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To complete my mission, and protect my men. Having to do both at once is what makes being an officer so tough. Are you ready for this? I know I am.
— Bruno Bucciarati

Bruno Bucciarati is a major character in Vento Aureo, the fifth part of the anime/manga series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. He is a rogue mafia capo leading a coup against his boss.

Bucciarati's parents divorced when he was seven years old, with Bucciarati choosing to stay with his father as he believed he would stay alone forever, despite the opportunities living with his mother would offer. After his father accidentally stumbled upon a drug deal, getting shot multiple times and ended up in a critical condition in hospital. When the gangsters came to finish him off, the then twelve-year-old Bucciarati ambushed and killed them. Knowing the police wouldn't be able top protect him and his family he joined Passione in exchange for protection.

Working under Polpo in Naples Bruno began to gain a reputation for himself and began building up his own gang within Passione loyally serving Diavolo. Five years later, Bucciarati's father died of complications during his surgery, but Bucciarati knew the gang was involved with the operation and that they were trying to separate him and his father and found out about the Passione's durg deals, shattering the trust he had in Diavolo.

One day, while investigating the murder of a fellow gangster he encountered Giorno Giovanna whom, after a brief fight, he accepted into his gang as he believed in Giorno's vision of taking over Passione and stopping the drug trade. Not long after this his direct superior Polpo died under mysterious circumstances and he was made Capo in his place and given the mission of protecting the Boss' daughter Trish Una and deliver her to the Church of San Giorgio Maggiore.

Bucciarati and his gang were successful but ultimately found out that Diavolo was trying to murder Trish and rushed to her defense. Though he died, Bucciarati was revived by Giorno's Stand Golden Experience, turning him into an undead shell. He continued to lead his gang against Diavolo and was ultimately successful, though as his body finally died and his soul was lifted up to heaven.

Battle vs. Erskine Ravel (by Wassboss)[]

“Now hang on a second,” Ravel says, holding his hands out palms up as a sign of appeasement. The man he is gesturing to, Bruno Bucciarati, stops but keeps his Stand out just in case of a surprise attack. “There is no use in us fighting each other,” Ravel continues. “Our real enemy here is the mortals. They’re the ones who’ve screwed up this planet and we need to unite together to stop them, not squabble amongst ourselves.”

“You were snooping around and asking about the Boss’s activities,” Bruno retorts. “He doesn’t take kindly to people doing that.”

“That’s only because I know he agrees with my position. Arrange for him to speak with me and I’m sure we can straighten this whole thing out.”

“The Boss’s orders were very clear,” Bruno says and a zip opens under underneath him which he disappears into. Ravel starts scanning the ground a by-product of his many encounters with tunnellers. These instincts prove themselves useful immediately as Sticky Fingers emerges from a zipper in the ground and Ravel snaps his fingers, creating a fireball which he thrusts downwards at it. The flames lick against the Stand’s arms causing it to retreat back into the zipper but as it does Ravel is struck from behind, sending him smashing into the ground. He gets to his feet groaning and turns to see Bruno straightening up, a zipper in the wall above revealing where he had attacked from.

Flinging his palms out the air shimmers towards Bruno who leaps to the side to avoid it, coming up in a roll and launching Sticky Finger’s right hand towards Ravel as he rises. It doesn’t get anywhere near him however and it slams down hard into the ground, reflecting the attack on Bruno who falls face first on the ground. The pressure disappears as Ravel redirects the air flow, creating a vacuum around Bruno’s head in an attempt to suffocate him. His lungs burning from the lack of oxygen, Bruno manages to slip into another zipper, disappearing from sight once more.

Ravel uses the air to create a metre radius around himself to give him warning of any more attempted ambushes. He waits patiently for one minute, two minutes, three minutes but there is no sign of Bruno anywhere. As he wonders if his opponent has just decided to flee, he feels a pressure against his barrier from behind and he whirls around just in time to block a punch from Bruno as he emerges from the ground. He fires a quick-fire barrage of punches into Bruno’s gut, catching a flailing punch on the crook of his elbow and sends a column of air into his face at close range, bowling him off his feet.

Turning acrobatically in the air to land on his feet, Bruno lunges for Ravel again, sliding under another barrage of air to come up with an attempted uppercut but again Ravel blocks the attack with his forearms, swinging his leg up and booting Bruno in the groin which makes him drop to his knees in pain. Drawing his arm back, air shimmering around his fist for the final knock out blow, he feels something brush against his elbow and the next thing he knows the entirety of his lower arm plops to the floor. Glancing back over his shoulder he sees Sticky Fingers stood behind.

“Looks…like you…forgot about my Stand,” Bruno says through his gasps of pain. “I noticed you seem to control your powers via your hand movements so I figure with no arms, you can’t do anything to stop me.” As he says this Ravel’s other arm also detaches from his body. A sweat appears on Ravel’s brow and he and Bruno switch positions, he is now the one on his knees while Bruno looms above him.

“Please just let me go. I promise I won’t try and bother your Boss anymore,” Ravel says desperately. “Just reattach my arms for me and I swear you’ll never see me ever again.”

“If it were up to me, I’d let you go. But if the Boss finds out I’ve disobeyed him, then I’ll be the one who never gets seen again,” Bruno says coldly. With a cry of “ARI ARI ARI ARI ARI” he hits Ravel with a barrage of punches, splitting his body into chunks that splatter on the cobbled path.

Winner: Bruno Bucciarati


“No more inquisitions! No more inquisitions!”

Bruno turns his head towards the sound of the commotion as he walks on by. A group of protesters are stood outside the Alamein Military Library, holding pickets and chanting. The majority of them are Asian men dressed in camouflage but also amongst them is a giant of a man with an even bigger sword and a Mexican, holding a sign in one hand and a bottle of Tequila in the other (Miguel). High above them, stood on the balcony that juts out of the top of the library stands a masked figure with a beret, silently watching the gathered crowd.

“Another injustice we have to suffer in the place,” Bruno thinks to himself as he leaves the chanting behind. As he walks further and further the buildings around him slowly begin to look less run down and the houses, he passes are getting steadily bigger and bigger. Finally, on the boarder between the white-collar district and the wealthy district he reaches his destination. Stepping through the automatic doors he heads for the elevator, pressing the button for the top floor. As it glides silently up the building, Bruno can’t help but feel apprehensive, after all the last time he was riding an elevator to meet someone who has only communicated to him via messages it didn’t end well.

The doors slide open with a ping and he steps out into what looks to be an open plan office, although all the desks are empty. At the end of the room sits a large black door, guarded on either side by two men. One is heavily muscled with a metal mask covering most of his face, his red menacing eyes locked on Bruno as he approaches. The other is no less intimidating but in a different way, his bald head and broad shoulders an afterthought to the pale blue eyes that Bruno cannot look into without feeling a sense of dread. He shows none of his inner anxiety as he walks up to the door, pushing it gently open.

Up against the far wall sits a desk and at the desk sits a man, a holographic crown projecting out of the mask he is wearing. Typing something at a computer, he doesn’t look at Bruno initially as he enters. There are no other seats in the room and Bruno stands while he waits for the man to speak. After what seems like an eternity the man turns his gaze on Bruno, leaning back in his chair. “So,” he says his voice deep and reverbing “Bruno Bucciarati, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you. I take it you know who I am?”

“You’re the King, right?”

“I am. I’ve been here a long time. Longer than most. And in that time, I’ve been happy to sit back and watch. But I think it’s time that changed. I need to take a more active role in what goes on in this place. So, I sent out messages to those I believed could help me in achieving my goal. You were one of those people. So, I’m asking you, Bruno Bucciarati, will you join me?”

Bruno doesn’t answer immediately, his mind still whirling with all the revelations of the meeting. Part of him wants to reject the offer, after all this man is one of the users who oppresses the citizens of this city with his gleeful lust for violence. But on the other hand, having someone this powerful backing him is an alluring prospect.

“And what is in this for me, if I pledge myself to you?”

“You have already seen some of the ways I can help you. I used my influence to get you your battle and I can make sure nobody questions you allowing those other than yourself to live in your new apartment. And these are just some of my more mundane powers.”  

“And if I refuse?”

The man shrugs. “If you are not interested you will have your mind wiped and you’ll return back to your usual routine. I do not want warriors who are not committed.” A silence descends as Bruno weighs up the options before closing his eyes and giving a long sigh.

“I accept your offer.” The man rises from his seat, extending his arm to shake Bruno’s hand.

“Welcome to the King’s Guard”

Expert's Opinion[]

Bruno Bucciarati won this battle because of the versatility of his Stand the mobility options it gave him. Most voters agreed that in a straight fight Ravel's elemental magic meant he could keep Bruno at a distance and whittle him down but Sticky Fingers allowed him to easily close that gap. In close quarters he had an obvious edge as Ravel would have to keep track of two opponents at once and one punch from Sticky Fingers could open up zippers on his body. Some voters also pointed out that Ravel's magic requires the use of his hands and Bruno could easily disable them by detaching them with sticky fingers.

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Battle vs. King (by Lunathemoon123)[]


Bruno stood outside of the the library of Alexandretta, the ancient sand stone steps leading up to the towering iron doors. Bruno ascended the steps and pushed past the door, walking into library's large atrium. He looked on in wide eyed amazement at the majesty of the building, the great vaulted stealing being covered in frescos depicting battles between gods.

"Do you need anything, sir?" an elderly attendant asked.

"Yes, in fact I do." Bruno said, a polite smile on his face. "I am looking for a friend, we agreed we'd meet here. He's a little shorter than me, likely has some arms and armor, and would be carrying around a large tome on his belt."

The Librarian nodded softly, his neck clicking as he did so. "I do know who you're talking about." he said. "He came here about an hour ago. He's up stairs, in the ancient history section. Would you like me to take you to him?"

"Of course I would." Bruno said. He followed the Librarian up the stairs. He'd have to wait to see if this man was his true target, but he was already prepared for if it was. He summoned Sticky Fingers, letting it drift just behind him.


King sat at a writing desk, flipping through a tome with one eye, with scanning his surroundings with the other. He took a draft from a mug of ale, finishing it as he continued to wait. He knew he wasn't safe, but he just had to wait an hour longer for the Somnium to arrive. Then he'd be free.

King read quiet for another moment, when he heard foot steps approaching, along with the tinny voice of the Librarian talking to someone else, someone he didn't recognize. He looked up from his book, pulled up his hood and adjusted his sword belt. He watched for a moment, hearing the footsteps and voices grow closer.

"Your friend should be just around the corner." he heard the Librarian say. King kept the book open, making it seem as if he was really not paying attention, though with his off hand he slid his straight sword part way out of its scabbard.

Finally, he saw the Librarian come around the corner, with a strangely dressed man only a few feet behind him. The Librarian pointed at directly at him before saying "He's right over there."

"Thank you." The other man said, before handing the Librarian a small bill. The Librarian walked away, and the new man moved slowly closer.


Both Bruno and King caught each others eye once the Librarian was out of eye shot. King stood up and glared at Bruno, while Bruno looked glared right back. There was a moment where both just looked at each other, the seconds ticking by.


Suddenly, King thrust his hand forwards and a crack of thunder sounded. An explosion of sound rang out from Bruno, causing the ground to crack and shattering nearby furniture into pieces. Bruno fell to his knees, blood spilling from his mouth. His ears were ringed, and his vision blurred in and out for a moment.

He staggered to his feet, before seeing the ends of King's robes whipping around the corner. He made chase, running as fast as he could after his prey.

King could hear Bruno coming around the corner after him, having recovered quicker than he expected. He cursed under his breath as he picked up the speed.

Despite his injuries, Bruno was still running faster than King could hope to move on his own. Calling forth his power, King gathered the opalescent energies of haste into his hand before diffusing it into himself.

Bruno suddenly saw King gain a burst of speed, making his target take off like a bullet. Bruno pushed himself, but felt the pain in his damaged limbs stop him from pushing his limits. King quickly vanished around the corner.

“Damnit!” Bruno said. He stopped moving, before turning to the walls of bookshelves to his right. He took a deep breath before punching the wall. A zipper opened on it, allowing him to pass through. He did the same again, over and over, moving through bookshelf after bookshelf.

King kept on moving, turning another corner. He’d managed to lose Bruno for now, but needed to escape the building before his would-be captor caught up. However, an exit was in sight. Ahead of him, he could see the stairway down.

He bolted, but before he could clear the distance, one of the bookshelves to his right unzipped and opened up. He stopped as he saw Bruno step out of the gap.

Bruno looked at him with cold eyes. “The chase is over.” Bruno said, stepping forwards, Stinky Fingers ready to attack. “You can either give up, or I’ll be dragging out of here. You decide.”

King began to move back, all while still facing Bruno. With a sigh, Bruno jabbed his arm forwards, unzipping it at the elbow and sending it flying forwards like a javelin.

King brought up his shield to block, but felt the force of the strike send him flying off his feet. He landed on his back. He looked at his shield, and found that it had been sliced in perfectly in two, the top half falling away.

Bruno moved forwards, his arm zipping back into the socket. King got to his feet, discarding the ruined remains of his shield. The hit had broken his concentration of haste, leaving him vulnerable.

With another incantation, King called forward more power, calling upon the power of Fire shield. His body was bathed in a thin outline of red flames. He drew his sword and held it two handed.

Bruno shook his head with disappointment. He then ran forwards, Sticky Fingers and the ready. King held his ground, ready to strike back.

As Bruno closed in, King brought his blade back to strike, but suddenly felt a surge of pain in his upper arm. The flame shield exploded, engulfing the outside of Sticky Fingers in flames. Bruno winced from the sudden blast or fire, while King fell back.

As he moved to get himself back on his feet, King leaned on his left arm, only to find that it wasn’t there. Just like his shield, his arm had become severed from his body. He looked at the stump, confused. The wound didn’t bleed, but the arm had been removed perfectly.

King turned to see Bruno regaining his bearings and moving in. King faced his attack, but continued to back away.

“Save yourself the pain.” Bruno said. “Just give up.”

King glared at Bruno, before calling upon more power. He summoned a marble of fire into his hand, when he then lobbed at Bruno. Bruno braced up behind Sticky Fingers, prepared for the strike. However, the orb whipped past and stopped ten feet behind him.

Bruno only had a moment to turn before the Fireball expanded out, the edges of the blast engulfing him. The blast rattled the chamber, causing the many bookshelves to wobble, as dust drifted down from the ceiling.

King gritted his teeth and ran through, moving around where he’d last seen Bruno and into the smoke.

Bruno slowly got to his feet, his skin blacked with ash. He got to his feet and began looking around. He could see the black robes of King whipping through the smoke, causing him to run after.

As he exited the cloud, he could see King running down the stairs. He ran full tilt, powering through the pain wracking his body. He wasn't going to let King escape.

King made it to the bottom, the exit of the library in sight. However, he could feel Bruno coming up behind him, getting closer with each moment.

King pushed himself as he ran, adjusting his sword grip to hold it standard. He cast the spell Magic Weapon, using some of his last magics to make the blade glow bright white.

Bruno quickly closed the gap, now only a few feet from King. However, just before he could command Sticky Fingers to attack, King turned to face him. His sword thrust into Sticky Fingers’ torso. However, instead of stopping as a mundane blade should, the glowing white blade ripped into it's torso, causing a similar wound to appear on Bruno's belly.

Bruno tensed with pain, but powered through it, having Sticky Fingers throw a flurry of punches.

“ARIARIARIARIARIARIARIARIARIARIARI!” Sticky Fingers cried, as it laid into King. With every punch, a new zipper appeared on King’s body. With one final punch to King's throat, Bruno looked him in the eyes coldly.


All the zippers opened at once, slicing King into dozens of smaller pieces. His head was the biggest part of him left, his face contorted in horror as he bounced on the floor.

Bruno dropped to a knee, feeling at the new open wound. He quickly applied a zipper to the injury, stopping the bleeding.

He then walked over and picked up King's head. His face was contorted in horror at his new predicament. “I did tell you to give up.” Bruno said, before beginning to walk away. “Unluckily for you, the boss only needs your head to get answers.”

Bruno exited the library and into the night.

Expert's Opinion[]


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