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With my blessing, the Brutes now lead our fleets! They ask for your allegiance, and you shall give it!"
— Prophet of Truth

A fearsome and barbaric people, the Jiralhanae, better known as the Brutes, are native to the magma-heated Earth-like planet, Doisac. The Brutes raised their civilisation to a Space-Age level, before they were torn apart in a bloody civil war that reduced their population and crippled their technology and culture. However, their savagery and skill in battle did not go unnoticed, and when they were in this weakened state, The Covenant Empire launched a full invasion, quickly pummelling the Brutes and absorbing them into the Covenant ranks in 2492. Initially meant only to serve as guards and heavy infantry, the Jiralhanae proved incredibly quick converts- they quickly adapted and moulded to the Prophet's religion, and despite their inability to truly grasp ideas like sanctity, they quickly became devout and even fanatical to The Great Journey.

The Brutes have fought in the Covenant since before the war with the UNSC, but their deployment was rare. Early sightings of their deployment after the Fall of Harvest was met with surprise and confusion from the UNSC Spirit of Fire and her crew, while other Brute forces were deployed in small numbers to Reach. The first time the Brutes saw major action as a ground force was after the destruction of the first Halo Ring and the invasion of Earth by the Covenant. Here, Brutes appeared in many major supporting roles under the leadership of Tartarus. After a great deal of fighting, the Prophets announced that the Elites were to be terminated and phased out of the Covenant, being replaced with the stronger and more fanatical Brutes. This lead to a massive Civil War within the Covenant, as the Brutes quickly took the Elites by surprise and killed many. The Arbiter was able to rally many Covenant Forces to his side, and after killing Tartarus, he split off and founded the Covenant Separatists. After this split, the Brutes took full control of the Invasion of Earth, while they won many battles, they eventually lost the war- their Prophets all dead and their Great Journey forever halted.

After the Human-Covenant War, the exact fate of the Jiralhanae people is unknown. While some groups have splintered off and engaged each other in civil wars as they did in the generations prior to their adoption into the Covenant, a huge number of Brute forces were left in hostile territory after the war, and their warrior nature would not lead to retreat. Reports that a lack of Covenant supplies and troops, combined with the return to classic Brute Savagery allowed the UNSC and Covenant Separatists to gain the upper hand and push them out.

Battle vs. Wookiee Warrior (Legends) (by Richard Starkey)[]

Five wookies sit at a campfire, then a brute slits a wookie's throat with his knife(Wookies 4 brutes 5. Before he can look up from his kill a bowcaster laser hits him in the face(wookies 4 brutes 4). The brutes charge into battle, the chieftain turns his hammer around and splits a wookies head open with the blade(wookies 3 brutes 4). A brute guns a wookie down with his spiker(Wookies 2 brutes 4). But the brute slups over dead when a wookie runs him through with a ryyk blade(Wookies 2 brutes 3). The wookie leader beheads a brute with his kerathorr ryyk blades (wookies 2 brutes 2). A brute headshoted a wookie with his carbine (Wookies 1 brutes 2). The brute goes to report to his chieftain but is killed by a slugthrower shot (wookies 1 Brutes 1). The brute chieftain goes into a maddened rage and charges. The wookie leader drew his kerathorr ryyk blades and slashed at the brute but the chieftan dodged and brought the butt of his hammer down on the wookie's head. The wookie dropped both blades and held his head he glanced up to see the chieftain swinging his hammer (Wookies 0 brutes 1) Winner Brutes

Expert's Opinion[]


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Battle vs. Clone Trooper (Legends) (by Thebiguglyalien)[]

Clones: BlueBlueBlueBlueBlueBlueBlueBlueBlueBlue
Brutes: RedRedRedRedRedRedRedRedRedRed
The clones crept through the forest.

"Come on, men. Keep moving. The base isn't far." The clones continued to slip through the trees, stopping only to make sure they were not being followed. This went along fine until...

"Commander, do you here something?" they stopped.

"A starship is coming in on top of us."


"It doesn't look like it. I've never seen a ship like that before."

The ship was coming down fast. It glided down until it was only a short distance from the clone troopers.

"Should we investigate?"

"Negative, soldier. There are guns on that ship. It's best to wait until we can get some backup."

"Sir! They're jumping out of the ship!"


"Private, if those are Wookies, than they're the tallest Wookies I've ever seen." The soldiers quietly observed the unknown creatures.

"I'm smelling something," one of them uttered.

"What? What is it?"

"Humans... they're close."

"Well let's find them!" The brutes drew their rifles, and kept them ready.

"Sir," a clone said, "They're going to find us! And it looks like they have blasters. Probably modified illegally."

"We were made to fight," the commander said, "So let's fight." The clones burst out from their hiding spots, and started blasting fire everywhere. The brutes spun around, and started shooting.

Clones: BlueBlueBlueBlueBlueBlueBlueBlueBlue
Brutes: RedRedRedRedRedRedRedRed

The clones ducked behind the trees, waiting to ambush the brutes.

"Throw your thermal detonators!" the Commander shouted. The troopers all set their detonators, and lobbed them at the brutes. This created a wave of explosions, hindering the brutes.

The brutes returned the favor by blasting a clone with a mauler.

Clones: BlueBlueBlueBlueBlueBlueBlueBlue
Brutes: RedRedRedRed

"Men, they're breaking our front line, fall back! Regroup fifteen meters up!" The soldiers swiftly shot back and managed to get a solid line in front of the brutes. Then suddenly, a beam of energy, and a clone dropped.

"Snipers! Get d... AAA!" The Commander was hit by a sniper. The rest of the clones hit the ground to avoid the sniper fire.

"You hide like cowards," a brute rang, "We shall kill you!" They threw spike grenades, but the efforts were wasted; no casualties.

Clones: BlueBlueBlueBlueBlueBlue
Brutes: RedRedRedRed

The brutes marched through the trees, firing their rifles at anything that moved. However, they were not coordinated, and the clever clones had an idea. They crept around the brutes, and came in from behind.

"FIRE!" the clones discharged their rifles, and some brutes dropped.

Clones: BlueBlueBlueBlueBlueBlue
Brutes: Red

"You will not kill me!" The final brute jeered.

"I wouldn't be so sure about that," a clone said. He brought the sights to his visor, and pulled the trigger...

Clones: BlueBlueBlueBlueBlueBlue
Brutes: 0


Expert's Opinion[]

Though the brutes were strong, the clones were simply better trained, and had more efficient weapons. The brutes depended mainly on their savage instincts, while the clones relied on advanced military training. In addition, the clones were able to put in much more firepower in a medium range combat, which made up most of the fight.

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Battle vs. Predator (by Urbancommando77)[]

No battle written.

Winner: Tie.

Expert's Opinion[]


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Battle vs. Big Daddy (by Geekboy27)[]

Big Daddies: Teal Teal Teal Teal Teal

Brutes: Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown

Five Brutes go down to Rapture to look for any leads for the UNSC and go to the underwater city.

"Ugh  filthy humans living in filth" Says one Brute in disgust. 

Sudenly, a little sister skips by and sees the big apes. One of the Brutes grab the little sister by the neck.

"Foolish worm!" Exclaims the Brute "Now tell me, where is the UNSC?!" 

"Mr. Bubbles!" Screams the little sister 

"Mr. who?!" 

Sudenly, a bouncer Bid Daddy armed with his drill, bursts trough a wall and charges at a brute, and stabs him and turns on his drill while it is inside the Brute. Brown

Two Brutes with Spike guns shoot the Big Daddy before he can hit again. Teal

Two Rosies come out armed with rivet guns begin to fire on the Brutes. The big Daddys are followed by a Rumbler (armed with a rocket launcher) and a Lancer (armed with a laser gun).

A Brute fires at a Big Daddy with his carbine, but the carbine does not make a dent in the suit. The Big Daddy shoots the rivet gun into the brute slicing trough his body and he slowly bleeds out. Brown

A brute with the combat knife jumps on the Rosie and stabs him in the eye. Teal

The Lancer shoots that brute with his laser hitting him in the head. Brown

The Brute Chieftan grabs his Gravity Hammer and slams it into the Second Rosie, killing him instantly. Teal

The Lancer fires his harpoon gun into the Chieftans arm. He gets ran into the wall and tries to take the harpoon out but it is to deep. The Lancer fires again but at the face. Brown

The Brute Next to him charges at while shouting a war cry and shoots the Big Daddy with his Mauler but sees no damage. When he is about to pull out his Spiker, he sees the Rumbler shoot a missle at him which kills him instantly. Brown

The Little Sister comes out from hiding, she giggles and with her syringe, she stabs it into the Brute Chieftans gut.

Winner: Big Daddies

Expert's Opinion[]

The Big Daddies won because of their weapons and armour were more reliable.

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