending the 480-year rule of the Ottoman Empire. In April 1876, the Bulgarians revolted in the April Uprising. The revolt was poorly organized and was crushed by the Ottomans. Countless villages were pillaged and tens of thousands of people were massacred. Russia declared war on the Ottomans and invaded April 1877, and were aided by the Bulgarians. Russia established a provisional government in Bulgaria. The Russian army and the Bulgarian volunteers decisively defeated the Ottomans at Shipka Pass and Pleven. By January in 1878, they had liberated much of the Bulgarian lands.

Battle vs. Cossack (by MilenHD)[]

It was a calm morning in the Balkan(an Old Mountain in Bulgaria) forest,as 5 Bulgarian Rebels are sitting on a rug and eating their breakfast,while their leader shouted:

Братя идват страници,може да са турски наемници(Brothers some strangers are coming,they might be a Turkish mercenaries).

The Bulgarians got up and grabbed their weapons and went to check who are those guys.Those guys were the Cossacks who were following their leader on horseback.Than a musket round shot one of the Cossacks.



Seeing the Bulgarians,the Cossacks made a volley of musket rounds,hitting one of the Bulgarians but in the next moment a  4 revolver rounds blew up a Cossack's head



Than,one of the Cossacks charged with his kindjal at the Bulgarian rebel and stabbed him,and then he pulls out his pistol and shot one of the Bulgarians.



Then the Bulgarians shouted:

"свобода или смърт!!!!!"(Liberty or death!!!!!)

And both charged at the Cossacks one of the Cossacks got decapitated by a Bulgarian saber and the other got stabbed by a yataghan in the guts.



Seeing he is the only one of his team,the Cossacks captain charged with his shashka at the Bulgarian who was on foot,and he sliced his throat,and made a fountain of blood.



Than both leaders charged at each other and their blades clashed,both than jumped of their horses and began dueling,both warriors blocked their blades time and time,and no one was getting an advantage,after 12 minutes of dueling both the Cossack and the Bulgarian was tired and than the Cossack said:

"Ты самый сильный и достойный воин, который я встретил"(You are the greatest warrior I've ever met).

Than the Bulgarian realised that this is not a Turk,and since he knows Russian,he spoke:

"А ты здорово, прости мне, что они напали.Мысль они для турка"(And you're also great,I'am sorry that I attacked you.I though that you're a Turk).

Than both warriors shaked their hands,but in the next momment they saw a 2 Sipahis coming right at them.Than both warriors jumped on their horses and charged at the with their swords.

Expert's Opinion[]

While the Cossacks were better trained they were evenly matched with the smarter,more brutal and simply more brave Bulgarian Rebels.Both warriors were evenly matched on weapons,but the x-factors made them tied in this fight.

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Battle vs. Ikko-ikki (by MilenHD)[]

In quiet forest with river nearby,a crew of five Ikko-ikki rebels is searching for a hiding place to rest.Not far away in a wooden house five Bulgarian rebels are have hunted deer and they are now eating and celebrating.One of the Japanese heard the laughs and went to see whats happening.After few foots,he saw a light going throught a window of a house and he told that somebody ha already taken their place to rest.As of the Bulgarians saw a figure outside and went to check with his blunderbuss,but after he opened the door he got shoot in the head with tanegashima.



As they heard the rifle shoot,one of the Bulgarians opened the window and shoot with his musket one of the Japanese in the chest,making a bloody mess.



The Bulgarians,than opened the door to the backyard and than throught the the gate,and than their leader whispered "Братя,разпраснете се из храстите и дърветата,за да можем да победим тези наемници на Османците"(Brothers,spread all across the bushes and woods,so we can defeat the mercenaries of the Ottomans".And the two of them went down to the river,and the others across the woods of the house.After they went to the river one of the Ikko-ikki blew him with his osutzu,and same to him with the blunderbuss.



As he tried to reload his blunderbuss,a Japanese came with his naginata and managed to pierce his guts and knocked him into the water dead,and he rushed to help his comrades who are around the woods.



Seeing they don't have much bullets,the Bulgarians decided to use stealth as one of them threw small rock around the Japanese,who is searching around the house,and as they come closer,both Bulgarians attacked them  with their weapons and one of the Ikko-ikki got decapited in half by the saber and the others heart got pierced by the war scythe.



As the last Ikko-ikki rebel came closer,he saw his comrades killed,and he prepeared his osutzu,but he was away and only scratching one of the Bulgarian's leg,than he pulled his katana and as he jumped he decapitated the wounded one with the katana.



As he turned around he saw that the last of the Bulgarians is missing,as he turned the Bulgarian was incoming slowly with his yataghan,but as he sneaked he stept on stick and this alerted the Ikko-ikki rebel and he turned and slashed but the yataghan's curved blade blocked the katana's blow and as they dueled,the Ikko-ikki's katana got knocked from his hands and he pulled his nata and as he slashed,his arm got sliced in two and than he was stabbed in the chest by the yataghan.



As he saw his enemy dead,he raised his yataghan and shouted "Свобода или смърт"(Liberty or death).

Expert's Opinion[]

Although the Ikko-ikki had better melee weapon,they were outranged and they were inferior in x-factors.Simply compare fanatical peasants against former mercenaries,the result will be the same.

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Battle vs. Romanian Rebel (by Ssdmarista)[]


Romanians:      Bulgarians:

6 Romanians capture an ottoman camp they stay there for the night but later 6 Bulgarians show up that try to take the camp as well.The Romanians hear the noise and one of them gets his rifle and goes to check who is it. Once he got out of the tent he got shot in the head and died  The other Romanians got out of the tent  and fired back killing a buglarian in the process    The Bulgarians run and the Romanians Go to search for them. Four Romanians go in pairs but 1 lone Romanian  goes alone . The lone Romanian is later ambushed by a Bulgarian with a Yatagan the Romanian tries to fight back but the Bulgarian sliths his throat The other 4 Romanians bump into each other but they relax when they see they are each other.But this relaxing does not last long as 2 Bulgarians on horseback armed with berdans 2 on foot armed with Miquelets and the 1 with the yathagan show up. One of the Romanians gets shot and later stabbed by the yathagan. One of the Bulgarians on horseback gets shot by a musketThe other Bulgarian on horseback shoots a RomanianBut he also gets shot by a DreyseThe Bulgarian with the Yathagan charges at the Romanians but he gets shotOne of the Bulgarians fires his Miquelet and injures a Romanian and the other Romanian angrily shoots himThe last Bulgarian throws his Miquelet and pulls out his revolver.He goes to the injured Romanian and shoots himThe last Romanians sees him and fires at him but misses.They both mount on horses and pull out their sabers.They charge at each other and start to duel.At first the Romanian got protected by the guard on the saber but later his hand got chopped off.He grabs his flintlock and fires a round in the air scaring the Bulgarians horse.Now both on foot the Romanian grabs his kilij and chases after the Bulgarian.The Bulgarian trips and drops his saber but luckly he finds the yathagan.They started another duel on foot the Bulgarian even tries to ambush the Romanian but the Romanian manages to stay alive.During the duel the Bulgarian gets his hand chopped off as well.The Bulgarian runs away and finds his saber but the Romanian pulls out his flintlock and shoots the saber off the Bulgarian's hand.The Romanian reloads his pistol and shoots the Bulgarian's leg.The Bulgarian crowls and crowls until the Romanian catches up with him.The Bulgarian desperatly pulls his revolver and tries to shoot the Romanian but the revolver explodes in his hand.The Romanian stabs him with the kilij and the Bulgarian started coughing blood.The Romanian later pulls out his flintlock and shoots the Bulgarian   The Romanian lifts his pistol in the air and yells in victory.

Expert's Opinion[]

The Romanians won because they had better training and where better organised the Bulgarians may have worked as mercenaries but they were still just rag tag guerrilas while the Romanians where soldiers with real training

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Battle vs. Serbian Revolutionary (by Ssdmarista)[]

5 Bulgarian Rebels were making their way out of a forest when suddenly they hear a noise.The noise comes from 5 Serbian Revolutionaries also trying to make their way out of the forest.The Bulgarians ignore the noise and go further except now the Serbs hear the Bulgarians.The Bulgarians find an abandoned cabin in the middle of the forest and they decided to enter the cabin and rest.The Serbs also saw it and they started to aproach it.The Bulgarians hear the noise again and one of them annoyed by it decided to investigate.He took his gun opened the door and pinted the gun the Serbs saw him as a threat so they killed him with their Marthas.The other Bulgarians took their Muskets and fired back killing a Serb.The Serbs quickly run out of ammo and they went in meele.The Bulgarians also run out of ammo and they go melee.A Serb and a Bulgarian start a duel the Serb gets the upper hand but the Bulgarian is saved by another Bulgarian witch stabed the Serb in the back with the War Scythe.The Serb falls on his knees and the Bulgarian swordsman finishes him with a decapitation.But later the Scytheman gets in a duel with a Halberdier and the Swordsman repays him by slicing the Halberdier's ankles and knees the Scytheman then killed the Halberdier with a decapitation.Unfortunately the other Scytheman was not as lucky because he got defeated in the duel with the other Halberdier witch stabs him in the stomach and makes him collapse later finishing him with a decapitation.The Swordsman and the Scytheman head for the Serbian leader but the Harberdier tries to stop them he kills the Scytheman in a duel and later tries to kill the swordsman as well but the swordsmen pulled out his pistol and shoots him in the knee stopping him and then kills him by slithing his troath.The Serb leader starts a duel with the swordsman witch he wins by cutting his hand and decapitating him.The Bulgarian leader pulls out his flintlock and fires at the Serb leader.At the same time the Serb leader pulls out his kubor and fires at the Bulgarian leader.Both of them miss and reach for their swords.They start a duel in witch the Serb gains the upper hand but the Bulgarian pushes him aside and runs away the Serb later chases after him.The Serb however can't find him.The Bulgarian then gets out of his hideout and abushes the Serb with another flintlock.the flintlock hits the Serb and later the Bulgarian charges at him and kills him but stabbing him in the stomach.The Bulgarian raises his saber in the air and yells:,,Свобода или смъртъ(Liberty or Death)

Winner:Bulgarian Rebels

Expert's Opinion[]

The Bulgarians were better trained then the Serbs.The Bulgarians served as merceneries in god knows how many armies while the Serbs were just militiamen with poor training

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Battle vs. French Revolutionary Militias (by MilenHD)[]

French Revolutionary Militias: Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red Red

Bulgarian Rebels: Green Green Green Green Green Green Green Green Green Green

In small town during the end of 18th century, 10 Bulgarian rebels were searching for aid and shelter in their fight against the Ottoman rulers. They have just arrived in a small town as they crossed the two bridges that were standing above the river. One of the Bulgarians spoke to his friends and brothers in arms:

"Братя, да го решим така. Във градът ако няма помощ и подслон, ще е най-добре да устроим лагер тук до реката, пък призори рано ще станем, ако идва турската войска за нас!" (Brothers, it is best to settle here and make camp for the night near the river, if the locals doesn't give us help or shelter. We will go in early morning if the Turkish army comes for us!)

Another Bulgarian spoke to the leader: "Най-добре да проверим дали ще ни помогнат местните, пък ако не стане здраве да е, ще устроим лагер."(It's better to see if the town locals can helps us, if not, alright we will camp this night)

Little did they knew this was a French town and they were in France. As the armed Bulgarian soldiers were making their way through the streets, they noticed that this town folks were dressed different, they were looking so much like the westerners, who were coming to the Ottoman empire and taking the resources of the Bulgarian lands. One of the Bulgarians mumbled:

"Абе братя мои, тези ми приличат на западняците, които така нагло помагат на империята и взимат от парите и бъдещето ни!"(Brothers of mine, those people look like the westerners whom come support the empire, along with taking our money and future!)

Another one of the Bulgarians made a step towards the French mаn and spoke to him: "Със империята ли сте или просто сте дошли тук да търсите парцели от земите на предците ни?" (Are you with the Ottoman empire or you have come here to take land, that belonged to our ancestors?)

The French man was confused and was riddled even by the Bulgarian's words as he didn't even understand anything, but he wasn't going to be bothered by some Eastern European and was preparing to pull his flintlock and blow the Bulgarian, but in the last moment he was shot by one of the Bulgarian's brethren flintlock musket.Red

Hearing the bang, from all sides of the streets, the French have come giving shouts. Both groups immediately open fire at each other with their muskets, with both groups taking some guys down.GreenGreenRedRed After the chaos erupted and the fight began, both groups clashed against each other, swords clashed with swords and both groups fired their black powdered weapons at each others.

A victim was taken, when one of the Bulgarian rebels was killed by a flintlock pistol.Green The French man decided to reload his pistol, but another Bulgarian charged at the French, but the French countered by pistol whipping him, the Bulgarian countered by throwing a punch to the French's face and then stabbed him with the yataghan.Red

The French were ready to storm the rest of the Bulgarians, but a blunderbuss shot killed two of the French revolutionaries and wounded one.RedRed As the wounded French was trying to escape, he got killed by a musket shot.Red

Seeing they were losing the French decided to retreat and hide behind the buildings of the town, as the Bulgarians were chasing them down, near one of the building's walls one of the Bulgarian's got decapitated by the woodcutting axe.Green The French pulled his axe and started searching the rest of the Bulgarians, as he saw another two Bulgarian, he charged with his axe and they with their sabers. The first Bulgarian got the axe straight caved in his chest, but as he pulled his axe the French got his throat sliced by the saber.GreenRed

He found the rest of his team mates and they decided to find the rest of the French Militias. The two French were spying with one with his saber, another with his musket. As they were coming closer behind the Bulgarians, the revolutionary fired his musket but he missed alerting the rebels. The Bulgarians charged at the French in last effort and last clash, the numbers game of the Bulgarians got the French killed and absolutely mutilated by the sabers and yataghans,RedRed but still one Bulgarian was killed by the French saber, which was stabbed in the stomach.Green

The remaining 4 Bulgarians seeing the bloody mess, raised their weapons and yelled "Свобода или смърт!" (Liberty or death)

Expert's Opinion[]

The French had better close range and long range weapons, but their inferior x-factors is what cost them the fight. The Bulgarians were better trained and didn't rely on big numbers to win.

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