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MAAARIO! Are you seriously trying to start with me again?! I hear about this big meeting, and I'm all ready to act nice... But man, the second I see your face, Mr. Nice Bowser is GONE. Yeah, forget your dumb meeting! I'll pummel you and grab Peach!
— Bowser to Mario

King Bowser Koopa, also known as King Koopa is the main antagonist of the Mario series. He is the King of the Koopas, and the arch-nemesis of Mario. He has repeatedly kidnapped or attempted to kidnap Princess Peach and take over the Mushroom Kingdom and sometimes even the entire world.

While his lack of apparent common-sense is widely evident, Bowser has also been shown on many occasions to be highly intelligent. Many of his plans often make use of high-tech equipment and complicated machinery, designed and built by himself. He has also shown himself to be quite adept at use of various magics, both innate and talisman-based. He often develops strategies in his conquest of the Mushroom Kingdom as well as defense against Mario. 

Since Bowser is the King of Koopas, he possesses the powers of many of the Koopa species, such as a Fire Bro's fire breath, a Spiny's shefll spikes, and a Hammer Bro's flurry of hammers. Bowser's signature ability is breathing fire. He can choose to either breathe a long breath of flame or shoot many fireballs. Bowser is quite advanced in his fire-breathing; he can shoot blue flames that follow Mario, and can even breathe fire underwater. Another one of Bowser's most-often used abilities is his power and durability. He can also create shockwaves by doing a simple ground pound several times. Bowser's durable nature is evident seeing that he has fallen into lava, been blown up, etc., many times, but has managed to survive every single time. 

Battle vs. Pikachu (Anime) (by Goddess of Despair)[]

Mario was lying in bed sick when he received a knock on the door he sneezed then said "Come in".Toad walked through the door and informed Mario that Peach had been kidnapped by Bowser.Mario (being ill) decided to send his pet (pikachu) to try and save Peach. Mario turns to look at Pikachu who already knows the tasks and rushes to the door as Mario lays down in his bed.

In the woods,Pikachu was running and saw Bowser carrying Peach.Thunder crashed from the sky near Bowser who turned to see Pikachu.Laughing at the pokemon for missing Pikachu took the chance to close distance and used quick attack,taking Bowser off guard.Before getting a chance to react PIkachu slammed Bowser's legs with iron tail.Bowser roared in pain and lifted Pikachu into the air and slahed his shest then tossed him at a nearby tree.Before hitting the tree Pikachu used thunderbolt which Bowser teleported away from as the electricity hit Peach causing her to collapse from the pain.Pikachu began to get frustrated and used thunder and Bowser teleported once more and then blasted fireballs at the pokemon.

Pikachu ran using his superior sspeed to dodge the fire as Bowser began to tire out,Pikachu used thunder which struck Bowser's shell and paralyzed Bowser.Pikachu then to close the distence and finish off his opponent used volt tackle Bowser looked up and saw Pikachu coated in electricity racing towards him despite his paralysis he launched a lighting bolt at Pikachu,however this only added to the electricity arround Pikachu and before realizing his mistake it was too late.Pikachu slammed into Bowser's head destroying his skull.Pikachu exausted stummbeled towards Peach who took Pikachu to a pokemon center.

Expert's Opinion[]

WInner is Pikachu due to his speed and the devistating power of volt tackle.

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