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Battles here were deemed to be unfair or otherwise not in accordance with wiki standards, and have been removed from the statuses of the warriors and displayed below.

Battle vs. Locust Horde (by Samurai234)[]

Locust: Grey Grey Grey Grey Grey

Chieftain: Green Green Green Green Green

In a abandoned city, resembling the ones in Gears of War, four Locusts led by General RAAM are walking across the city, looking for any sign of trouble. Unaware to them, Tartarus and four Chieftains are walking across the other side of the city, also looking for enemies. One of the Chieftains sees the Locusts and fires his needle rifle. He manages to take out a locust boomer. Grey General RAMM sees the Chieftains and yells "We are under attack! Fire back!". The locust return fire with their hammerbursts, and manage to take out a Chieftain. Green The two teams' leaders tell their men to split up, and they all scramble. A Chieftain enters a narrow alley, looking for any signs of a locust. Suddenly, he hears a raspy voice say "Hunger!", and he is ambushed by a Locust butcher. The Locust pulls out his butcher knife, and swings, but misses. The Chieftain pulls out his Jiralhanae Combat Knife and stabs the Locust in his abdomen. The Locust retaliates by cutting the Chieftain's hand off. The chieftain roars in pain, before getting his head cut off. Green The Locust says, "you'll make a very tasty meal.", and pulls his body to the shack to cook him later. However, he sees another Chieftain armed with a plasma cannon. The Locust says "Uh Oh!", before getting blown up. Grey The Chieftain exits the alley, but he almost gets shot by a locust with his torque bow. Another Chieftain sneaks up on the locust and crushes him to death with his hammer. Grey However, another locust grabs the bow and fires an arrow in the Chieftain's leg. The Chieftain rolls over, before the locust finishes him off with his the bow's sharpen end. Green RAMM and the last locust drone enter the a series of small house where a Chieftain is hiding. The Chieftain hurls a spike grenade at the drone. The grenade starts beeping, so RAMM gets out of range before the Grenade blows up. Grey The locust general looks ahead, but doesn't see anything. To be sure, he hurls a bolo grenade in one of the houses. It blows up, and the Chieftain is dead.Green RAMM suddenly hears a loud roar. he turns and sees Tartarus, gravity hammer in hand. RAMM looks on the floor and sees a boom shield and explosive flail, which he picks up. The two approach each other and duel. Tartarus slams the hammer down, but RAMM blocks it with the shield. RAMM swings the flail, but Tartarus simply ducks. The two distance each and charge. RAMM makes the first blow and hits Tartarus in his head with the flail, causing an explosion. RAAM gets up and stares at Tartarus' body, which now has no head.Green RAAM raises his fist in the air and yells "For the Queen!".


Expert's Opinion[]

The Chieftain and Locust brought very great weapons to the table, but the Locust's better weapons and tactics are what won the day for them.

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The battle was disregarded because the Locust were given a butcher's knife, a weapon they never used.

Battle vs. Samus Aran (by Wassboss)[]

Samus Aran is blasting her way through a covenant cruiser. She has been hired by the UNSC to eliminate a brute chieftain going by the name of Thorus. She wipes the blood off her visor and sends a group of grunts flying before turning to face a jackal sniper. She fires a missile at him, blowing him to kingdom come. She is almost upon the main control where the Chieftain is supposed to be hiding. Just before she gets their a group of 4 brutes exit the control room and charge at her gravity hammers in hand. Samus switches to her power beam and fires several shots into the brutes, managing to kill two of them. The other two make it to her unscathed and swing their hammers but samus ducks under them with ease. She slides out her plasma whip and sends them flying with a quick slash. Switching back to her power beam she opens fire on her downed opponents, killing them.

Samus charges through the door to the control room to find the brute chieftain sitting with his back to her, stroking some sort of gun. "Are you Throus" she says her voice muffled by the helmet. The huge warrior sits silently for a few seconds before answering. "Yes i am" he growls and quick as a flash jumps out of his chair and fires off several shots from his fuel rod gun which samus narrowly avoids. "So you wanna play like that do you" she whispers to herself and sends two missiles flying towards him. Thorus leaps over the first one and blows the other one up with a blast from his fuel rod gun. He fires another shot from his rocket launcher, this time hitting samus square in the chest and sending her flying back into the the wall. Her armour absorbs all the damage however and she gets up completely unscathed. Thorus discards his fuel rod gun and takes out his spiker and opens fire on samus but the bullets just bounce off her armour. Samus laughs at his attempt and switches to her power beam and fires off several shots, striking the chieftain in the chest but his armour stops it from doing much damage.

Realising that his ranged attacks are not going to do much the brute changes tactics. He takes his gravity hammer off his back and smashes it downwards knocking samus back a bit. She slides out her plasma whip and swings it in in a circle around her before smacking Thorus round the face with it. The Jiralhanae warrior grabs his face with his hands and shouts it pain. Samus takes this opportunity to swing with her whip again this time leaving a gash in her opponents leg. Thorus grabs his leg in pain this time, ignoring the pain in his face. Samus gets ready to swing her whip again but before she can Thorus grabs her arm and flings her across the room. He then picks up his gravity hammer and charges at samus with the huge hammer held high over his head. Samus prepares for his strike and slides her whip back in, ready to fire her missiles when he gets to near to dodge them. However Thorus suddenly changes his attack and instead hurls a spike grenade at the female bounty hunter. The spikes dig into her armour and she tries to pull it off but it is firmly stuck. The grenade detonates and sends samus flying backwards again, smashing her off the wall and leaving a hole in her armour.

Samus lies on the floor, dazed and injured. The huge Jiralanae looms over her, gravity hammer in hand, a nasty look on his face. "Die demon" he snarls and starts to bring the hammer down on his fallen opponent. Suddenly samus erupts into the air, in a yellow ball of energy. She lifts the 8 foot tall alien 20 feet in the air, spinning furiously as she does. The brute can do nothing but scream as he is thrown off this ball of energy and flung into a nearby wall, with severe burns. Samus lands gracefully on her feet and bombards the Brutes body with missiles till their is nothing but red mush. Samus pumps her fist in the air in victory before walking back to her ship. Winner samus

Expert's Opinion[]

Samus won because of her better long range weapons and her armour. To see the original battle, weapons, and votes click here.


Battle was declared invalid due to Samus Aran being given a weapon she did not use.

Battles vs. Locust Horde (by Sith Venator)[]

No battle was written.

WINNER: Jiralhanae

Expert's Opinion[]

In the end the Jiralhanae defeated the Locust with better weaponry and armour in addition to their bigger size.

To see the original battle, weapons, and votes, click here.


Battle was declared invalid due to Samus Aran being given a weapon she did not use.

Battle vs. Krogan Warrior (by SPARTAN 119)[]

Jiralhanae: Grey Grey Grey Grey Grey 1 Wraith

Krogan: Green Green Green Green Green 1 Tomkah

A Phantom troop transport dropped off a squad of Jiralhanae and a Wraith onto the the surface of Tuchanka, along a road in the middle of a vast desert with scattered mountains. The Wraith rolled along, the Brutes in tow. The road turned around a mountain, as the Brutes rounded the corner, they met a Tomkah and five Krogan.

The Wraith fired it plasma mortars, missing the Tomkah, but hitting a Krogan and killing it instantly. Green. The Krogan Tomkah retaliated by firing one of its twin main guns, landing a hit right on the front of the Wraith and sending it up in flash of blue fire. (Wraith destroyed)

A Brute with a fuel rod cannon fired three shots at the Tomkah, impacting the vehicle and sending it up in a fireball (Tomkah destroyed). A Krogan sniper retaliated, firing a shot with his M97 Viper that blew the head off the Jiralhanae fuel rod gunner. Grey.

A Jiralhanae with a beam rifle fired, the particle beam burning through the forehead of the Krogan sniper Green. Seconds later, however, the Brute sniper was killed by three shot from an M96 Mattock rifle to the torso. Grey

The remaining Jiralhanae charged, firing a Spikers and Covenant Carbines they ran, however, all of their shots missed. The Brute furthest to the right, however, was hit by a burst of Locust SMG fire, depleting its shields and perforating its chest, causing it to fall to its knees and then face down on the ground. Grey

A second Jiralhanae was killed when a Krogan fired his M451 Firestorm at him, setting the Brute ablaze and quickly scoring a kill. Grey The final Jiralhanae fired its spiker, scoring a hit on the Krogan's flamethrower fuel tank, killing the Krogan in a ball of fire Green

The final Brute drew its Mauler and ran at the two surviving Krogan, firing two shots, one of them hitting a krogan in its chest, but causing little damage. The krogan raised its Graal Spike Thrower and fired a blast of large metal spikes at much greater velocity than the spiker. Some of the spikes impaled the jiralhanae, while others went right through it, tearing through the alien's flesh as they went.

The mangled body of the Brute fell to the ground, dead. Grey

The two surviving Krogan raised their weapons in triumph, before reporting in to their commanders, informing them of the encounter with the Brutes and requesting reinforcements.

WINNER: Krogan

Experts Opinion[]

The Jiralhanae were physically strong and well armed, however, the greater resilience and experience of the krogan won this match for them.

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The battle was declared invalid for buffing the krogan tomkah by giving it machineguns.