He who pulls out a knife, by knife shall die.
— Bulgarian saying

The Bulgarian mafia is a series of organised crime elements originating from Bulgaria. Bulgarian organised crime groups are involved in a wide range of activities, including drug trafficking, cigarette smuggling, human trafficking, prostitution, illicit antiquities trafficking, extortion (often under the cover of ostensible security and insurance companies), racketeering, various financial crimes, car theft and the arms trade. They appear to have connections with the Russian Mafia, Serbian Mafia, and the Italian Cosa Nostra. Bulgarian organised crime groups mainly use security and insurance companies such as SIC and VIS as fronts for criminal activities.

The organised crime (OC) groups is arguably the most serious problem in the country. OC groups range from local street extorters to international drug dealers and money launderers. There were an estimated 118 organised crime groups in Bulgaria in 2004. Not a single major OC figure has been punished by the Bulgarian law, though there are nominal on-going series of OC-related assassinations. The criminal wealth is usually laundered into ownership of sports teams, property developments and financial institutions. Organised crime influence all state institutions, including the government, parliament and judiciary, organised criminals donate to all the major political parties, they "own" municipalities and individual members of parliament, controlling municipal councils and mayors. Bulgarian governments have done little to reduce the presence of organised crime, despite domestic efforts and U.S. and EU pressure to combat it.According to a former United States Ambassador to Bulgaria, Prime Minister Boyko Borisov has links with the mafia.According to Jürgen Roth, Borisov is the Bulgarian Al Capone.

Drug trafficking organisations run by Bulgarian nationals have been investigated in Los Angeles and Tampa. These groups deal with the import of cocaine and multi-thousand doses of ecstasy into the United States. Most members of these were imprisoned in the U.S. There, Bulgarian nationals are identified for falsification of IDs, organised bank fraud, mortgage fraud, credit card fraud and alien smuggling.

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Battle vs. Russian Mafia (by Ssdmarista)

A man walks down an alley in eastern Europe.Suddenly 5 men dressed in black wearing sunglasses attack him.They were the Russian Mafia and the reason they attacked him was because he had a briefcase full of money and they wanted to take it from him.They take the brifcase and kill him.5 other men dressed in black saw what happened this men were the Bulgarian mafia and they were not pleased because those where their money and the man was the Bulgarian mafia boss's brother.The Bulgarian Mafia Boss yells at the Russians: ,,Ей това са ми парите! Дайте ги на мен или ще плати за убийството на брат ми (Hey those are my money!Give them to me or you will pay for killing my brother) to witch the Russian boss answered: ,,Иди сюда и получить ет(Come and get em).The battle begins as both Bosses are firing their pistols and their men are firing their kalashnikovs.One of the Bulgarians kills a Russian with a headshot of his Kalashinikov only for him to get killed in the same way by another Russian.One of the Russians throws a grenade at the Bulgarians all Bulgarians run away except for one who gets caught in the explosin and dies.The Bulgarians retreat in a building and the Russians soon follow them.The Russians were walking in line when suddenly a Bulgarian abushes and kills the las Russian in line with his Butcher kinfe.The Russians spott him and fire at him he draws his pistol to fire back and another bulgarian throws a grenade witch injures on of the Russians and the pistol Bulgarian kills him only to get killed by another Russian with a Kalashnikov.The Bulgarian that throwed the grenaded tried to abush the Russian boss with his butcher knife wile his Russian counterpart tried the same thing with the Hunting knife on the Bulgarian boss they both fail as they are spotted and killed with pistols.The Russian mafia boss finds the Bulgarian mafia boss and fires at him with his M1911 the Bulgarian boss fires back with his Glock.They keep fire and fire until they run out of ammo.The 2 draw their knives and start to duel.The Russian boss stabs the Bulgarian boss in the stomach and legs a few times and the Bulgarian boss blocked his attack on the neck and heart with his Butcher knife.The Bulgarian boss slices the Russian Boss's knee with his Butcher knife and later he hits him with the Butcher knife in the shoulder.The Russian Boss started to collapse and the Bulgarian boss decapitated him with the Butcher knife.The Russian boss is dead now and the Bulgarian boss takes the brifcase and opens it. Seeing that all the money are intact he yells vitoriously: ,,Аз съм щифт цар (I'm the king pin)

'Winner:'Bulgarian Mafia

Expert's Opinion

Even tough the Russian mafia is powerful and all the Bulgarian mafia are just way worsen both are trained well but the Russian mafia are former KGB witch means that they remember an old training that they had years ago wile the Bulgarian mafia have new and fresh training witch is easier to remember.

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